RefWatch – Arsenal v Everton (01/02/2011 19:45)

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RefWatch – Arsenal v Everton (01/02/2011 19:45)

By DogFace

  • Referee:              Lee Mason
  • Assistant 1:         Stephen Child
  • Assistant 2:         Patrick Keane
  • 4th Official:        Kevin Wright [who?!]

Good afternoon stat-fans and welcome to your favourite time of the week; it’s Ref Watch time!  This week we have Lee Mason – who you may recall we were going to have for the Stoke game before it was cancelled due to snow… he brought Patrick Keane along that day too – what are the odds eh!  Anyway – now he’s back and he has a job to do.  Some bloke called Kevin is the 4th Official – I’ve never heard of him (he’s a ‘National Group’ ref rather than a ‘Select Group’ one) and I have no data about him with regards to Arsenal or Everton so I’m assuming he is along for the ride as Mason’s gimp, y’know – so he can keep his gob shut, do what he’s told and see how things are done in the Select Group… so to speak.

Let’s have a look at Referee Free Mason… sorry, I mean ‘Lee Mason’:

  • Full name:                          Lee S Mason
  • Date of birth:                     29 October 1971 (1971-10-29) (age 39)
  • Place of birth:                   Bolton, Lancashire, England
  • EPL Referee Since:          2005/2006
  • EPL Games to date:         73

If I were facin’ t’ map o’ t’ England, this would be me top team!

Yes – he’s a northerner and from Bolton; from whence the maternal side of the DogFace clan hails from – although they started out in Merseyside [as an aside] after getting off the boat from Ireland… he looks a bit Irish come to think of it; I wonder who his dad supported?!  Anyway – I’m sure it’s unrelated BUT Lee studied at the Liverpool Institute of Higher Education; which is an institute with a Catholic history.

Want me to join the dots up for you too?

What… you do?  OK – let’s do just that and check out how Arsenal perform under the whistle of Free, I mean Lee, sorry – of course I mean Lee:

Lee Mason has had 5 games for Arsenal consisting of 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses.

Arsenal are currently in 10th in Lee Mason’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an average of 1.00 PPG.

In Lee Mason’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Arsenal come 7th with an average negative swing of -0.20.

Arsenal are currently in 13th in Lee Mason’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an overall average of 2.80 BPM.

In Lee Mason’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Arsenal come 14th with an overall average of 3.50 FPB.

So all in all that’s pretty shocking – if we had Lee every game we would be looking forward to a relegation battle – we are way down on his foul tables too… although these figures are misleading when not taken into context, it is positively outrageous when you consider how the Catholic side of Liverpool [Everton] fare under the whistle of Lee Probert:

Lee Mason has had 11 games for Everton consisting of 6 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss.

Everton are currently in 2nd in Lee Mason’s personal Points Per Game League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an average of 2.00 PPG.

In Lee Mason’s personal Handicap Swing League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Everton come 4th with an average positive swing of +0.70.

Everton are currently in 2nd in Lee Mason’s personal Booking’s Per Match League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, with an overall average of 1.00 BPM.

In Lee Mason’s personal Fouls Per Booking League (for teams with a minimum of 5 matches played), for matches in the EPL, Everton come 2nd with an overall average of 13.73 FPB…. yeah that’s over 10 more than Arsenal – and that’s just the ones he called as a foul; as we have seen from Walter’s recent astute analysis into this – these can be way off the mark.  Check out the 2009/2010 season where he blew the roof off the chart by letting Everton get away with an eyebrow raising 34 [and counting] FPB… they got 3 PPG that season – so put that into context and smoke it.

No surprises here then – Liverpool do total shite under Lee and Everton do really rather well… although they are down this season due to losing 1-4 to West Bromwich Albion [27/11/2010] in which Lee panicked and sent off a player from each side; bad day at the office maybe – oh well, I’m sure he’ll make up for it in the next match.

In other news Manchester City are doing quite well under him recently… which is surprising really when you think about it, wonder what could have caused that!?  Oh and Arsenal’s form has been rubbish.

Well, what to expect from this ref?  To be honest with you I’m not exactly brimming with confidence that we’ll get anything close to a ‘home advantage’, which is nothing new – the Emirates isn’t exactly Old Trafford in that respect – so we’ll have to put out a strong side to play an interception and possession game giving Lee no excuses to card us out of the challenge, send a player off or give a penalty.

I can see Everton players being cynical with the small stuff to break up play and given ‘carte blanche’ to go into the challenge [in a more English than French way] without repercussions and flinging themselves to the floor to win a free kick whenever they lose the ball.

They will get everything, we will get nothing – the ‘fans’ will proclaim we are useless (using among other words ‘pathetic’) and reiterate that Wenger should have bought that mythical centre back [that the tabloids insist we are missing]… and, no doubt, the Everton fans will no doubt start singing at some point “Same old Arsenal always cheating” as our players go down with bleeding shins.  Do they do this ironically or do they really believe it I wonder?

Perception is a funny old game, as is received wisdom – a bit like football really!

But that is a worst case scenario – we can win this but we must prepare for this game knowing what we are going into, keep it tight, check our heads and believe in our ability to kick against the pricks and kick hard.

Come on Arsenal!

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61 Replies to “RefWatch – Arsenal v Everton (01/02/2011 19:45)”

  1. I think we ned to play out natural game and that should be enough to break down everton. We need a massive 3 points lads.

  2. Wenger…

    I am not sure if this writer is a turnip or thinks I am a turnip, but somehow my message that you have to respond to the article in question in order to post hasn’t got through.

  3. Please ignore snehalbumbhatt’s desperate attempts to derail this discussion before it’s even begun.


  4. nothing to do with the main discussion anyway, I actually think that after sunday’s game, Lee will be more than neutral in his decisions, it always come to that when a game was disturbed by a ref just before

  5. I hope so greg – these are the games we are going to need to ‘play badly and still win’ (where ‘play badly’ = ‘get nothing’) if we are going for the title this season.

    What was the Everton/Chelsea game like i.e. was it a hard game? If it were we could be defensive, make them chase everything then step up and rope-a-dope them around the hour mark as we will have a significant fitness advantage due to fresher legs.

  6. I like the ref review but not what you tell us Dogface.
    I will have both eyes wide open tonight to see what some of us might miss. 😉

  7. unbelievable stats DogFace!!!

    Now I’m even more nervous about this match. Hope at least for no more injuries…..

    is snehalbumbhatt a manc or a spud?

  8. does anyone know whether Everton started their first eleven against Chelski in the FA cup?

  9. LOL typeface, he’s probably Mike Riley getting nervous that untold is blowing his gig.

  10. Yes, Everton started pretty much their full 1st team against Chelsea, and Cahill probably isnt back from Asian Cup yet. Big advantage to us their. Hopefully Lee Mason doesnt even that out by allowing Everton players to hold onto us as we scorch past them all night for a glorious, stupendous, outrageous 9-0 win tonight.

    Yes, that’s right, 9-0 with 7 goals for RvP.

    Ah, sweet dreams. Good night everyone. Wake me up at 7.45pm. Thanks.

  11. All I ask of ref Mason is that he keeps a close eye on Neville and gives our guys proper protection.

  12. Ouch, worrying stats. And as you point out, not even a statistical quirk given his performance in 09-10. Concerned.

  13. We should try not to worry about Mason but he is crap and there is history of him not giving RVP protection. I seem to recall a game in Sheffield a couple of yeras back where Morgan was retrospectively given a red card. More worrying in an assistant called Child. He wil be the dark-haired one with a small goatee beard. Now he is very poor and his positioning is frequently highly questionable. But let’s hope that come tomorrow we are all talking about the ‘Super goalscoring gunners’ + 2 OGs from some guy called Neville. We will need to watch Fellani however.

    34 average fouls per booking last season, this piss taker must imbibe heavily of the communion wine(pouchin!) at the everton chapel before matches- and i hope he remembers to stagger in for confession afterwards.
    and i dont think the little video of him on ATVO explain why playing stoke in treacherous conditions was a bad thing- sure the sort of weather arsenal would have lost more than the match in. he really looked pissed off in that clip wearinga sheepskin and all.
    cheers dogface and lets hope the boys do ’em!( and the ref falls on his arse a couple of times, the piss ‘ead)

  15. 26mins gone and your correct ..The referees a clown at best we will have beat all 12 everton players.

  16. Told you he was a fucking bluenose – at least the fans have spotted it though and are taking the piss out of the ref…

    …wonder if any of them read this?

  17. Oh and RedJessie you are 100% right the little linesman with the goatee is a fucking wallrus no wonder the chants are ringing out around the stadium, how he thought that was onside is beyond me.

  18. What a disgrace on all levels from ref and linesman. I hope they watch a review at halftime and see how f’ed up they’ve been.

  19. Tell you one thing listening to this pratt warren barton commentating on FoxSports I might just throw something through the TV its amazing how wonderful he thinks Everton and the officials are. If I was at the stadium I would jump the advertising boards and choke an official.

  20. It is the job of the commentator to distract from, misinform on and conceal the blatant corruption that the viewer is watching. His script is a lullaby for the credulous masses – atomised, in their arm chairs and utterly confused.

  21. Half time and we are losing. Unable to get to the game tonight. All TV pundits seem to think it was an offside goasl. Not sure who the assistant was. I blame Andy Grey and his fellow pillock Keys. Sian Massey would have got the decision correct!

  22. Watch Mason try and cover his tracks soon with a meaningless late sending off… I reckon it’s coming!

  23. Seriously good result 8 goals and 14 assists for the little russian and none more important than tonights.

    Not sure I would bother with a Ref report on tonights gane he doesnt deserve a score.

    Smile isnt the word for it Casual thrilled here.

  24. Red Jessie
    I wonder whether this guy Child that you were worried about, was the culprit over Saha’s goal.

  25. Have to say fair play to “Dogface and RedJessie” they knew what they were talking about with those officials.

  26. Thanks RedGooner – you only get this kind of reality here, we are the best – forget the rest!

    Untold Arsenal is a different gravy.

  27. Dogface, You were totaly wrong in your preview. It was far worse than what you told it would be.


  28. Nicky – Yes
    RedGooner – thank you.

    Assistant Child also missed Fellani’s little nasty nip at Theo’s ankles right at the end.
    Leaving all else aside, we would not have won this type of game last season or the season before.; We might have got a draw. A win tonight without ever hitting the heights of what we can play at shows just how much this team had developed and improved. In mant ways this now ranks as the result of the season.
    Bring on the Geordies!!

  29. nice work dogface, pretty fu*kin awesome u gunners….
    Song gone? Time to prove ur theory arsene…

    “Mason, what’s the score?
    Mason, mason what’s the score?

    U ugly,cunty,pathetic
    useless fergi’s who**….”

  30. Walter if Mason get more than 50% I will personally come in Belgium and have word with you… and by the way, you should really next time try to catch that guy Felaini and hurt him badly… If police arrest you for it, please just send them to me, I wont complain if I spend some time in jail for hurting Felaini badly

  31. What makes it special is come from behind win. When was the last time Arsenal came from behind to win the game?

  32. excellent tactical substitutions from arsene. Arshavin and Bendtner changed the game for us. Mason is plainly useless, the ref report should be amusing to say the least.

  33. Armin,
    I’ll accompany you to Belgium…

    I’m guessing a score of less than 40% with all the fouls Everton committed that he missed…

  34. HA bloody HA,
    what was that?
    how can the four officials among them fail to overturn a blatantly wrong decision?- didnt try hard enough, thats why
    christ almighty, jesus mary joseph save us from religious intolerance but………
    where the arshavin bashers??
    a centre half untested in the premiership?
    no battlers in the team?
    where are they, the tiny pricks?
    spot on dogface, this cock of a ref is absolutely useless- christ, and to think you were worried the stats might not tell the whole story. HA HA

  35. That Fellaini creature is the player that has elbowed his way to the top. I despice him you can be sure of this. Please don’t call him my compatriot. Unless you want to make me angry….

  36. Now seriously, I have to admit lately I was a bit disappointed on Emirates crowd, maybe its because broadcast, but recently you could more hear opposition than our lads. Though it can be because mostly recent games were Cup ones so, there were more “enemies”. But tonight Ems were superb. As much as Mason was bad Emirates were superb…

  37. Like a baseball pitcher, I think Fellaini will spend the evening with his elbows in ice buckets… little tip he got from Kevin Davies.

    What a sweet, delicious victory!! To see the Everton shit-kickers and Mason’s gang all go home empty-handed. Finger licking good! I love the spirit in this side.

  38. I see that even Misery Moyse agrees Saha’s goal was offside. Assistant Child has had other bad games this year but he keeps getting appointed – how? Mason is an awful referee and nowhere near EPL standard. If you really want to see what he is like on a bad day get a video of Everton v WBA from a few weeks ago and look at the incident where he sent of Artetta. There is a crisis in the EPL relating to the quality of refereeing but what does Old Mother Riley do? Nothing!!! He is the supremo but fails to lead. Post match blogs should be covering the quality of the play etc., not the ineptitude of match officials. Finally, I would like to see a clip again of how Theo got injured right at the end of the game. I wager that Fellaini did him right in front of out great friend Mr Child. And what did he do……………….?????

  39. new to “ref watch”-brilliant idea!you prob have already done stats on howard “i hate arsenal but love manure”webb-but can’t wait to see them you can bet your house on it that he will be given our game aginst manure at the emirates.another stitch up job organised by old mother riley!

  40. That is as prescient a post as i have ever seen! I wish I’d read it before the game- I would have known what to expect!

  41. I have no wish to worry anyone but with a minimum of 16 domestic games to play that must be refereed by an EPL standard ref and with only 16 refs of this standing, the odds are that we will see Mason again (and Webb who has probably already been pencilled in for the home game with Manure). Happy thoughts!!!

  42. The spotlight will be firmly on Mason if/when we have him again… he’ll be a pussy cat.

  43. This was scarily accurate!

    can you do lottery ticket numbers for this weekend too…..?

    or is just easier to predict Lee Mason. I am glad we didnt have him for Stoke

  44. Brilliant article, will follow in future. Prediction was scarily true to life. Can anyone recall a worse offside decision – ever? I’m trying hard but can’t think of one.

    PS Do you provide a Fixed Odds Betting Service?

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