Yes it is on. We’ve got Nasri

Gilles Grimandi has been watching him, everyone says he is incredible, and Nasri himself has said he’s leaving.

The price is around 14 million pounds which is within the realms of Arsenal’s affordability for the right player – and if it is true that Hleb wants to go, then Arsenal will get all of that back for Hleb – and indeed Arsenal can name their own price because Wenger wants Hleb to stay so is under no pressure to release him.   Even better, Hleb’s price has shot up after last season’s wonderful displays.

And this is what the Guardian said about Nasri

“The silken touch, the balletic elegance, the majestic strength. The vision. The trailblazing dribbles that begin with the drop of a shoulder and a graceful dash and conclude with a piercing pass or a scorching shot.”

In short he is Zidane reborn – and he’s a Frenchman of Algerian descent. (At least most people call him Zidane II, except one web site which amusingly compared him to C Ronaldo at Man U.

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