Appalling, awful, terrible, evil, pointless, pathetic, dreadful

And of course by that I mean the coverage on ESPN. We had all the junk rubbish about Arsenal being weak, struggling to make the top four, slipping behind the others, having sold players, Wenger refusing to buy.

It was as if ESPN had watched Sky and instead of seeing it as a dire warning of how football should never be broadcast saw it as a model.

And then we had the game.

In it we had commentators saying…

1: Everton had injuries to three major players (what about Theo, Nasri and Rosicky)

2: It is a tough start to the season (what about us playing Man IOU, Man Arab, Celtic, and the supposedly challenging for the top four Everton)

3: Everton have been selling and not buying much (sound familiar)

4: Of course Everton made it to the Cup Final.

5: There are 80 year olds in the ground.

Yup, that was it. And what did we have?

That dreadfully lightweight Denilson.

Anyway, while you contemplate this result, and the doom-mongers refuse to admit that they never saw this coming, just take a little look at my last post.

The one in which I predicted the score. Written at 10am on the morning of the game. Did you see it? If not, go and have a read. Because I kid you not.

The UNTOLD ARSENAL prediction of the match, written seven hours before kick off was

Everton 1 (I got that bit right)
Arsenal 7

OK I was a goal out. I am sorry. I thought through my predictive ability that the final touch from Eduardo would also go in. I am very sorry. I apologise deeply. I will try harder. Next time I will get it right.

Hey guys – we have been plugging away at this for two years on this site. The Gooner and the rest of them have been saying we are rubbish. Start screaming now, and don’t stop.

This is it.

(c) Tony “Everton 1 Arsenal 7” Attwood 2009

16 Replies to “Appalling, awful, terrible, evil, pointless, pathetic, dreadful”

  1. I already said it in answer of your previous post Tony. 😉

    All smiles here in Flanders and also very delighted with the solid performance of our Vermaelen. But I dont want to highlight any player because this was one of the best team performances I have ever seen.

  2. And what about “Vermaleen is crap”, and we ll never again be solid without Toure?.
    But ok, I believe tomorrow will someone write how we allowed that one goal and it is our major problem. Someone will again find that Arsenal receiving goals in last minutes (doesn’t mater is it 6-1 or 1-1).
    Seams to me there are people who rather complain on not being MCFC (what stands for Midget Chelsea Football Club) than enjoying in probably best young squad in world.

    So proud to be on same side with you Tony

  3. Hi everyone! I am doing my best not to rant; not even to shout. Isn’t our Arsenal GOOD? What do you think of our DENILSON? How about Bendtner? Anybody notices FABRI-CIOUS? What do you say about VERMALENE? Anyone heard the melodious SONG?

    A great team display, if I ever saw one.
    PS: Pls forgive my ranting.

  4. And Wenger showed once more he dont know anything about tactics, he replaced Fabrefas and RvP to early. What if Everton scored 7 more goals after it, who would organize our attacks in effort to equalize ??

  5. oh my word. after sitting through chelsea scraping past hull, and adebayor scoring a cracker against blackburn, i can declare that arsenal played the best football all day. what a start to the season.
    i’m not going to get too carried away, but so far so good. just got to put celtic in their place this week.

    darn tootin we dam well better get top billing on MOTD tonite. YEE HAR.

  6. Your right Armin: sack the manager. 😉 LOL
    11 gunners did what they should do every game: play like Gooners.
    The whole team defended with 11 man.
    Did you see Bendtner backtracking on many occasions when he lost the ball ? He also created the first goal from the right by giving the ball to Cesc.
    Did you see Arshaving winning the ball, almost at our own box, and starting the attack for the 4th goal?
    And apart from Eduardo our attackers didn’t score. They just made the goals for the midfielders by good running off the ball and winning free kicks in good positions. And Gallas and Vermaelen linked up very well, I noticed it before in preseason when they played together.
    Clichy and Sagna were as good as we know they can be.
    Song and Denilson… there just sh*t and not fit to play for the Arsenal according to some “fans” who will say now that they always knew they were good enough. ;-)Well in truth they were outstanding with there hard working and good passing.
    And not forget Almunia: he was very dominant, specially in the second half, in the air and I’m sure he will be the least happy of the 11 players for that late goal.

  7. Hi All,

    Hope You all read the last few comments from the last post.. It was an indeed an team performance. Denilson, Song & Bendtner showed what Arsene saw in them before signing. They were immense..

    Galls & Vermaelen would be my first-choice CBs. They were solid and had a good understanding between them. Almunia seems to have become a LOT calmer and decisive.

    I know this is just the beginning and We all shouldnt carried away. But arent these the moments fans and supporters cherish for a long time especially when every single ‘pundit’ of football says the club is in a decline?? If this is the start, I cant imagine what more is left to come with Rosicky/Nasri/Theo/Vela/Diaby to come in…

  8. A very strong team performance and definitely improved in defence. And this despite three quality players being unavailable.But what did Shearer and Hanson have to say about the quality of Arsenal’s performance on MOTD? Shearer: it wasn’t that Arsenal were so good, but rather that Everton were so bad. Hanson: no comment whatsoever on the quality of the Arsenal performance, preferring to discuss the disruptive effect on communication between Everton’s players caused by Lescott’s desire not to play for them anymore. Also, didnt like Shearer’s shoes.

  9. And now to add insult to injury Hanson’s praising Adebayor’s goal against Blackburn! There is only one word for him. It begins with w and ends with anker.

  10. Come on everyone, Everton have spent the last 2 weeks with another team trying to poach one of their players. How can anyone in their right mind expect them to perform when that is happening to them? It’s not like Arsenal have spent the last 10 years or so having to deal with the same issue. Never mind after all Vermealen is useless and a waste of money, Denilson and Song are light weight, Arshavin doesn’t actually play for us, Cesc is off to Barca and RVP will never kick a ball again because of injury. In fact I might just start supporting Leyton Orient, at least you expect them to lose.

  11. Tony, In a slight defence of Sky Andy Gray is actually more balanced than most other TV commentator’s, the rest of them however are a mixture of bland, incompatent, uninformed, stupid, moronic or just plain biased.

  12. You get the feeling that everyone else was holding their breadth and waiting for us to falter in some seriously dramatic fashion. And no one wants to dwell on how UNCONVINCING Chelsea and Man City were.

  13. Andy Gray does say “take a bow son, take a bow.” about 12 times per match. And usually thats supposed to be a compliment towards Steven Gaylad. If thats not annoying I don`t know what is.

  14. About MOTD the goal from Vermaelen was described as bad defending and the Sunderland goal by Bent was described as a masterpiece from a freekick.
    Can anyone explain the difference between those goals ? To me it was the same: a good offensive run and a fine header.
    So the only difference between the two goals was that the Vermaelen goal was a goal for Arsenal which never can be a good goal to the pundits of MOTD.
    Ahhh I just put the sound of when the pundits come on in the future. 😉

  15. Well, it’s been sort of fun to see the hacks and pundits who’d written us off before a ball was kicked so furiously back-pedalling now, except for that Palmer fellow. And while I’m not getting carried away with the solid start we’ve had to the season, and I know that sooner or later we’ll suffer a bad result, and they won’t be able to wait before sticking the knives in again, I’m just going to bask in the glow of knowing that this team will always prove people wrong.

    Bring on Pompey!!!

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