Untold Arsenal Awards: Best and Worst Moments

 The best moment – the first goal away to Milan, which shows that Fabregas is not only a genius but is able to take control of the match.  Not only the best moment because of what it signified there and then but also because it showed a side of Cesc that can only grow.

Runner-up: – the final goal against Tottenham at WHL – a magnificent shot which just left the Tiny Totts fans standing there thinking “why can’t we do that”

The Worst Moment: the anti-semitic chanting at the Barnet friendly right at the start of the season.   It was good to see our own supporters take a stand against this and tell the neo-Nazis who should be supporting Chelsea where to get off.  The fight was unfortunate, but in the end Nazis have to be dealt with.

Runner-up worst moment: not the attack on Eduardo itself but the was in which Birmingham reacted to FIFAs enquiry into whether there was a case for a player getting a longer spell out of the game when his tackle has such an effect.

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