Leeds 6 Arsenal 41

The number of shots on target tells it all as Arsenal Ladies once again had a stroll in the sunshine and won the FA Cup.

That makes three FA Cup and League doubles in a row. In any other sort of competition the organisers would give the trophies to the club for eternal display marking their sensational achievement. But it is the Arsenal Ladies we are talking about so they won’t do that.

In fact more journalism was given over to the fact that the Ladies actually drew one game in the league this year, rather than winning every match – as happened last year.

So there we are – a 4-1 victory, the third double in a row, and all following the all-time record crowd for a ladies match in the UK, when 5,000 turned up to watch us thump Chelsea.

What we need next season is more games at the Emirates, with a bigger allocation of seats – say 10,000 rather than the 5,000 limit this time. And (given that they won’t let the ladies play at the Emirates all the time) a better ground to play some of the other matches at.