This could be Arsenal’s lucky day

This is not a moment to despair.  Arsenal have suffered but a handful of heavy defeats under Wenger.   The 6-1 deafeat by Manchester United in the league is 2000-1 was the worst, followed by 5-0 by Chelsea in 1998-99. 

But following each of the heaviest defeats involving 5 or 6 goals against Arsenal have never lost the following game.   Better, much of the time we have gone on from defeat to win the league.  

And not only is this a Wenger thing – in the Bertie Mee double season of 1971 we lost 5-0 to Stoke (yes Stoke) and went on to win the double. 

Even in the two seasons in Wenger’s reign when we did not win the league after a heavy defeat, we went on to come second.  Not perfect but an improvement on last season.

Tony Attwood

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