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  1. bob
    7 May 2011

    @Tony, Walter, Dogface, all:
    In a court of law, this might be considered Jury Tampering or Bribing the Judge. In the court of Public Opinion, it’s just Fergie being Fergie. To me it’s mind-bending: this morning’s bleating from on high at Kastle Fergus: the blatant (hidden in plaing sight) stroking/warning of Howard Webb… Exhibit A in the Bent-Ref Probability Thesis:
    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/may/06/sir-alex-ferguson-howard-webb-chelsea Read it and weep; then again, it’s grist for our mill!

  2. Stevie E
    7 May 2011

    Bob, cheers for pointing that out, I’ve given up reading the papers these days after all the shocking stories about us… I really hope there is a decision in the iou v cheslski game that will make fergies comments come back and bite him on the arse. So any comments about refs before the game, blatent rule breaking = docked points? Webb relegated to conference for match fixing? Or will we see all this ignored by motd & gutter press as they cheat their way to the title…

  3. Shard
    7 May 2011


    If there is an FA ruling that managers are not to talk about referees before the game, surely there should be some action taken against Fergie, or are his minions all powerful? I think repeat offenders should have their club docked points. Since they are actually seeking to unfairly gain points, this would only be fair.

    Why has it taken the FA so long to wake up to the QPR transfer. You said it happened in July 2009. Why almost 2 years before any investigation is conducted? On top of that they don’t reveal who will sit in judgment on the issue. Considering it’s worth around 40million pounds to the club gaining promotion, surely they could spare something for those poor nameless, faceless,unknown figures at the FA. Couldn’t they?

  4. Mandy Dodd
    7 May 2011

    May be wrong but all things tilting toward Utd this year to me is something out of the ordinary even for them.
    I hope that if they do win the league, it will be Fergies last. Maybe hopelessly optimistic here but I can never remember so many aspects conspiring to help a team. The FA, other managers and refs falling over to embarrass themselves in Fergies cause.
    Is this all part of Fergies retirement present? Some get carriage clocks, Fergie gets the league title from bent authorities.
    Howard Webb in his 3rd key game at OT this season (the others being us and Liverpool) with his record is the final proof.
    Will be quite fun if Chelsea put in a 3-0 performance and he can do little about it without losing whatever dignity Webb has left though

  5. Mandy Dodd
    7 May 2011

    Just read QPR will escape a points deduction. Maybe they are innocent or maybe the FA have bottled it. Maybe Luton and Swindon should have used the same lawyers….

  6. Pete
    7 May 2011

    Before I forget, the Telegraph ran a special feature on the topic of match-fixing … there were a few articles published by them on the same day including this one (some of the further articles linked to from this page):

  7. Pete
    7 May 2011

    They were published just last week…

  8. bob
    7 May 2011

    @Walter, Dogface: Would you consider sparing any of your (sorry) “free time” to tape/look/analyze Howard Webb’s performance tomorrow at OT? In light of SAF’s pre-match tampering today (as reported in today’s Guardian – see link above), I think that your expertise on Webb’s performance (which the Telegraph claims is even-handed vis a vis those 2 sides, ha!) would add an interesting to very-important dimension to UA’s eventual report/understanding of this season’s Refereeing vis-a-vis Arsenal. With the World Cup and the 2010 Championship League final, and now this, Webb has clearly been anointed THE WORLD’S TOP REF. Will Don Fergus be denied his record-breaking 19th championship on Webb’s watch? And to what extent has SAF’s DESIRE been a factor that helped de-rail our drive for the EPL championship? I’m hardly alone in wanting your views on such rot.

  9. Mandy Dodd
    7 May 2011

    am sure SAF has played a huge part in de-railing our season, aided and abetted by at best biased officials and unfortunately our own silly mistakes.
    I do wonder if this is all part of some type of retirement gift for Fergie this summer, hopefully when he goes, some semblance of a level playing field with refs may return….hopefully….

  10. bob
    7 May 2011

    @Mandy Dodd: Yeah, at bottom, I too think it’s a retirement gift (by hook or by CROOK). But I think if/when he gets to 19, he’ll go for 20 next season (– as surely he’ll be “persuaded” by his adoring minions base to stay on (or, to “un-retire,” or whatever); this as the number 20 is surely a more imposing, well rounded, towering figure (rolls smoothly off the mind’s tongue, SAF means 20) to his Unparalleled Legacy. I would bet the farm that such is drive for glory, by any means necessary.

  11. walter
    7 May 2011

    Bob, I will try to do the MU-Chelsea game like I do an Arsenal game. but please give me a few extra days for this.

    I think you are right this should be done to see how Webb done this game.

  12. bob
    7 May 2011

    Great Walter! There may be gold in them thar hills! It’ll be a welcome gift in any case and something fresh (or rotten!) might be revealed.

  13. goonergerry
    8 May 2011

    This is a very good piece.
    It is simply ludicrous that Ridsdale is being charged under consumer protection legislation. The fact that QPR can virtually punishment for a blatant infringement of transfer regulations and Ferguson continues to attempt to influence referees blatantly through the media without fear of punishment-demonstrates how ineffective current anti-corruption measures are within English football. The lack of transparency regarding the process and who sits in judgement is contrary to principles of natural justice which underpin English law. Because there is no identifiable “harmed party”-unlike the West Ham case- this judgement is unlikely to ever be challenged.
    It is very clear that the public cannot rely on English football authorities to administer justice fairly-and be seen to administer it fairly.
    New legislation is needed-and a regime of binding regulations incorporated into it.
    It need to be understood that nothing is more likely to bring the game into disrepute than corruption.
    In the short-term at the very least Webb should be dropped for the United Chelsea game and Ferguson charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

  14. Rhys Jaggar
    9 May 2011

    Look, if your facts are correct and the FA instituted new regulations on 4th July 2009, but failed to inform football league clubs of that and QPR registered Faurlin 7th July, then the first, simple truth is that how were QPR supposed to know of the new regulation if it had not been announced?

    If the FA said to QPR: we had this Board meeting, decided things on 4th July but you only all found out about it on 11th July (or whenever), then either the FA announced immediately that transfers registered before 11th July were immune, or they sorted it out there and then.

    I repeat, if your facts are correct, a prosecutor trying to do QPR would look a right moron, to put it mildly.

    All this is about fear of the multibillionaires who own QPR.

    If they haven’t done it again since the FA informed the Football league, then they’re clearly not criminals.

    And if the FA wouldn’t sort it out properly at the time, rather than wait 2 years, shame on them.

    I repeat, my arguments only hold if your facts are right.

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