You stupid idiot Flamini

When has a player left Arsenal and done better for himself?

We can think of Liam Brady and maybe Stapleton, but otherwise?

In effect players who leave never ever make it so good again – quite simply because Arsenal have always worked on getting the best out of players.

Wenger was the operator of the magic wand this time, turning a player who couldn’t even make the bench a year ago into a sensation. And now he wanders off into the darkness of a team that is far less likely to win anything than Arsenal next year.

The good news – and it really is good news – is that Fabregas has matured and matured again so that we now know exactly what sort of player we have got. Denilson has come on well too – very well given the paucity of this opportunity. So we can see exactly what we need in the middle with Fabregas.

Because of world-wide scouting (after which I really ought to put a trade mark sign since I invented the phrase but others now use it freely) we will be able to bring in the right player. But it is a shame, because Flamini was just the sort of person you would like.

He is a dolt, an idiot, a turnip, a twirp, but he will soon find out. After three months drift he’ll the first thing he will do is change his agent.