Something to celebrate Mr. Dean?

by Walter Broeckx

As I mentioned in my ref report I noticed a strange thing about the way Dean finished the game. In this post you can find a few links. When you click on them you will see windows media player opening and showing some very short clips.

Most refs have a very typical way of ending a game. A ritual one might say.

In South America you see many refs making a cross sign at the end of the game. Some refs point to the centre spot. Some refs point to the exit, in case the players don’t know where it is. And some refs just blow the whistle and make no signs at all.

Most of the time this is very personal and something that most refs always do in the same way. So let me give an example on how ref makes an end to a game we lost at Old Trafford last year where he very much influenced the final result. If you click on the link below you should see a short clip.

Dean MU

You notice he makes no gesture with his hands. Just blow the whistle and nothing else.

Ah,  let’s see what he does when we win on a rare occasion with Dean in charge. Let me take the images of the FA cup replay at Leeds. Just click on the link below.

Dean Leeds

No movements with the arms in particular. Just blowing the whistle and checking and stopping his watch. And I have checked the other games this season we had Dean in charge and which we lost by coincidence. And again Dean only blows his whistle and makes no movements with his arms.

And I can produce a few more of those clips if you really insist.

And so when I saw him, by accident because I was just waiting for the final whistle to stop my review I saw him doing this and if you click on the link below

Dean CC Birmingham

I think even a blind man can see the difference between Dean his normal ending of a game and this jumping in the air with his hands above his head.

Now I could accept that Dean would have been filled with joy just by the fact that he had done his first game as a ref on Wembley and survived it. But no, Dean has done a few games already at Wembley. I think he even did the first cup final on Wembley after the rebuilding between Portsmouth and Cardiff. So it cannot  just be that he was just happy to still being alive after the game and done a game at Wembley.

Or was it just that he was so happy with the final score that he couldn’t hide it?

With all the things I have seen from Dean, and which I mentioned before the game, I think I know from which direction the wind is coming. And it brings a very nasty smell with it.

Now you could say I read too much in to this. But most refs have their own way of doing things and rituals and the end of the game is for a ref a moment which has a great value. As a ref you adopt your own style and you repeat it time after time.

So if Dean had something to celebrate at the end of the game it would be a nice thing to know what he was celebrating. Why did he change his end of the match routine?

PS: I would like to apologise for the low quality of the video clips but for some software reasons the programs we are using can only contain very small video clips.

17 Replies to “Something to celebrate Mr. Dean?”

  1. Walter, I think it is a molehill.

    I watched the game, and I agree up to a point that we never get the calls for blocks etc on Arshavin, but apart from that it seemed reasonably well officiated. Really we should have been 1 down (goalwise) after 5 minutes.

    I find it much more worrying when officials are

    1) Inconsistent – in only calling fouls against one side, which we see a lot of, e.g. Song gets a yellow for a nudge on a player, while the other side doesn’t

    2) Indulgent – allowing sides to get away with reckless play, which we see way too much of

    3) Demonstrably caught up with one side – like Dowd

    Whatever goes on in Dean’s mind, he generally keeps a pokerface.
    No allusion to gambling cartels intended.

  2. Thank you Walter! It is heartening to see you hitting out at haters who say you talk with no evidence. 🙂 ardent fan here!

  3. On the subject of refs, that mouthy manager Ferguson has been whining about the penalty by which his team lost to Chelsea last night. Didn’t ref Atkinson know the procedure? All Utd’s fouls are “accidents” and never warrant a penalty.
    Ferguson should be reminded that his team is at the top of the EPL, purely as a direct result of outrageous decisions by refs, in his favour……particularly at OT. I offer this quote “They
    don’t like it up ’em you know”.

  4. to blame dean is laughable. he had a decent match. we bottled it and been lucky not to be 1:0 down after 5 minutes plus possible 10 man.

  5. I just want to point out that it was the linesman who made the wrong call at the start of the game.

  6. It’s a good point Walter. In and of itself I dont think we can draw too many conclusions but it certainly calls into question Dean’s professionalism

  7. It just might be that the occasion got to him. Either way, he was not responsible for us giving away the second goal. Can we forget about this Walter and maybe focus on the next game?

  8. The new castle match which ended up 4-4, convinced me that the referee actually fix the match.

  9. Walter, i think that you smell something really wrong but u cannot prove it so u never wrote it… Well i would love to have fa checking on this behaviour and asking dean for explanation…
    But those who think its nothing should atleast note that its very bad of a ref to do so..

  10. He hates us Walter plain and simple ….I wouldnt have been surprised if he done that when birmingham scored.
    BUT its just a case of serious unprofessional behaviour on his behalf and will the PGMOL slap his wrist, I dont think so.

    However we just have to pick ourselves up now and hope there will be NO more injuries for the rest of the season.

  11. I think he refereed well, however, I did notice that he blew the final whistle when the ball had been kicked out for one last attempt by us when to be headed by bendtner.

    Normally, the final whistle is blown when the ball is inactive.

    Petty, I know but I dis-like Dean for the penalty incident in Brum. In fact, I dislike all referees.

    Another point, based on last night’s complaints by Fergie; he has a cheek as Man U get a 6 point head start each season through referees favouring them.

  12. Am I right in thinking that if chesney did get sent off in the carling cup he would miss 3 games two of which would be in the league?

    could that decision be vital for our season

  13. Did anyone else notice that after they scored the winner, and all the Birmingham players were celebrating, running behind the goalscorer Martins, that Mike Dean was running with them, right behind them?

    If you look at a clip of when Ferguson runs past Koscielny and shoves his head, you can see Mike Dean’s black socks and boots. For goodness sakes, Mike Dean was right behind Ferguson in the celebration train!

  14. @Ingo and Mihir,

    Where in the article does Walter blame Mike Dean for the result?

  15. Wrenny, this is part of the culture I think.
    I have said before the game in my article about Dean that I think we should beat them even with Dean as a ref. Only a complete nightmare moment at the back decided the game and gave Birmingham the cup.

    I do however say that Dean was (by not giving the fouls he should have been given in our favour) helping Birmingham in a way. But at the end of the day it didn’t matter for the goals as it was our own mistake that led to their goal.

  16. But on the other hand no one can convince me that Dean is not against Arsenal. I have said this before the game and will repeat this for years to come until the moment he hase a full season with Arsenal games where he is unbiased in his doings.

  17. i don’t like dean, i remember dean in a game last year i think when we played man u and we deserved a clear penalty and he didn’t give it even when it wa so clear and then arshavin scored a screamer just soon after, then rooney ran down the other end and was taken down by almunia and straight away he pointed at the spot, he didn’t even take a second to think if it really was, from that game i have been keeping close eyes on him, i know for a fact that when ever he referees our matches he does his up most best to mess things up for us, its like he hates us (arsenal) for some unknown reason, i don’t have any complaints about him in cc final as we were out played and we lost to an unfortunate mistake, well done birmingham, but dean is a snake, keep your eyes on him when ever he referee’s our games, or maybe its because hes a man u supporter. who knows !!!!!!!.

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