Arsenal: the best defence, the best goal difference and another five goals to watch





What we said before the game

By Tony Attwood

Of course we are all aware that Manchester City, at the moment of writing this (just after the finish of the away match at Burnley) have two games in hand, and they are on another of their runs – something like 14 wins games in all competitions and six in the league, but even so…   there has been so much negativity around we really should be feeling rather good about the way the club is performing…

So just in case you haven’t got to it yet, here is the table…


Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Liverpool 25 17 6 2 59 24 35 57
2 Arsenal 25 17 4 4 58 22 36 55
3 Manchester City 23 16 4 3 56 25 31 52
4 Aston Villa 25 15 4 6 52 33 19 49
5 Tottenham Hotspur 25 14 5 6 52 38 14 47


And I think we should notice this because of all the noise made a little while back about Tottenham really pushing forward.

Remember the headline on the BBC website,

Could Tottenham’s record-breaking start put them on track for the title?

At the time we were aware there was something highly weird about that article since what caused the wild celebrations was a 1-0 win over Luton Town.

Or how about this from The Analyst web site

“Tottenham are absolutely flying. Their unbeaten start to the season, which sees them currently top of the league, has broken a host of records, both as a club and for new manager Ange Postecoglou.

“Postecoglou has now managed 10 games in the Premier League. With 26 points from those matches (W8 D2), the Australian has accrued the most points by a manager in their first 10 games in the competition’s history. ” 

As ever what is so desperately sad, but really telling, is the abject lack of apology from the media concerned as the pure silliness of commentaries like that have come home to roost.

There were many more like that, and of course, we all know that with the rest of the weekend’s fixtures still to come and around a third of the season left to play, all sorts of things can happen.   But the Arsenal youth development programme combined with the transfers made last season, seems now to be coming good.

Yes Arsenal have just played a couple of very poor teams, and playing them is not like playing teams near the top of the league, but as the old saying goes, you can only beat who is only the field.

The media will of course go on talking up Tottenham or at least finding excuses for them, and will go on talking down Arsenal or at least commenting upon their luck, but let us enjoy it while we can.

And if nothing else, there should be a few minutes on Match of the Day tonight that are worth watching.

Here are the highlights – sorry there are adverts along the way…

8 Replies to “Arsenal: the best defence, the best goal difference and another five goals to watch”

  1. @Andrew,

    Thanks for your constructive comment.

    I admit the piece is lacking information : Sp*rs lost tonight again. For a team lauded like the next City…it is quite a fall from grace.

  2. Interesting statistic :

    “City had 32 shots at goal tonight, albeit with only five on target. They had 79 touches in Chelsea’s box, sent in 47 crosses, and enjoyed 71 percent of possession. ”

    Wonder how the so-called press are going to explain such a failure. I mean, when Arsenal was not scoring a fw months ago, what kind of crap did we not read. Now…basically we should read that Guardiola ought to have purchased a real striker up front….. but I guess we’ll read some kind of nonsense like City never give up, City have proven they are in the race, City have shown they can win the PL etc etc etc…

    Fact is they lost 2 points. And have shown they ca be beat – which Arsenal definitely have shown a few months ago.

    Fact is Arsenal have scored 21 goals in the past 5 games without a central striker. And they let in 2.

  3. I was most interested to note that Brentford, with four fouls against Liverpool, were given two yellow cards today. Meanwhile, Liverpool picked up just one yellow card despite having committed 4.5 times as many fouls as their opponents…..funny that!

  4. Chelsea got a draw at the Etihad but they were dire. It was one way traffic. Still, despite their chances, Citeh dropped two points!!

    We were so very dominant at Turf Moor. I really liked the work of Kiwior, not a misstep. I hope he develops some confidence on the ball. Can’t wait to see if Timber can step back in…

  5. We seem to be in good form even with half a team possible starters not being available. The Trossard false 9 works rather well. Even though he could have done a bit better yesterday in front of goal… but well winning 0-5 or 0-6 or 0-7 … all fine and well for me.

  6. Brentford 4 fouls for 2 yellows

    Liverpool 18 fouls for 1 yellow

    I thought I’d have a look over the last few games, well last 4 since the 4th round of the FA cup, to see if this is a reflection of how Liverpool are normally treated.

    Regarding how they are carded, not really. They have been pulled up for 55 fouls and received 11 yellow. 1 in 5.5. I think that is around average.

    But they do seem to be over protected as their opponents have been pulled up for 44 fouls and received a ridiculous 14 yellows, or 1 in 3, which is mad.

    While I was looking I thought I’d see how our neighbours were fairing.

    Over the last 4 matches Spurs have been pulled up for 49 fouls and received just the 4 yellows, or a card every 12.25 fouls.

    By coincidence their opponents have also been pulled up for 49 fouls, but rather oddly have received 10 yellow cards, or 1 every 4.9 fouls.

    Given they have both Romero and Udogie in the side that is remarkable.

    I looked at us as well, and we get a card every 1 in 4.6 fouls and our opponents 1 in 4.1.

    So, despite what those visiting ‘neutral’ fans suggested the other day, we don’t get any favours from referees, in fact we are probably treated about average or slightly worse, as are our opponents.

    As we believe it was possibly a Spurs fan that came here shouting the odds, it’s rather telling that it is they that are the outlier receiving a cards every 12.25 fouls whilst their opponents are carded every 4.9 fouls, over twice the rate.

    Why have Liverpool been so over protected?

    Why have Spurs been treated so leniently?

    Nothing to do with being media darlings at all is it?

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