Why do jouranlists say such stupid things about Arsenal?

I think to be fair what one ought to say is, why do journalists say such stupid things?

The answer to this story is simple – they don’t know as much about Arsenal and you and I.  They have deadlines to meet, so they just write whatever turns up – mostly stuff from the press conferences (that is easy, you just go and write down all that is said, take one bit out of context, twist it a bit, and then put in a screaming headline).

Looking behind the scenes is tougher.

So because Wenger as a policy never talks about how injuries have hit the squad, the journalists rarely pick up on the fact that half our team has been missing for most of the year.  Because Wenger didn’t lay into Holland and the fact that we lost Van Persie because of an injury on international duty, we didn’t get much on that.

And because the lazy journos were writing all about  the euro games this week, there was very little about Arsenal having four players in the EPL squad selected by other players.   There’s been something about recognising Cliche because Wenger has talked about that, but not much more.

So they talk silly talk in the paper, because they don’t study the games or know the all-round talk on the club.   That’s all.  They are just lazy.

To be fair,  I would say that the average journalist knows more about Chelsea than I do – but that’s it.  There know a bit about lots of clubs, but we all know a lot about Arsenal – so that’s why they get it so wrong so often.