2 English teams in Euro Final: disaster for Europe; but Henry might return

There is a hilarious piece on the Daily Mail’s web site saying that the Euro Final should be held in England.   What the writer forgot to do was to read up any of the recent stuff about where Euro Finals are held.

None can be held in the UK, because UEFA and FIFA demand that everyone involved (including Sepp Blatter) gets to be in the UK tax free.   Which means those of us living in the UK effectively have to sponsor them.   The UK government said no, so there will be no more Finals in the UK.

The fact that the final is in Moscow between two English teams whose supporters hate each other is bad news for everyone – except Arsenal fans.
TV companies throughout Europe are in despair, because two teams from one country always means a huge drop in the audience.   At least two TV companies are now trying to change future contracts so that they can opt out if there are any further all English finals.

Security is going to be impossible because suddenly Russia is dropping its visa requirement – meaning that for the first time British nutters supporting Man U will be able to get into Russia by waving a passport and ticket.  A match ticket, hotel booking and game ticket will not mean you don’t spend the entire final sitting in an airport awaiting clearance.

Arrests are going to be high, because in Russia they do things differently.  The notions about rule of law, and one night in the cells then home do not apply here.   One transgression and you get six months in Siberia.

Prices have just gone through the roof – over £1000 for a flight is today’s price.  So supporters are trying to fly in via Poland or Serbia.  Believe me, if you expect that trip to work on time, you are not of this planet.

So the good news is that two teams are going to have a lot of supporters missing next season.  And the defeat of Barca means that it is more likely that Henry will return.

When Vieira left he had a poor first season, and Wenger was regularly asked if Vieira would return.   He laughed and said – you are only supposed to ask daft questions like that on April 1.

When the same question came up about Henry, Wenger said, “you can never say never in football”.   What’s more Henry has said he wants to come back, and the closeness of the relationship between Henry and Wenger is legendary.   When Wenger was in Japan he used to speak to Henry each week.  And that still happens with Henry in Spain.

Even better, Wenger will be able to negotiate the role Henry plays, so there will be no misunderstandings or misconceptions.  It will all be part of the deal.

Now, what chants can we think of about supporters who are left behind in Siberia?