Arsenal against the rest: Everton, the refs, the epl, the fa….

By Walter Broeckx

Most of you know that I write my ref reviews after looking at the game and situations over and over again. I think I have made that clear already this season. So for those who are anxious to have my “professional” view on the ref you have to wait a bit. This is Walter, the Gooner writing, Walter the supporter.

How I feel proud right now. Proud of our Gunners. Proud of our Gooners. Winning a football game is not always easy. Let me start by giving credit to Everton. They did all they could to stop us from winning the game. This is what they are paid for so I will not blame them for the way they have played today. It is their right to play like that. I don’t like it but nothing can be done about it. I don’t like kicking teams but if this is all they can come up with so be it. I don’t like the time wasting from the first seconds but if this is all they can come up with so be it. But how poor for their  supporters I would say.

Playing against 11 is already difficult enough in the EPL. Most teams, er no teams in fact, come to the Emirates to give us a free route on goal.

But playing against 12 is very difficult, let alone against 13 or 14 or even 15. I will not take away to much from my ref review but believe me the things that our own Dogface warned us for was on show tonight. And even more than I could have expected. I still have to look at all situations clearly but the times I was shouting at my TV over yet again a mistake by the ref was very high. Even my wife came over to see what was wrong because my son and I were screaming all kinds of abuse against the ref.

And one of our  great readers also pointed at an assistant with a little  goatee beard.  He warned us for him and boy was he correct. Great job Red Jessie!

About the Everton goal I will only say one thing: this was a very very very big mistake from the assistant and from the ref. And my God did they knew it. And if he didn’t knew it then the assistant and the ref should be banned for live and never again set a foot on an EPL field. But more on that tomorrow when I will give you the rules and tell you how they got this totally wrong.

If we would have lost today this would have been robbery in clear Emirates floodlight. The kind of decisions that cost us the title in the 2007-2008 season. Remember the Dean show after the Eduardo horror in Birmingham? Remember the disallowed goal from Adebayor when a defender made a back pass against Middlesbrough (I think). This was in this order.

So for me it is clear. It is us against the other teams (fair enough) but is also us against the rest of football in England. The Mike Riley maffia of referees are against us. How else can you call an organisation which has a former ref in charge who ended on his own our unbeaten run at Old Trafford in that utterly disgraceful way. It is this clown who allows refs and assistants like we have seen tonight  on our fields.

And I think everyone in the Emirates realised, even without reading Dogface before the game, that we was playing against Everton and the refs.  The Everton players could do almost anything and he only blew his whistle when there was real danger of an injury. And even then you could see that he didn’t like the fact that he had to blow his whistle.

But enough about those robbers. Let us give some credit to the boys. Because I know playing against 14 people with only 11 is very difficult. You feel so helpless as a player when you feel that the ref will do anything to prevent you from playing. And this leads to frustration and anger and then you kick back and then might get in trouble yourself for doing half of what the other team is allowed.

But our players responded magnificent. They refused to give up. They refused to accept defeat. They only wanted one thing: take the 3 points and win this game.

And we did. And is this the goal that will turn the season of Arshavin around? Is this what he has been waiting for? What a great strike as Tony will tell you as he was sitting in the line of the shot I think. Or close to it.

And what about our signing of the summer Koscielny? What a great vision from the manager once again. He didn’t start like Vermaelen last season but he is starting to get there. Another goal today and what an important one. As this was the goal that cancelled the robbery and gave us the 3 points. And for me this is another clean sheet. The goal was not valid so for me we didn’t concede. So again a clean sheet and another goal for him.

When our game didn’t work as usual (thanks to the kicking allowed by the ref and his refusal to give us free kicks) we could only fight harder and harder and harder. And so we did. And that is all I can ask from our players. All of them have fought till the end. Injured or not, they kept on running. They kept on fighting.

This is the spirit which you need to win things. And I know we haven’t won anything this season (just like the other teams in fact) but if we keep fighting like that we will come close.

I can only applaud our players for their efforts today and for the way they fought against injustice. All of them. Thanks Gunners. And thanks Gooners in the stadium as I heard you shouting and shouting and support the team in the rough times. Together we stand, together we fight. Let us give new meanings to the words: Victory trough Harmony.

Oh and I think you will look forward to my ref review. Can’t wait to get my hands on this. See you tomorrow hopefully around noon with the ref review.

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  1. Even it didnt look that way immediately after Everton score, but you could see commitment. You could see this game we will win, on every player. Lets be honest and admit, there were times when, well we lacked it a bit. But tonight you could see team will do anything, really anything to get 3 points. Fighting back, kicking, time wasting, in a way team showed they matured enough to be winners. It could be seen at Sunday game too, but tonight it was even more obvious.
    I am trying to convince my self it was really only pore decision rather than intention from Mason and his Quislings, as I am still trying to convince my self football is not such corrupted (though it is geting harder to keep that belief).

  2. and due to that prick (refs if u can call them that) im sick im my can someone tell what is it really with everyone in the foot world in this country and arsenal?and hey its not a retorical (if thats how u spell it cos i sounded it out) question,so can someone try to answear me?

  3. I look forward to you referee review, Walter.

    I truly believe he was biased throughout tonight’s game. Time after time he didn’t book Everton players for yellow card offences.

    When the crowd got on his back after multiple wrong decisions, the referee became more stubborn, as if he was trying to show everyone he wasn’t intimidated.

    Walcott was fouled two or three times, but the referee only blew his whistle once he realised that Walcott had got past them. On a number of occasions Arsenal players were taken out when trying to break. When a foul was given, no card was produced.

    In the first half an Everton went through the back of an Arsenal player (I forget who the two players were) but there was no booking. But soon after Rosicky was booked for a nothing challenge.

    Arsenal should have had a penalty for a push on….. you know what? I could be here all night, but I don’t have time, and I haven’t even mentioned the offside farce.

    Thinking back, I spent almost the entire game shaking my head in disbelief.

    That this team can win despite useless officiating, despite tactical time-wasting and rotational fouling by the opposition makes me very proud indeed.

  4. Absolutely fantastic result. Fantastic. We weren’t at our best but we dug deep and won. Two or three years ago we would have lost that game. Last year we would have equalized in the dying moments. This year we won the game. That is what the old Vieira/Bergkamp/Henry teams did.

    What a cracking match. What a fabulous result!!!!! For once I am sure the entire Gooners world will be celebrating tonight and signing praises for the team. And if there are Gooners out there that can’t get happy about the result tonight, then sorry, but they can just screw off and support another team!!!

    UP THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i dnt rily knw why england hates arsenal.d refs so shamelessly display dis club.mayb wenger hs goten dem upset times again but so wht?i hope dis lads kip dis spirit til d end.God bless gooners

  6. I think the MikeReilly association of cheats and Sky and all that support them feel we arent English enough for their liking and are out to prevent us winning the league again, Yes again its not the first season.

    One writer summed up my feelings the best when we scored the winner

    RVP Corner comes in, Koscielny has a free header and he plants it into the bottom corner. GET THE FUCK IN!


    It doesnt getter much better than watching your team win against those odds.

  7. On a seperate note you would have to be seriously proud of how the supporters got behind our team tonight at the Emirates.

    The vocal display of the displeasure at the Ref, the celebration of the goals, the cheering and urging on the team was brilliant.

    Since we arent going to get any help anywhere else I hope we see this every game for the rest of the season. Turn the Emirates in to a very intimidating place.

  8. I was lucky enough to be there this evening and the Emirates was rocking. Every time the Everton fans started a chant, we sung it louder and longer. The ref was given all the abuse he deserved for some shocking decisions and when the subs were made we cheered them to the rafters – both the ones going off and the ones coming on. It made the difference; AA23 was awesome, a proper little Russian magician again, time after time irritating their defence with his skill until finally clipping a delicate shot past the (incessantly and ridiculously) time-wasting Howard. And when Kos scored yet another crucial header from a corner, we went mental, as did the players in a massive scrum by the corner flag. Nights like that are why we support this team and want them to fulfil their potential. I genuinely hope this season proves us right.

    Arsenal forever.

  9. Dogface was spot on with his earlier ref assessment and I am guessing that off the back of a performance like that,the ref is due a promotion and MBE.
    Walter – I totally agree with your point that this team has a winning spirit and a ‘never say die’ attitude that makes me glad to be a Gooner. We won’t be bullied and the players are getting the job done the hard way. There is nothing soft about us and an Arsenal win is a victory for football.
    Also I’ve been wondering for a while about Moyes at Everton, as in if he is such a good manager, why are so many of his players refusing to sign renewal contracts and jumping ship at first opportunity? Based on Moyes ill judged decision to take pot shots at Cesc, I would say he is indeed cracking under the pressure.
    What I can’t understand is why Moyes would mention in his sky sports aftermatch interview that he was disgusted about Cesc’s comments in the tunnel and he should of been sent off, but then not have the guts to repeat them on the record. If he felt so strongly about them he should of shown a bit of a spine. Otherwise this is negative Cesc stuff is all getting a bit slanderous if you ask me.,26691,16429_6662980,00.html

  10. Fourstar – thats a nice report from the stands, I wish I was there. The players feed off the crowd so well done to the Emirates supporters.

  11. I should be feeling great, I should be rejoicing in the wonderful atmosphere at the Ems tonight after another terrific comeback but I am left with a very sour taste in the mouth.

    Something is very wrong with our game and it sickens Me to have to say this.

  12. After my rant about the pathetic support of many fans for the Arsenal at the Huddersfield game on Sunday & how I felt it affects the players, I have to say how brilliant they were tonight. At last the extra men that the opposing team had in the way of the officials were more than cancelled out by the crowd tonight. The team were working hard against a deturmined Everton side, but were clearly lifted by the massive support.
    Maybe we need a bonkers decision by the referee early on in every game to wake the “beast” of the Emirates.My god, it was brilliant!!!

  13. Walter, the most amusing thing to come out of this for me, is that within the definitions of the off-side rule (page 107 diagram 12, laws of the game 2010/2011) The rule makers have actually given us a diagram depicting tonights events as an off-side offence. so uefa and fifa in there wisdom have thought “ok so most of our officials cant read, we had better give them drawings to follow”.Even then they F**k it up. Just how bad is this going to get?

  14. Going off at a tangent, I was thinking that maybe the only solution the the ‘financial doping’ crisis would be to create a system of barter, and do away completely with MONEY.

    So in essence, you just trade like for like, or roughly equivalent for roughly equivalent……like a Drogba for a Rooney.., that sort of thing.

    So presently, an entire fully furnished and fited 25 man Arsenal squad, with trimmings and trappings, could be bartered for 1 crunked out Torres, with a free Andy Carroll thrown in.

    I think it would make for a much more exciting transfer window, especially if people got creative with the bartering.

    For instance Man U could barter a couple of refs for a player, for instance….did I just say that?

    What else would be interesting barter merchandise?

  15. We could barter a monkey for tonights Ref and no one would notice a thing had changed.

  16. If you had a monkey randomly making decisions the odds are 50% would go your way. So a monkey would be a vast improvement to the fecking morons we had officiating the game tonight.

  17. Superb fightback!!!! I’m concerned for song’s injury…also the knock which walcott got. But absolutely awesome fightback. It was obvious to see that Nasri’s absence did make our final third game a little bit weak. But we got what we deserved!! Superb gunners!! 🙂

  18. Nice article Walter it makes my day after reading endless s**t about disgusting Arsenal highlighted in many site rather than typical english footballing toffees. One thing i would like to know is that when refrees are allowed to make deliberate mistakes again and again and again in the same match and still let to officiate at the top level. I would have bet 2 Sian Masseys would have officated way better than those 2 s**tbags in the line. The fact that yellow cards were flashed at Arsenal players at will and f**kins**t head lost the cards when toffees fouled us was really amazing to watch.

    After reading,analysing and watching most of the EPL matches from here in India, one thing very clear everyone wants one club to win the title. And its with the help of every official the english FA has at its disposal. Long may it continue and prosper before everything comes to light.

    Despite all the efforts to stop us im amazed at the attitude of Gunners to bag 3 points :). And i want to say all Gooners across the world that this wont be the last match poor, corrupt, deliberate and incompetent refreeing we would see, more is to come and we should be ready for that.

  19. @ Taeryn -I think the odds are too low.I read somewhere that when a monkey was pitted against stockbrokers to predict the share market – the monkey won hands down !

  20. Diagram 12 of fifa laws actually deals with the situation of a “rebound” off of a defender. It’s actually referencing a shot on goal that is deflected to a player in an offside position. We don’t even need to reference that. The most simple interpretation deals with diagram 4.

    “A player in an offside position may be penalised before playing or touching the ball, if, in the opinion of the referee, no other team-mate in an onside position has the opportunity to play the ball.”

    This is what happened tonight. As soon as the pass was intended for Saha, and no other blue shirt appears to be running onto it, the play is dead, and it is offside.

    I keep reading people referencing some “modern interpretation” of the offside rule citing that because Koscielny made an intentional attempt at the ball, him playing it to Saha renders him onside. Please don’t listen to any of these buffoons, they are writing complete shit.

    As soon as the pass is made to Saha and Saha only, it is offside. simple… so simple! Yet, how can paid professionals not understand this? Especially a linesman who is essentially paid to make one call all game.

    Would you hire someone to complete one task for you, yet they don’t actually know the definition of how to complete it? Watching that linesman explain how Koscielny intentionally played Saha onside was hilarious. We all knew he was going to allow the goal, so why even have that sideline conference? To make it look like they were trying to be fair? Such a shame…

  21. Walter,
    perhaps in your ref report you could speculate on the conversation between ref and linesman after the wrong goal. My commentators (South African TV, rubbish) thought that Everton had delayed the re-start, but I read elsewhere (Guardian online I think) that the ref had watched the replay on the big screen, and recognised his/the linesman’s fault. If so it doesn’t bode well for the value of video evidence if they demonstrate that it doesn’t alter their prejudices even when the video made it so clear to everybody in the stadium. If it wasn’t cheating by the ref, then it was one massive loss of bottle by him – so there you have it, if he’s not a cheat he’s a coward.

  22. Walter my mouth is literally watering with anticipation of your ref review. Mr. Mason was appalling tonight. Clearly something was not quite right. I am not leveling charges as I obviously have no proof. But his performance was shocking and certainly did not pass the smell test. Still, the ref should not be the main talking point of tonight’s fantastic fightback. The spirit our squad displayed was the story of the match. We may well look back and see this game as the catalyst that propelled us to the title. Well done, lads! So proud to be a Gooner!

  23. The win was the icing on the cake. Whether we win or lose, I was happy with the spirited fightback. And that’s what supporting a team is all about, watching your team battled their guts out, getting up when down and pushing on with undying spirit. It reminded me and reinforced the reason why some of my friends supported teams that never smell glory.

    Time to apply some medication on my bloodied fingernails.

  24. After the Everton goal the big screens showed the goal – and of course showed the player several yards offside. There was total uproar in the stadium – everyone was shouting. The players saw it too. The ref went to the linesman and had a long chat with him, and then walked back to the centre for the kick off, indicating a goal.

    At half time they showed the “best of the first half” on the screen, but when it came to the goal they only showed it from the camera at the clock end so you could get no perspective on it. Talk about treating the fans like morons.

    After the game Moyes made a series of allegations about Cesc, based on the fact that Cesc talked to the ref in a way that should have meant he should have been sent off. Wenger said that Cesc did not talk to the ref, and he knows that because he was talking to the ref at half time.

    In which case if the FA do not charge Moyes with bringing the game into disrepute for making such wild charges then we know exactly where the FA stand. Right next to the person who decided to show the crowd the sanitised version of the goal on the screen.

    Arsenal have a rule that fouls and the like are not shown again on the screen – but clearly this was not a foul – the ref said so.

  25. Great article and great comments all around! I just wish to add that all the subs and not-so-regular players: Rosicky, Diaby, Arshavin and Bendtner were very fantastic yesterday. Nasri didn’t play; Song was crocked and Wilshere needed to be substituted and yet the game’s intensity didn’t falter a jot.

    Indeed, all the subs were on (except Rosicky had had been subbed) when we went on to get the crucial 2goals. Indeed, it was Diaby that passed to Fab who then chipped the ball high to Arshavin for the first goal. It was Diaby that screened off Felainni from Kos thaterby enabling Kos to get a peach of a free header.
    This Gooners play with their hearts and as a team!

  26. Last night’s game has made it abundently clear the the FA must abandon this bizarre experiment of using male linesmen … the offside rule is too much for their simple little brains and they should stick to going down the pub or taking the dog for a walk or however they spend their time …

  27. wasn’t Mason the one to ref the Stoke game? I can’t help but feel snow saved us that day…i mean just think how many players could have had broken legs if he was the ref in the stoke game?is he still going to be the Ref in that match…boy ,i hope not!

  28. Facing Barca without Nasri and now Song is a scary thought for now!
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  29. The comments re the atmosphere at the stadium deserve further thought. It was, indeed, electric (I sit at the Clock End, quite a way from Tony) and can verify that the stadium, barring the pretty good turn out from Everton fans, was united and very loud.
    It was noticeable that there were lots of ‘regulars’ back in the stadium. The occasional (not quite so committed?) supporters who get hold of tickets for cup games which season ticket holders pass up on just weren’t there.
    But the key was that the Arsenal fans present were united in adversity. We are normally cossetted in our stae of the art, ultra comfortable stadium watching neat and tidy football that shuns physical contact with preference given to interceptions and ball possession. I much prefer it like that – but when you get the sort of appalling decision making that we saw last night even the most comfortable fan forgets himself and has to give vent. The result was an uplifting experience off the pitch and the same on it.
    As for the decision to show the Everton ‘goal’ on the big screen – it wasn’t controversial because the linesman had given it and they never change their minds. However, the showing of it made the re-showing of it at half time into a potentially dangerous situation and it was wise not to. Even though it confirmed, albeit subtlely, what we all knew to be true.
    Interestingly the highlights shown of the Sunderland v Chelsea game later in the evening showed an almost identical incident, with a defender touching a through ball destined for an offside forward, and the linesman had no hesitation in raising his flag.
    Walter – the stage is yours.

  30. great comeback. The worst ref mistake of the season got the toffees off to a good start. I was sat right beside them in block 19, boy they swear alot! Loved it when we came back & won. & I got £50 as Koscielny scored last. 🙂

  31. Firstly what a team, and what a performance. This team are really growing in stature game by game and are starting to look like the “world beaters” AW has been telling us about for so long. They just need to believe in themselves, and the sky is the limit. Acctually that new galaxy theve found 300 billion lightyears away will be the limit….
    I dont want to get into the refereing, or lack thereof, as it has been pretty much covered above, and even a blind man could see how blatanly they were cheating last night. What i would like to discuss briefly is the match commentators.
    How is it that after Everton scored the commentators suddenly forget the rules of football and start going on about how there a grey area and no-one really knows the rules which leaves them open to interpretation by the officials. If the same goal had been scored against Manure the commentators would be asking how the linesman could have possibly got that wrong as the forward is obviously offside when the ball is played. but that would just be hyperthetical as we all know it would never happen to united.
    My question is this: Why does the whole of the british footballing world, i.e. refs, commentators, FA etc all hate our club??? esspecialy when Eufa are saying that we are the “model” club to follow!!! i mean WTF!!!!!!
    Oh to be a gooner.

  32. tony/untold other flag bearers, i still haven’t heard from u. Plz confirm, and i have made several changes in the article to make it evergreen. Tell me when i should send it and when u can publish it??

  33. Lets have a bit of sympathy for Mason and Moyes here.
    I can tell you now they will both have got severe hairdryer treatment last night for letting down their master. He will be furious with them letting Arsenal back in.
    No wonder Moyes is showing signs of strain, his Utd dream job slips further away.
    Mason – that MBE looks a distant prospect despite his valiant attempts last night.
    To make matters worse, those officials find themselves upstaged by a mere woman! but one who gets decisions right – lets have Sian Massey explan the offside rule to that lot

  34. thought Djourou had separated his shoulder when we went down so hard on it? He and we were lucky on that non-injury, and we have to do it again and again. Thought RvP showed more salt than I have ever seen from him. Always had the skill, but what a revelation to see all that fire! AA continues his redemption. Kosc outstanding in every way: the winner was poetic justice for the terrible call, although the header did take skill.
    The linesman must have been asleep, should have thrown the flag up the instant the ball was played. Who listens to commentators anyway?

  35. guys, don’t want to be a party pooper but what was the difference between
    walcott’s goal against charity where essien touched the ball before walcott collected it from offside position and lashed it in.
    Saha’s goal last night?????

    But, referee was utter sh*t, allowed rotational fouling, booked any one randomly,

    Ironically enough, so called best league in the world has worst referees of this world.

  36. I was just wondering… any deaf/hard of hearing gooners in the house who could lip-read the conversation between Child and Mason and give Walter a transcript?

  37. I must say i am proud of Captain Fabregas. He’s had enough of years of playing fair and doing things the right way just to be kicked about, see his team have their legs broken and at the end of it, not win anything, not a single trophy. It’s a sad thing really because he’s been in the arsenal team since 17 or so and only in the last 2 seasons has he now started to berate referees, lash out, look to win penalties and give other players little kicks etc. Why? Because for years he’s seen other teams do it and win! I’m glad he’s giving as good as he’s getting. What are the 2 main similarities between players like Keane, Viera, Ronaldo, Rooney, Terry etc? 1) All were experts at either/or strategic fouling, blatant bullying, tactical diving, abusing referees, intimidating opposition. 2) They were winners!!! The win at all costs attitude has won them numerous trophies and medals. Cesc has finally realised that the plaudits for pretty football and trying to do things honorably is a fruitless pursuit in the prem and results in getting a reputation as being easily bullied like arsenal post 2005. In other words he’s become battle hardened and i for one think it was the final step in him becoming one of the world’s best, the whatever it takes to win attitude and not caring what the media/opposition/fans think about him. It’s rubbed off on the squad and most pundits, and level headed united and chelsea fans have recognised this and congratulated arsenal for showing the steel/grit needed. Only hypocrites and bitter spurs fans seem to have a problem with it.

  38. My 2 cents:

    When that douchebag of a ref DID whistle for fouls, they were fouls that stopped our play – instead of giving an advantage.

    The Everton 3 meter offside goal was probably the most infuriating decision of the season. Unreal. But then again, we can’t expect anything else.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Theo and Song to get well soon – we need them!

  39. 2.2 million pounds is the exact cost of the Asst Ref mistake yesterday. That was the combined salaries of both Andy Gray and Richard Keys. Those two would still have been at their jobs if Sian Massey had made this kind of judgmental error during Liverpool’s match.
    Another point of note is that players are given retrospective sanctions if their foul was not seen by the referee during the match. I would want to think that referees and their assistants should also be given such retrospective punishments. The actions of those blokes yesterday could easily have provoked violence after the match.

  40. Walter I think that @ Lancer may have stolen your thunder with his comments above. He brilliantly laid out the rules in a clear and concise manner. Let’s see if you can bring a Ref’s perspective to the debate (what debate I hear the Untold Faithful scream – fair enough…I agree no debate really!!)

    @ Casual Observer: I think that I can help with the conversation between Mason & Lines-person…it went something like this:

    Ref: “oh shit did you see what happened?”
    LP: “well the Arsenal player chipped the ball over the top (see his hand gestures) in a clear attempt at a back pass! It fell to the Everton player who was caught by surprise as he was attempting to get back onside – I can see nothing wrong with the goal!”
    Ref: So why are the Arsenal players & supporters hurling abuse at me?”
    LP: “because they are wankers…just ignore them, they will all start booing their own players in a minute”
    Ref: “will you hold my hand as we walk off at half time? I am feeling a little vulnerable..”

    I can’t be sure of the last part as I was distracted while looking for something to smash my monitor with at the time…fortunately I didn’t find anything and so was able to enjoy the second half comeback..

  41. …and er @ Critic: the Walcott goal against Chelski (Essien) is on Arsenal Online for fee…Watch it again and then come back with a sensible comment!

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