After the child sex scandals maybe things have got worse



In 2021 I ran a series of articles as outlined below…

The essence of these pieces was that clubs are taking on children and teenagers and pushing them through to see if they can become top footballers.   As a result of the huge value to each club in finding young highly talented players, corners are inevitably cut.   Youngsters are played when they are not fully fit, injuries are often not properly treated, and by and large the children and teenagers are not properly looked after.

Now two things come out of this.  We know why the clubs are doing this (because of the huge gain each time they do find and can sell on a truly talented player), but what was not fully covered in those articles earlier was how the clubs are getting away with it.

Given that the national media will not cover this matter at all, in any way, and will not even admit that it exists, we’ve had to use our own resources, limited as they are, to try and find out what is going on.

And it makes rather frightening reading.

Now before I go on, I must make it clear that I am not going to give any names or references here.  It is quite obviously, simply impossible for one blog, run by a handful of enthusiasts, to go out and do research.   Of course we do get passed information from time to time but we can’t quote it, because we can’t validate the claims.

But we do believe there is enough here to warrant a proper investigation… but that raises the question, investigation by whom?

The FA, we know, are tainted.   The Euro final showed that they can’t even organise a match properly at their own high-profile stadium.  The British police are woefully undermanned.  Indeed as one report recently put it “Britain’s biggest police force is so short of detectives that it is pulling police officers away from the front line… 

In 2010 there were 79,500 police staff working for forces in England and Wales. By March 2016, this number had dropped to 61,668 – a 23% cut in the police staff workforce.  And when they are being called out day on day for emergency 999 calls they are hardly likely to go off to a football club where a parent alleges maltreatment – even if this comes in the wake of the football child sex scandal.

But we did make a bit of a breakthrough last year when we discovered The Scandal of the lack of medical records in football.

In this article, we reported that it appeared that clubs could regularly lose medical records with impunity.  Then if a person was injured playing for a youth team the club could say, “sorry we know nothing about this, and we have lost the records.”   Worse, there would be no backup records because the clubs are not required to lodge copies of medical issues with the FA or the League.

But I now think things are worse than this. For where reports are issued they are often not only not signed but also not dated, and thus if an individual were to get hold of his or her medical report from within the club it might well be utterly useless from an evidence point of view since no one could say who it was written by and when it was written.

Of course, Untold Arsenal doesn’t have the researchers on hand to go around collecting evidence on this, but the mere fact that the clubs are not required to file copies of medical reports of youngsters with a central authority, and are not seriously fined or demoted from the league if these vital records go missing, then child abuse can just go on and on.

Now the question arises – why would a club play a child when injured?  The answer is that quite often the child can play and put in a shift for a junior team, but in so doing is causing him or herself long-term damage.   But no one cares because everything in football is done on a short-term basis – win this match even if you can never play football again, because there will be someone else in tomorrow to take your place.

I really do think what we are uncovering – admittedly without the concrete evidence we would need for a court case – is a national scandal in which the clubs, the FA and the media are colluding.

All I can say is, if you have a child who is training with a professional club, watch out.  Everything might be ok, but the club could simply be ignoring potential long term damage for the sake of winning the next match.  And to the clubs that are losing their records, or dishing out unsigned medical notes, we are not going away.


4 Replies to “After the child sex scandals maybe things have got worse”

  1. TBH i find this article outrageous. By your own admission you have not researched and have no evidence. Yet are quite happy to publish unsubstantiated hearsay with no facts to back it up.
    Then you wonder why you’re not taken seriously.
    Given your history of well backed up stories on referee standards I find it very disappointed

  2. SilentStan what I actually said was
    “Untold Arsenal doesn’t have the researchers on hand to go around collecting evidence”
    “I really do think what we are uncovering – admittedly without the concrete evidence we would need for a court case”
    That is not the same as “you have not researched and have no evidence”

    Untold has seen a lot of the research that has been collected, but it is not our research. So to be clear to you, there is evidence, but it is not the evidence we are collecting because we don’t have the resources to collect it.

    So to be clear, we have not researched but others have, but everyone is waiting for the court case.

  3. The overuse of young footballers has been going on for years , I’m 70 and the story is about a friend , when I’m in the last year of primary school . I played football for the school and the London borough the school was in . I leave and go to secondary school and because you played for your primary school and borough you had a chance to play for your secondary school . A lad I played with at secondary school was miles better than the rest of the team , he was muscular and had the start of sideburns at the age of 11/12 .
    We both played together in the school team and as time went on he progressed to playing for South London , London , Kent and was signed up for Crystal Palace and lastly he also played Sunday football where I used to play against him .
    This lad should have had a professional career at some level but alas he was wrecked by the age of 21 , every team he played for wanted a bit of him . There couldn’t have been any communication between the London FA the Kent FA possibly London Schools and finally Crystal Palace he was playing or training at least 4 to 5 times a week with no one monitoring his playing time . This was happening in the mid to late 60’s , once we left school I heard that the best he progressed to was playing for Fisher Athletic a top amature team from South London which is no more in existence .
    This to me is the same type of abuse of a young lad in every way your article portrays

  4. Steve thank you for your commentary – and what you report there is exactly what I am finding out step by step. Quite why no one has set out to stop this abuse I am not sure, but I suppose its money, and to a degree the dreams of parents – and of course the young lads.

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