So what did we learn from that?

Tottenham 5 Arsenal 1: So what did we learn? Firstly that coin throwing is still prevalent at the Lane, and no one seems to have any idea what to do about it.  The referee saw the matter and failed to take any action, the stewards as always refused to take any action, and based on the way the FA have behaved in the past it is extremely doubtful that they will take any action this time either.  I suppose the FA can argue that having done so much to help Arsenal in the early part of the 20th century they ought to be looking after Tottenham in the early part of the 21st – and that is certainly what appears to be happening.   (See for details) 

Secondly that as we all knew eventually the nine year seven manager run would come to an end – and certainly for me, if it had to come to an  end in one competition I would choose it to be this one.   I remember (I think it was 1990, but I am not rushing off to look it up) watching Arsenal v Manchester United at Highbury in the Little Cup and we lost 2-6 – or something like that.  It was a bizarre score, and a great shock.  And we went on and won the league by the end of the season.   All good runs come to an end, the Tiny Totts can celebrate, and we can remember that we have done the double over them yet again in the league this year. 

Thirdly, our Danish centre forward looked to be a twerp, arguing with the captain, and then after that incident hardly bothering to play.   Arsène Wenger does not take kindly to anyone messing about, and it will be interesting to see what happens. Last, I remember Tottenham beating Chelsea by the same score some years ago in the same competition – I think Tottenham Hotspur might even have won the cup then.   And after that?  Nothing – it was quite probably the last thing they have won, and quite probably they have been through 254 managers since. 

So this match tells us that the Lane is a dangerous place (as we knew), that eventually one day Tottenham would beat a team with a number of reserves in (as we guessed), and that we have at least one player who is looking a bit too big for his boots (which I didn’t know).

It’s ok for a nights work – because there are other games which are somewhat more important in the days to come.  And it might suggest to Theo that he really does have to learn how to turn with the ball AWAY from the opposition rather than into it if he is going to score any more goals.