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  1. DogFace

    Fantastic! Come on Chowdhury, let’s get the site up and running so we can get these guys logging this stuff directly into a database!


  2. Chowdhury


    Planning to submit the rest of the work by this Friday. 🙂

  3. Notoverthehill

    I believe Pennant nicked Ashley Cole’s car, when they were both at London Colney? Previous form here perhaps?

  4. walter

    There are more of this to come Dogface. We managed to do 4 games so far and if the City game was done as agreed we should have 5 games this weekend. Don’t know if we can keep this up but we will surely try.

    Proud of my reviewers! 🙂

    I just think the “other” reviews will attract less comments in general… after all who apart from the ref reviewers would want to have a look in depth at Stoke – Chelsea… 🙂

  5. AnT

    Glad to see that there is a ref review for games other than Arsenal’s. That’s gonna be good to see the tendency of refs in EPL. Too bad I’m not a ref myself. But I sometimes find easier to see something as graphics. Thus, if you guys need someone to play around with graphics to present the result, just me know.

    One question, do you collect this result in a centralized database?

  6. Johnny Deigh

    @Notoverthehil – Not sure if Cashley had a vendetta against Pennant but he did seem to lose control there for about 10 minutes in the 2nd half – probably he was more frustrated than anything.

  7. Johnny Deigh

    Another thing about this match was how much Stoke interfered with Petr Cech on set pieces. Chelsea’s new manager was quite upset about the refereeing in this regard.

  8. Rhys Jaggar

    Anyone do Liverpool-Sunderland?

    Looked like two mighty contentious decisions in that one.

    My judgement was that Richardson’s pen was 50:50 for sending off. Looked a tangle of legs to me, so I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. But I’m not a referee…..

    The Carroll ‘push’ on the weakling Anton Ferdinand……perlease…….get real. NO FOUL.

    A decision with a significant impact on the result………

    Arguably 2 pts lost by Liverpool due to dodgy ref decisions.

    The Ref was Phil Dowd.

    Anecdotal thoughts, not a proper analysis………

  9. Kentetsu

    I have to admit I actually watched Stoke – Chelsea and most of Liverpool – Sunderland; after two bare months I take every opportunity to watch some competitive football again. In that game you refered to the quickly taken free kick to be retaken. If I recall correctly, Chelsea had lost possession already by the time the ref decided to have it retaken. Isn’t there a rule that if a free kick (or penalty) is taken incorrectly, but the opponent gets a benefit as a result, that the ref should let play move on?

    A suggestion in response to Rhys’ comment: would it be possible to review penalty decisions for matches that were not fully ref reviewed? The media usually reports all the given/not given penalties and by having a look at them we can track which teams tend to have decisions made in their favour and which teams against them. The same could be done for red card decisions. Maybe it’s a bit too much to ask now that you have just ramped up the number of weekly ref reviews, but it’s just an idea.

  10. Laundyender

    @ Rhys

    My view on the Carroll Push is that Dowd was right, the assistant was on that side of the pitch, none of the Liverpool players protested, not even Carroll.

    Ferdinand Jumped and a small shove from Carroll meant he jumped under the ball, clever if it works out, but on this occasion the ref – assistant spotted it.

    Re the pen, yes it was a tangle, it was unintentional, but it did impede Suarez so was a pen, I must say I agree with Dowd giving only a yellow as well, Suarez had knocked the ball about 6-7 yards to his right with a very heavy touch and keeper was still active

  11. Johnny Deigh

    I agree on the Carroll push and in disallowing that goal.

    However, in the Suarez incident, he was rounding the keeper and angling for a shot at an empty net when he got tripped up from behind by the last defender.

    Like I said above, Suarez may have handled the ball when initially blocking Richardson’s kick, but ignoring that, I don’t see why Richardson stayed on the pitch.

  12. Johnny Deigh

    @Kentetsu – If on a penalty kick, the attacking team infringes but the player misses the penalty kick, then the kick is not retaken.

    If a throw-in is not taken from the right spot, the ref can blow the whistle and give a reversal (a throw-in to the opposing team).

    But if a team tries to take a quick free kick from the wrong spot or when the ref is stopping the play to set up a wall for example, then the kick is retaken.

    However, if a team tries to take a quick free kick under normal circumstances and they lose possession as a result of it, then they don’t get another chance.

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