Snooping around the Everton blogs, and a little spot of Tottenham on the side

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Snooping Around Everton and Tot Blogs

By Sammy The Snake (plus a little meander from his friend)

Taking cue from President Hosni Mobarak of Egypt, and in line with all our Untold efforts to avoid an uprising around this strategic corner of the web, I hereby remove my offspring from the line of succession and appoint Wallee The Worm (my long term confident and head of my personal secret agency) as Vice President of Snooping Around party headquarters. You may not appreciate it now, but our censorship of all things Untold has a very minor effect on the price of gossips, gold and oil.

Everton came out of their EPL deep sleep on Saturday to score a goal against Chelski in the good old FA Cup, but then they went back to REM with 15 minutes left on the clock and the game finished 1-1. That’s probably good for the Russian Mafia who get to sell a few tickets for the return/replay game, which should help them nicely towards Fernando Torres’ first week salary!

Arsenal play Everton (sitting idle at 14th position with 27 points from 23 points, and just 5 wins so far) in mid week, and it may potentially be probably interesting to have a look at their blogs and… Let’s see;

Toffeeweb doesn’t even load properly, and looks as boring as my grand father’s underpants. I simply don’t appreciate their thought process with the article stating “… rumor-mongering, with Mexican flop Carlos Vela of Arsenal cited as the latest loan target for David Moyes.” How dare you?! You have a 25 man squad of flops, how dare you?!!! You should be so lucky… Chapter closed on this blog. is simple, simple minded, and simply awful. Their last post is dated 30th of October, 2010.

Everton Football Blog has a single article, dated 30th of January 2010. The blog is titled “Everton – The defense is back?” with a picture of Senderos! Keep asking yourself that question, mate!

Another boring blog is Everton-Mad, with a list of news (whatever they can gather) about their team. The only title taking my eye is “Moyes pessimistic over late deals”. Yes, you can’t find any new players to help you suck at the game of football!

Sorry to say, I could find nothing to note at The Offside Everton too. The official offers nothing more. They are either pushing to sell their magazine, or offering “tickets for re-arranged games on general sales” (otherwise known as a desperate plea for cash).

The juicy stuff can be found at their discussion board, where fans express their opinions (not knowing I’m listening!). I’m amazed at what I hear (errr… read!), as there are more Liverpool fans around than Evertonians! Anyway, here’s a serving:

“5 wins out of last 15”. “Has Moyes lost his marbles?”. “We’re properly in the brown stuff moneywise”. “And Arsenal next up in the league…oh sh*t.” (This one is music to my ears, like Eric Clapton playing Layla on a dark summer night).

On a serious note, the discussion with most posts is “Fan Stabbed”. The discussion goes on & on to see if it’s a rumor or real news, and if the cause for such behavior is social, cultural or based on class. It’s simply pointless as Everton fans & Kop simply chew each other out with no end game.

Nothing personal, but I must conclude that Evertonian are as useless in their blogging as they are with their football. And that’s all I have to say about that.

But curiously the bloggolevel (a mezzanine between floor 19 and 20 at the Tower of Untoldidity) strayed for a moment into a set of discussions on various Tottenham sites about the move to Stratford.  What was interesting was that across these services there are huge numbers of accusations of the people for the move being Arsenal supporters in disguise.  Indeed Mr Leavy of The Tott is accused of exactly that.  There are huge levels of vitriol in this, but beneath the cods-wallop the message is, is you support Tottenham in Stratford then you are part of an anti-Tottenham underworld run by Arsenal which has infiltrated the club for years and repeatedly stopped the club from fulfilling its destiny.

So vitriolic is the bile emanating from these discussion groups and blogs that anyone who comes up with a reasoned argument to the contrary is shouted down and abused to such a degree that one would need a skin the thickness of a polar icecap prior to climate change to withstand the assault.  (Of course it does leave open the option of going onto such sites and letting the readers know that it is true, and that Arsenal has been controlling the totts for years and that Mr Leavy is on the Arsenal payroll.  But that would be a bit cruel.

An oddity indeed.

Love & Peace,

Sammy The Snake (and his friend)

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23 Replies to “Snooping around the Everton blogs, and a little spot of Tottenham on the side”

  1. On the subject of Spurs, for all the acclaim for ‘Arry, the pressure is now piling on them.

    If they lose to Ac Milan, their season will be over at the start of March. All they will have left is a battle to qualify again for the Champions League.

    Redknapp said qualifying for the Champions league this season was a ‘miracle’. Of course it is. How miraculous that a big-spending wealthy club can finish fourth!

  2. S*** post

    Always look forward to this, but today was a let down
    Couldn’t care less about how incompetent scousers are in the craft of blogging

  3. Yeah that was a pretty dire post – seems to me you should have kept the ‘snooping’ to yourself when you didn’t find anything interesting on any of these blogs. It was like reading a 300 word joke with no punchline.

  4. I think it is always interesting to see how non-existent the blogs are for many clubs when you consider the huge and varied blogosphere that surrounds Arsenal. Articles such as this show that the huge fanbase that currently surrounds Arsenal is by no means the norm.

  5. Ugandan well pointed out …When I hear the words “I Just got news” I thought it was a phone call 🙂
    Still stranger things have happened than us signing another potential youngster.

  6. Paul C well said. It must be seriously frustrating for fans of most football clubs to think they only have places of that calibre to go and reat chat etc about their beloved football teams. We are in a minority here where you can have an intellectual discusion with fans that share the same interests.

  7. i know i speak for a lot of people when i say, keep it up sammy!
    to the two who dont get it, funtimes at untold is what it is about.
    we wont have our beloved serpent go the way of some flash in the pan immitators( i am looking at you here, ghost of paul the octopus, and you gazza’s chicken!)
    lighten up!
    besides if visiting tottenham sites is something you reckon you have the belly for, do it yourself!
    slither to your hearts content smmy boy!
    we love you we do, ooh sammy – we love you!

  8. I just thought it seemed a bit self satisfied, and was pretty boring. I am in general a huge Untold fan and like all their contributors!

  9. I think Sammy is just showing us what a great club we have and how we have the most lively blog world of them all. Love them or hate them but we sure have the best blogs the world has ever seen. 😉

    Keep them coming, Sammy and Wallee

  10. I hear (errr… Read) all your comments, and thanks for reading/commenting. Sometimes the subject is so bloody boring, I start day dreaming about my next dentist appointment!
    With all the big bucks transfers going around tonight, I think I will be revisiting the blogs for the big spenders (the Russians & the American cowboys KOP).

  11. I prefer reading these types of post from time to time, rather like reading stuff like Messi and CRonaldo coming to Ems next season >.>

    Which is untrue now since the game was relocated.. Argentina vs Portugal friendly wont be played in Ems IIRC.

  12. Ok we have to win tonight no lame half hearted performances please. with nasri out i hope cesc and co do the job

  13. The English Transfer market is really over rated. Carroll for 35M GBP is weird. As much as I would have loved Wenger bring inn a new player, I think we should look forward now that the Window has slammed shut. Kyle’s move to Rangers is a nice one and valuable experience he will definitely gain there. Wenger is really building him to be the next thing at the Emirates come next season. Lets look forward to the games coming up and forget the desperate last night’s dealings.. We got good players and all we need do is just keep our feet on ground and be more clinical. The season has just started. With Torres leading Chelsea’s front line, it’s a battle between Man Utd, Liverpool and Man City as they will be squaring up against each other. And you know what that mens, POINTS will be dropped or shared. Arsenal are in a good position to really prove the doubters wrong. We only got Man Utd, Liverpool and Spurs as our main treat. A scrappy victories against any of these three will put us up there… BELIEVE…..

  14. Everton fans are a bit down at the moment what with selling Pienaar and watching all the Liverpool hype blow up again. They are a strong team capable of beating all the top 4 or 5 teams including us on a bad day home or away.
    The least said about the transfer window the better.

  15. so lads your local rival is back (me)- seems like a lot of gooners peeved off @ no signings. + with your star man out i see you going doewwwnnn.

    i think What has wenger to do to be proved right ? Win the league simple as. Anything less is totally unacceptable no matter what some deluded fools say you are within touching distance of winning our first league since 2004 and wenger refuses to do what every man, woman and child knows he needed to do and that was strengthening a squad that is paper thin in crucial area’s. As a result of that falling short is not an option and is unacceptable in my opinion and should result in immediate dismissal.

    As far as I am concerned you gave up on the champs lge as soon as wenger’s pricking about with team selections cost u the top spot in your group Yes u are still in with a shout in fa cup and have a great chance to win the beer cup (yippee ) but the bottom line is that the best teams win the leagues and the secondary competitions (fa cup and beer cup) can be won by 2nd class teams (like the spuds). I would have accepted coming up short in your title bid if u had actually brought in some proven talent but as always u simply dont have that level of ambition.

    Anyway it is one thing to defend wenger on a lack of signings but another thing entirely to point to the 35m deal for andy carroll as a vindication of wenger’s lack of buying and frankly it is an embarrassing statement to make You lot made 56m profit last season alone and that money could and should have been used to bring in at least 2 quality players and I am pretty sure that if you look up the definition of monkeys in a football handbook you will see the names of squillachi, denilson and diaby (to name just 3) in there

  16. Oh, the other day while watching and enjoying Spuds vs Fulham, I intimated to an friend who is Totts nutter that I always bet Totts to win. He looked shocked and wondered why I was all smiles when I had put my money on Spuds. My reply was this: Arsenal supporter should always bet Spuds to win. That way it win win regardless of the outcome. If they win you get dosh and they lose you get joy.

  17. Terry – Since when are you every man, woman and child?!!

    You may be just a child.

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