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Victory Through Harmony

By Tony Attwood

After a week or so of interviews with our regular refereeing correspondents “Dogface” (who does the previews) and Walter Broeckx (who reviews the ref’s actions), the BBC has published a major article on refereeing in the Premier League.

The article includes contributions from both Dogface and Walter, and gives a link to Untold – which is most welcome.  I’m told we might expect quite a few new visitors to our site – indeed if the number of visitors being talked about is anything like right I fear for our servers.  But we’ll do our best.

The BBC article is here.

Here’s the background as reported on Untold – the links to our articles are below this introductory piece.

Presenting the evidence that the Premier League is completely bent

We have been considering the notion that the EPL is fixed for some time, gradually edging towards the view that something akin to the actions of Luciano Moggi (the Juventus manager) and others in Italy is now in place in the UK.

Moggi et al had conversations with several officials of Italian football to influence which referee got which game.  The system (“Calciopoli” as it was called – Bribesville as it is translated in some quarters) did not mean that matches were fixed to produce a set score, knowledge of which could be used in gambling, but rather that favours were given by a variety of clubs to certain refs over time, and these refs edged games in favour of the clubs using the system. Juve, Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, Reggina were all ultimately found guilty.

The system was hard to track down not least because it had little to do with gambling.  The key approach to stopping match fixing in most of Europe involves waiting for the bookies to cry out that there have been “unusual betting patterns”, and then the investigation follows.  Here there is no such activity, and because there is no other system to track down an English Bribesville, nothing happens.

Untold was pretty much on its own in pursuing this line of enquiry until the BBC picked up on it, and of course that has left us open to the notion that we are just looking for excuses when Arsenal lose.   You have to make your own mind up – but first please do take a look at the evidence.

We’ve proven that the quality of refereeing is poor – but what is the cause? Part 1

Poor refereeing in the Premier League Part 2:  How do we improve the situation?

The series above is continuing and we’ll be publishing more shortly.

If we adopted the same standards as Belgium we’d hardly have any refs left

The shocking figures that prove that the Premier League is bent

A few points on football and betting syndicates

Below are a couple of articles from our regular series on referees for Arsenal games…

Newcastle v Arsenal

Newcastle Dowd v Arsenal – the ref’s review

Arsenal v Everton

Refwatch Arsenal v Everton – it doesn’t look good – how we made a prediction that this game was not going to go well for Arsenal

Final proof that the Premier League is bent

The most insane bit of refereeing ever seen

Us against the rest

And if all that isn’t enough you might like to take a look at two other things.  One is the Arsenal History site that we run for Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Assn and the other is “Making the Arsenal” – our story of the year that determined Arsenal’s future, and brought us to where we are today.

61 Replies to “BBC runs Untold Arsenal’s match fixing story on its web site”

  1. @ UNTOLD.
    Glad to see your hard work is paying off, Congratulations. Hope this is gains momentum.

  2. alot of football is fixed. like opposing pens at old trafford which for some reason never happen. like chelsea defenders groping away inside their own box like a horny teenage boy at a reefer party. champion’s league is also fixed at times u can predict the draw!!! Barca got away with murder against Chelsea and almost inexplicably the ref did not see any of the four or so penalties!FIFA is also corrupt, want proof just look at the triple hand ball goal by fabiano against the ivory coast. after the goal the ref smiled and seemed to say well it was handball but it was such an amazing goal i will let it stand smh. FYI i am a Brazil fan but it was very obvious.

  3. So this whole thing about refs fixing matches is starting to get out in the media but is the BBC saying there is truth in it? I didn’t read it because it wouldn’t load 🙁 I’m interested to see what it days! And stupid question but is it good news for arsenal as in they have been victimised or is it bad news as in they are treated the same? Thanks

  4. Congrats DogFace and Walter.. Keep the articles coming and we can (hopefully) put pressure on the the system to get this right and get unbiased refeering in future..

  5. YAY!!!!!! now let the truth be told!! Superb guys!! Keep up the good work!!
    As i said this before should go out in public newspapers. The bias shown by refs is completly unaccepatable!!

  6. Best news I’ve had all day!!! & the face of the man u fan who sits opposite me is a picture! Great work lads, keep it up, you can change football here!

  7. they’l be wine and dining you soon! watch ur backs.:-)

    bit off topic, dont you think wilshere being played out of position, given the choices available and the constant dubious comments from andy bellend was abit strange?

  8. Can someone help me out I couldn’t read the BBC article it wouldn’t load! Please what’s the news

  9. This goes out to all the people who dismissed my arguments as ‘conspiracy theorist lunacy’… not you guys obviously – but, during my research, I’ve had to take a lot of shit for the last few years.

    Big respect to John Sinnott for having the balls to write this article and being open-minded enough to listen to what I had to say over the last week – even if it did lead to him re-thinking a few core assumptions about the integrity of the game – we will stay in touch.

    I sincerely hope that articles like this will finally make people sit up and take notice and we’ll see the end of all the desperate hand-wringing from the media about the idea that something might be rotten on the great big gravy train.

    Nice one.

  10. Congratulations! Keep up the good work, Walter and DogFace.

    I think this quote below says it all. The BBC article, I feel, could have done a much better job analyzing this:

    “Since the start of the 2007/8 season, 15 opposition players have been sent off against Manchester United at Old Trafford, while only three home players have been dismissed.

    And as far as penalties go, opposition teams have given away eight at Old Trafford since 2007, while United have conceded only two.”

    5X more red cards for the opposition and 4X more penalty kicks for Man U? I’m sorry, but even the anti-football tactics of Stoke and Dirty Sam SHOULD NOT account for this. 5:1 favoritism in terms of game changing decisions for Fergie…something smells fishy…

  11. Ha ha awesome guys, well-deserved recognition of a lot of hard work.

    DogFace – better hope gambling syndicates don’t come after you now

  12. Congratulations guys – no more than you deserve.

    It is precisely because of the quality of many of your articles that you of all people do not need to descend to the AAA vs AKB debate.

    I personally think Wenger should probably have got some more defensive cover in over the winter trasfer window (posssibly on loan). A player who could cover for central defence and Song. And I do think like all visionaries Arsene is at times a little stubborn.

    Then again I also think the man has transformed Arsenal into one of the global elite. I also look forward to telling my as yet unborn grandson all about the great man as we walk past his statue out the front of the stadium.

    Not sure if that makes me an AKB or an AAA. Just makes me a gooner!

  13. True to say that the BBC site doesn’t go into the detail of Walter’s analysis. But the information is all here for interested parties to read and analyse for themselves in detail…

    It’d be nice if the Professor referenced in the BBC article followed-up with some meaty research into this mess!

  14. I love this blog. I know you don’t need to here this but i just wanted to express it. Thanks!

  15. Big day for Untold! Well done Tony, Walter, Dogface and the rest. Your dedication and perseverance is paying off!

  16. Can anyone get the corresponding penalty numbers for Arsenal at home (compared to the MU and Chelsea numbers which were clearly in favour of Chelsea and MU).
    If Arsenal are not similar then that puts paid to the lie that ALL the big teams get ALL the positive decisions.

  17. Well, like everyone else said, hearty congratulations to Walter and DogFace! Here is to hoping that your work gets recognized by everyone, even those outside of Untold community, and that it brings about some positive change in whole referee system in England.

  18. This is a great news. I’m just a silent reader of your Blog, Tony. Now the Untold has been Told…
    Congrats to DogFace and Walter for your very hard works.

  19. @DogFace – you’re either Wenger, Batman or (most likely) a thrill-seeking member of a gambling syndicate

  20. I av always known the bias,the English FA does 2,r u surprsd that English players r hyped but comin 2 d world stage they wobble/fumble,they’ll neva mk any progress until d EPL is probed like d calciopolli gate

  21. @Untold Arsenal all!
    Kudos for kicking the hornets nest! It’s so thrilling to have your analysis so prominent in the public arena. The expectable howls of outrage will bray forth shortly and let us note from whence they come. This is alla great testimony to your Truth-seeking gents. Keep up the brilliant work. You have our heartfelt support. The Untold is being Told. Avante!

  22. congrats boys,
    one small step for untold, but a whopper for football.
    really proud of you!

  23. JRR no offense mate but please shut the hell up about defnsive cover and what you think he should or should not have done. He didn’t end of story let it drop. This article is nothing about that yet still someone always has to throw their FIFA 11 armchair manager two cents in and say who he should and who he should not have bought. Let it lie for once and for all. It’s old now.

    Well done untold Arsenal, I’ve been following this blog for a long time now and it’s credit you guys deserve although I must admit for games like Newcastle I just can’t go near your ref review. It’s just far too painful and what’s worse is we always get one “fan” saying “I told you so, if only Wenger bought the players I think he should then this would not have happened, he’s too stubborn to listen to me or the fans”

    Well done again guys. Reward for a fantastic job.

  24. my heartly congratulations to dogface and walter, and tony of course……….

    great work guys…

  25. interestingly darren gough on talksport said (in relation to many fans knocking jack wilshire’s unspectacular but very sound england performance), quote: “im beginning to think there’s something in this arsenal hating stuff” unquote.
    well done you guys…its not a nice thought to have around but i guess it has to be explored.

  26. Great work guys. It’s nice to see your efforts reaching the wider public. I’m sure Riley will have been alerted to the contents of the article now that the BBC have got hold if it. The game is up for these so called officials/referees who’s primary objective should be ensuring the rules of the game are upheld.

  27. Well done Dogface (& Walter).

    As Lord Flashheart (of Aunty Bleeb fame) might have said:


  28. Geez Bongo – not a very nice response. If it is okay with you I can still think Wenger is a fantastic manager but have also have my own opinion. Very sorry to have upset you so much. Love the picture of you btw.

  29. Awsome, Im delighted the work put in is finaly getting recognition and I am sure if they keep reading they will some glaring facts staring them in the face soon.

    Nice to know that all the hard work to finger these bent Refs is starting to pay off 🙂

  30. It’s great to see every Gooners thoughts coming out in public view, something has to be done to sort the lack of consistencey of reffing out. Great work guys keep it going.

  31. Love the banner, Tony!
    Wonder how many AAA sites can genuinely boast the same thing?
    victoria concordia crescit!

  32. JRR I respect your opinion, I really do. I just feel this was neither the time nor the blog to bring up that tired old “buy a defender thing” The windows closed, what is moaning about it going to accomplish? If we win something this year, hell if we beat Barcelona are you still going to moan about it? There are lots and lots of other sites moaning about the defender thing and debating how stupid Wenger is for not listening to that group of fans. I’m tired of seeing it. I come to blogs like this to see perspectives not the incessant moaning about us not spending huge money on useless “big name” players that armchair fans think they know would be good for Arsenal.

  33. A big well done to Tony, Walter and Dogface.

    A note… last Saturday afternoon, around midday, i posted up on Twitter that i had noticed the price of Arsenal to win the match at Newcastle had risen from a price of 1.7 (on betfair)friday evening to 1.91 circa 12pm on the day of the game.

    The volume showed approx 1.8M had been wagered in that time period.

    Maybe a coincident, probably one.. but that was a significant move considering there was no suddent injury news or team change aside from those that were known about all week.

    It could be that we are all conspiracy nuts.. but just look back over all the major games Arsenal have lost in the wenger years and you will note incredible referee decisions have cost us many more times than not.

  34. This sort of infrmation on this sort of platform may one day even stop a young Arsenal player being crippled if highlighted.
    Keep up this vital work!

  35. Keep up the good work, things will change eventually, the Premier League will have to respond to scientific evidence

  36. Congrats! This is great!!!

    oh, I agree with Bongo!

    Again, congrats and keep up the good work Untold Arsenal!!!

  37. Good on “dogface” and Walter. In the case of “dogface” his statistical analysis is unerring in showing up referee bias. For example, his forecast of Dowd’s performance at Newcastle was deadly accurate. We should never take their work for granted. Most Arsenal bloggers are scared to take on the the anti-Arsenal bias of many referees; scared to be called whingers and hoping they will get a pat on the back for not believing in conspiracy theories etc. Easier for them to criticize the players as being mentally weak and lacking grit etc.
    Proof positive that most of these bloggers are just a bunch of lily-livered supporters.

  38. Congrats. Best article on d bad side of English Ref. England refs re nt up to FIFA standard & dat is why u c dem nt officiating any UEFA match expect dat Man Utd fan Howard Webb. Nice feature, keep it up.

  39. Congratulations Walter n Dogface,
    lets the truth be seen,, we expecting many visitors now em?!

  40. Heartiest congratulations to your Lordship ,Dogface and Walter for the due recognition give to your persistent and determined endeavours to clean up the sport.
    Hopefully a few more prominent media and football people will be equally besotted with this site and help to influence the FA to do the right thing.
    Maybe ,( I’m not holding my breath ),the football comentators and pundits could read these pages and make better informed opinions.
    And why is Untold still at number 14 ?
    Cheers guys !

  41. It,s only a matter of time before the evidence of match-fixing and other dubious antics emanating from old Trafford get to the English media that so loves trash reporting etc. so will this trash reporting media network print the evidence in their newspa
    ers or try and cover it up,we wait in anticipation ?

  42. So I mentioned those OT statisctics at work for this guy who is ManU fan. And no he did not say “I agree refs are unfair”. Instead I heard:
    “At home ManU has most of the ball so away team will not get to penalty area so they can’t get penalties”. After I mentioned diving from ManU players he claimed “I don’t know about that”. Also something along the lines that ManU players play nice and don’t do things that earns them cards… My comment for that was “Fletcher, right”. But well if he wants to ignore to truth he can do that.

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