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September 2021
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September 2021

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Untold Match Preview No 2: Udinese at home

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By Phil Gregory

With Cesc gone, Nasri uncertain and rumblings of discontent in the stands during the Newcastle game there’s plenty to be talking about in this article. So much in fact, that I planned on writing a whole separate piece on the aftermath of the Toon game until work got in the way. No matter, Tony and Walter have covered expertly most of what I would have said.

One point I wanted to raise here though was that of the supporters. Wenger mentioned in his press conference about the media “manipulating” the fans and whilst every team’s fans claim they are harshly treated by the press, Anne’s recent digging suggests there is some strong evidence backing up concerned Arsenal fans in this regard. This negative attitude has filtered through to the stands, and was evident during the Newcastle game with highly audible chants of “spending some f*****g money”. The sheer lack of intelligence amongst those who sing is clear once you note that the chant only broke out AFTER the red card and the game turned against the Arsenal. The very moment the team needed the support from the travelling support and what did they get? Well, we can imagine how well that went down with them.

Are there areas in the team that need looking at? Certainly, and Wenger is doing that. Are Song and Gervinho idiots for their transgressions during the game? Undoubtedly, their actions could cost the club in the upcoming games and they should be disciplined accordingly. But no player who pulls on the Arsenal jersey deserves to hear those sorts of chants while they are giving their all for our club on the pitch. Save your grievances against Wenger for the phone-ins after the game, during those ninety minutes we should all be behind the lads to get three points. We do all want the club to succeed, don’t we?

Is there a way those of us who support the team can show that these chants aren’t all of us? I look forward to suggestions in the comments.

The X-factor in this situation is the new Nasri chant. Going along the lines of “nananananana Sammy you’re a C**T”, Nasri stated on Monday (via twitter I think, I saw it on SSN) that he found such chants disrespectful. Are they helpful for the board whilst we’re fighting to keep him here? Nope. Did I join in at the Newcastle game? Yes I did, as I think Nasri has been made a perfectly acceptable offer and isn’t treating Arsenal with respect. Respect is a two way thing Samir – we’ve given you a hell of a lot of chances, money and support since you’ve been here and if you don’t respect the club, don’t expect respect back. Some may see that as contradictory to what I said during the second paragraph. I don’t think it is, but hey that’s life. I think I made my case quite clearly.

Anyway, for a change let’s talk about the football! For me, the defence was absolutely outstanding against Newcastle. It was the complete performance: not only in terms of the pure defensive skills (tackling, intercepting and intelligent positioninging) but also in terms of their use of the ball. Clearances went to a man, reducing pressure and the number of opportunities Newcastle had to attack us. Szcznesy too distributed intelligently, coming for the ball consistently and confidently, including his cheeky little headed clearance. If we defend like that during the course of the season, we will win games even with Eboue up front. I plan on sitting my Sunday league side down and showing them the first 45 minutes for a defensive “how-to” guide before our first game kicks off.

There is, of course, the small matter of a Champions League playoff tie to be dealing with on Tuesday too.  Rosicky is in the squad but faces a fitness test on Tuesday morning, whilst Van Persie and Nasri are suspended. Naturally Gervinho and Song are available as any bans are domestic and the latter has only just been charged anyway. Wilshere wasn’t mentioned in the press conference which likely rules him out of contention.

Rosicky’s injury is a concern, after he put in an impressive, battling performance in the midfield against Newcastle United. Presuming the worst, we find ourselves quite short in midfield given Cesc’s departure and the absences of Diaby and Wilshere continued absence, we might find ourselves giving youngster Lansbury a run out in midfield, or perhaps shifting Arshavin into that central playmaking role. The latter option seems more likely option for me. We’re at home, so will likely get away with a slightly more physically lightweight midfield than we would otherwise like, whilst the Russian will offer more creativity than Lansbury. At home, we can’t risk lacking creativity: a lead of a goal or two would be great to take to Italy.

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As for the rest of the time, the back five unit remains the same. I said in recent articles that it is a big season for Gibbs, and he looked really good against Newcastle so the signs look positive so far. Song shields the midfield and with him almost certainly missing the came at the weekend he’ll be looking to give 110% to make up for a moment of foolishness that might cost his club dearly.

In attack the farcical ban of Van Persie rules him out of the tie, so Marouane Chamkh has an opportunity to show Arsenal fans that his early season form last year was not a one off. Flanking him will be Gervinho and Walcott, though Arshavin could be in the mix if Rosicky is passed fit to start.


Sagna Koscielny Vermaelen Gibbs


Ramsey Arshavin

Walcott Chamakh  Gervinho

I can’t say much on how I think the game will turn out as I’ve already prattled on enough.  Udinese have yet to start their domestic league, so might be just a little rustier than the Arsenal. As Wenger says, no team from Italy should ever be taken lightly but let’s be honest: Spurs beat the Italian League winners, so surely we can beat the fourth placed side? 2-0 to the Arsenal for me, I’m more concerned about upcoming games in the League with tired legs than this game, personally. This game will be tense – there’s a hell of a lot riding on this game, Arsenal are a Champions League club after all – but I can see us getting past them over two legs.

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(And don’t forget there’s an Untold article in the club programme tonight – and for every Arsenal game with the series “Arsenal Uncovered”)

71 comments to Untold Match Preview No 2: Udinese at home

  • Northbanksy

    Re the “spend some F’ing money” chant during the’s funny ’cause I’m sure I saw Arshavin & RVP joining in. LOL!!!

  • Byron

    I fully agree with your comments about the Booing of the team versus the Nasri chant.

    The team don’t pick themselves and they require full support before and during the game. Nasri on the other hand has zero loyalty to the club and as far as I am concerned fans are entitled to respond in kind.

  • Byron

    Northbanksy that’s a classic comment! 🙂

  • Mohammed Konneh

    Where is SAMIR NASRI? Pls do not let him go.

  • Mike

    Regardless of how we feel about the performance of the Newcastle game, I can not honestly say that this side can win trophies this season, without solid reinforcements. The creativity in midfield was absent, and there was no one feeding Van Persie.

  • tim

    phil, excellent article, but i disagree w/ you legitimizing the Nasri chant. simply because the more the media feeds on this discontent, the less money the club will make in the future transfer. this is why AW was stating that he expected no one to leave, even as cesc was on the plane to barca. can’t give them anything until it’s done.

  • Dark Prince

    Lol, ur contradicting urself on the support issue!! 😛

  • Ed

    Sorry mate, I just don’t share your confidence. I see no creativity, nous or cutting edge to the team we’re likely to put out. Profligate in front of goal, ponderous in the middle, lack of quality on the flanks. I’m unfortunately very pessimistic. Udinese will some to keep things tight at the back, filter the play through the middle and try to nick a goal. The squad is weak and I can see the crowd turning on Wenger should things not go to plan. Patience is a rare commodity at Arsenal these days.

  • Jerom J.

    Funnily enough, Sky just reported that Eboue has just moved to Galatasaray officially… so him being up front wont happen XD And I do agree, though we were solid at the back, we lacked abit of creativity in midfield, hopefully wilshere will be able to take care of that when he gets back and perhaps ramsey might also step back up to all that promise he showed before getting injured..

  • Stevie E

    Nice, write the team off after just one game, just like the pundits were giving Chelsea the title after just one game last season. They were made to look a bit stupid too…
    Arsenal really needs supporters like you, keep it up eh? Patience may be a rare commodity for you, but don’t assume you speak for Arsenal, you certainly don’t speak for me.

  • Paul(Canada)

    Don’t you just LOVE the start of the new season? W’eve played ONE game and there are already grumblings on here, grumblings in the stands, and shock horror grumblings in the media? What happened to supporting your team no matter what? Maybe that’s old School? but that’s what I am. So I’ll sit down over lunch and watch the Udinese game live and hopefully we’ll win? but I’ll enjoy watching the Gunners play because that’s the team I SUPPORT. It’s the team I would be screaming for every time I wacthed them at Highbury and at the Ems because I love watching them play. The players who are leaving? Good luck to them all. I supported them all full heartedly when they were Gunners but as soon as they go then they’re Gonners. Will they go on to better things? only time will tell. Would I have ANY of them back? Absolutely not. If they don’t want to play for Arsenal then JOG ON!

  • @stevie,i remember Portsmouth and Birmingham taking trophies where are they now!!! Will be good for you if we take the FA and Carling cup and then get relegated!!Wot will you be moaning about? Lets get behind the team and all will be fine neither manure or chelsiki are that good,Man $ity had a lighter team so we are good . I’m going for a walloping 5-0 to the Arsenal. Lets go Gunners

  • Stevie E

    @kamala gun
    Not sure if something was lost in translation but I’m not moaning about anything, in fact I was giving @Ed a hard time for being so negative and writing Arsenal off after just one game! Not sure about 5-0 though, I’m putting £10 on 6-0 to the Arsenal 😉

  • jbh

    Referee is Kevin Blom. Any insights Walter?

  • @Stevie E i’m sorry it was for ED.

  • @Paul i like your stand, we are the backbone of the team but as always in the pool you always find insects and a lot more you pick dem out and swim again.So if cesc is gone d Arsenal will be stronger and stronger. Lets go Gunners

  • Canapol

    Demoralizing, nasty chants aimed at your own players is okay? Are you for real? Your article does not deserve to be on this website! How the heck do you know what is going on behind the scenes with Nasri? I also dont like the fact that he hasn’t signed but give me a break; if you boo your own players, they will not perform, will leave sooner than expected & the morale of the team will be down the drain.
    Maybe the last day boos at the end of the season were the final nails in Cesc’ coffin? Ever think of that? One can play for a team that fans supports or for a team where you get stick from your own supporters, WTF!?!?

  • Stevie E

    @kampala gun
    No worries 🙂

  • toto

    I like the team you put out for tonight’s game against Udinese, especially playing Arshavin in the middle. I think that he might just find that role more suited to his game and might be more effective than being out wide. For starters, he will have more freedom on the pitch and not be expected to track back as much. I also think that he is more creative than all the currently available options. He normally plays down the middle behind the striker for his country anyway, so that wouldn’t be an unfamiliar role for him.

    Moving on to the league, Frimpong has an opportunity to show what he is capable of against Liverpool on Saturday. I hope that Wilshere will be back by then and if Rosicky is still out, a midfield trio of Frimpong, Wilshere and Ramsey is not bad at all. Although short on years and experience, individually all three have the fight and quality and it will be interesting to see if they can function as a unit to hold their own against Liverpool. It is up to the players to turn what is perceived to be a problem into an opportunity! We won’t be waiting long because starting tonight, some of the questions that remain about the team will be answered, hopefully in a positive way. This is the time to stand behind the team and give them all the encouragement they need.

  • Dan

    This is the first season for many many years where I have been genuinely worried for Arsenal. Potentially 2 big big players leaving. We need a few players to step up big-time.
    I’ll still support the players on the pitch regardless though. I’m going for a either a cagey 1-0 or a marauding 5-0, or maybe something inbetween 🙂

  • j27

    wenger is searching for top qualities like the last summer.. chamakh ,kos , squid….
    many more to come be patient….

  • Dan

    @ Canapol
    Well said. As long as he’s an Arsenal player people should respect him and support him. If he does go to City then we can all go to town on him when we play them next. But until then, he’s an Arsenal player and was one of our star performers last season so he should be treat with some respect.
    All the fans are doing is making sure he leaves and it needs to stop.

  • Hey Gunners wot time is d match!

  • Canapol

    Glad to see some sensible heads out there supporting our team. I live in Canada and therefore will never be a ticket holder; those privilaged enough to be able to watch our games live in the stands should keep in mind why they are there; TO SUPPORT!

  • ak47

    indeed paul indeed. id love to see shavin in the centre also for the same reasons toto gave even if rosicky was fit.

    im with phil on nasri (pause) granted canapol were on the outside looking in but theres enough evidence to warrant it. last yr he was for me higher then cesc for like-ability, he came across well in interviews, on the pitch etc. but greed is hard to hide and he’s been really disrespectful.
    now for him to actually make the statements about it as if he’s none the wiser to how the situation is viewed from the outside and possibly arsenal itself, then he’s playing a game. cheeky sod.

    gotta admit im pretty nervous about the game. if udinese had kept the 3 that they sold id be bricking it. can we handle the pressure of not qualifying? we had better. if it were me id be trying to prove we dont need cesc. so i guess we’l romp it or fail trying too hard.

    im going for 3-1 to us 5-2 overall. COME ON LADS! quite literally for the most part.

  • Song and gervinho banned for 3 matches!! hmm why is it that when ever we are facing Manure we have this /Walter/Tony/Stevie why? And im expecting Dean to officiate.

  • Phil

    Canapol – Nasri wasn’t on the pitch, and the chant was directly aimed at him, so I didn’t see it as a problem. if he was on the pitch, representing Arsenal I wouldn’t boo him, but neither would I sing his name after this summer.

    That’s the distinction that I made between the @spending some money (which is directly criticising the team on the pitch) and the nasri chant, which is a (justified) message to a player not on the pitch. Whether you agree with that reasoning is up to you, but for singing the Nasri song I don’t feel I let myself down as a supporter.

    Dan – as I said in the article, respect is a two-way thing. What’s that quote “I’ll give respect to no man who doesn’t deserve it”.

  • jayj

    Why all this nasri hating?

  • walter

    make love not hate 😉

  • critic

    Can any1 explain to me how the fcuk we scored?
    There was no midfield at arsenal. Sigh. Thank god we got away with a 1-0 win.

    How are we gonna get point against liv and manu without gervinhio and song? Gibbs injured, traore injured, djorou injured after playing for 1 sec. Is rosicky gone too?

    Arsene has to spend some money now. Oh! wait! has the season started?

  • critic

    Another sound display of defense until gibbs was injured.

  • Ugandan Goon

    Anybody have any idea what material wenger’s suit was made from? i’d like to stay looking that sharp after a jaunt to and from the dressing room in a cramped laundry basket.
    And the boy gervinho looked good value, samir who?.

  • jayj

    LUCKY, we need players in now.

  • walter

    Now tell me do we have a keeper or not?
    He really reminds me more and more on Lehmann and I wonder how much Jens has to do with this?
    And I even can spell his name without needing to looka at = Szczesny!!!

  • jayj

    This was by far the worst performance!

    The backline is still weak.

  • jayj

    Do we have a backline?

  • jayj

    More fucking injuries every fucking season, WTF is there something wrong with our training?

  • walter

    I think if we want to get 11 players out and a few substitutes on the bench we might need to buy a few in the next days…

    Oh well I have played in the Emirates in May and maybe Tony is still available. Or are you still out Tony? 😉

    Serious now, how is this possible that we are so unlucky with injures even this early in the season. I think Dale will have a lot of work in his injury update

  • dk

    good result.
    Ramsay getting ok (ok he wont be Cesc but he is ok), Song-Pong doing well, Walcott he always creates something, Defense very very good, SC the new “Cech”.

    Suspect Cahill’s price is just gone to 20M.

    Not sure what to do with Gibbs/Djourou/Rosicky/Diaby.. So many injuries all the time. You start to feel you cannot depend on them anymore.

  • jayj

    Seriously our boyz fall like flies come the season fucking contagious or what, how the hell are we going to cope?

    scouse scum and the mancz ahead both sensing our weakness, a part of me feels this difficult start of our season may have been planned by the powers that be.

  • Dale

    Yeah Walter, I might have my work cut out over the next few days. hehe

    I think we could suffer a similar fate as Spurs did last season. Maybe the additional, very important fixtures that are the CL qualifiers are quite stressful on the players’ bodies at a time when they are maybe not fully ready for the season.

    I’ll have a look a the figures from last season for Spurs and see if they had anything similar in the first few games.

  • Ugandan Goon

    no need to look at the figures, i am sure the many spurs supporters on here can help!

  • Dale

    ’10/’11 Tottenham injury totals

    GW1 2
    GW2 7 (league game after 1st CLQ leg)
    GW3 5 (league game after 2nd CLQ leg)
    GW4 5 (league game after international games in which Defoe and Dawson picked up lengthy injuries)

    By contrast Arsenal

    GW1 5
    GW2 5
    GW3 4
    GW4 6


    GW1 3
    GW2 3
    GW3 4
    GW4 2

    Man Utd

    GW1 3
    GW2 4
    GW3 3
    GW4 4

    Greater variation in Spurs’ totals compared to the other teams not required to play additional CL qualifiers. The other teams had injuries carried over from the start of the season and not new injuries. I can’t be certain that they are linked but it would make logical sense.

  • Stroller

    Tonight the result was much more important than the performance, and that may well be the case for a while yet. Contrary to expectations Udinese were no pushover and tried hard for the crucial away goal. The injuries are worrying and until we get something approaching our best side out (hopefully including another recruit or two) judgement has to be reserved on how we have come out of this turmoil. The days of dominating possession look over for a while, and it could be more a case of playing on the break.

  • walter

    And a bit more of fighting and less fluent. Well they did fight tonight and they deserve credit for this.
    I have to see it again but I thought Frimpong broke them up when coming on the field. He harassed them and chased them, made little fouls all over the field and it looked as if they lost their pace a bit.
    But I could be wrong of course …

  • walter

    Wow Dale that was quick. The advantage of keeping your records stored on the computer 🙂
    But blatant to see that from going from 2 injuries suddenly to 7 in one week.
    I think we will be close or even pass it. Not that I really want to break that record 🙁

  • victor

    Am I the only one who feels that we played well? Every website I have checked says we struggled and were lucky. I felt we did exactly what we needed to do by keeping a clean sheet and getting a lead. Were the commentators negative? I made sure I watched the stream in a language I couldn’t understand. Chamakh has been slated as useless on the other sites I checked out but I felt he was doing exactly what was asked of him and was working for the team. All things considered I am pleased with the performance but it looks like I am in a minority .

  • John

    Tonight was one of the most shocking performances I have ver see. This was a big game for Arsenal despite want anyone says or thinks Arsenal need CL football for income, sponsorships and not to mentioned attracting big players.

    I didnt see much effort at all especially from the midfield and Chamkah who I thought was dreadful. I dont expect alot from players only that the give 100% when the pull that jersey on….thats the least they can do for being paid to play football.

    Chamkah has never been briliant but last year he done alot of chasing/dog work which I respected . I didnt see him doing that this evening??? If I was captain I have slap afew of them

    Ramsey is not ready for the 1st team thats obvious he slowed down almots every move goig forward.

    Both Theo and Gervinho were clueless when they had openings apart from the goal. A understanding the game is something Theo has and will always struggle with it appears the more time he has to think the worse the final decision is???

    Rosicky having shown some promise the wkend was back to underperforming…. in fairness at least he tried to show for the ball in the first half and make things happened but dropped off.

    I’m worried if Udinese who are average at best had taken theyany of the numerous chances or has started their league yet the tie would have been over.

    So you have a bunch of players who are either clearly are not good enough and should be moved on or players who dont give a toss. Being honest even average players can put in decent performaces once the effort is there just look at players who play under Rog Hodgson none are super stars yet the give there all very game and dont bitch when they have to play 3 games in a week.

    Start hitting these lacklustred players in their pockets if I dont work hard and get the job done I get sacked thats it.

  • victor

    Is Chamack the next hate figure who is gonna be booed out of the team? These fans need to realise that all the players at Arsenal have chosen to play for the club and they go out and do the best that they can on the day. Sometimes things don’t work out but that is no reason to shout insults. All this booing is it not akin to a coward acting all macho in a crowd? I am concerned that these doom merchants are going to ruin the club I support.

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Victor, We did have a good game. Walter you hit the nail on the head when you say that we had fight. That is what I saw out there today. Fight. The players did not give up.

  • victor

    @ Gooner Gal, Thanks, so I am not deluded as I saw Fight and character and team work as they played for each other.

  • John

    I sat down to support by team tonight and I wasnt booing Chamakh or others I just keep on saying in my head that is terrible. Terrible effort, passing, creating chances. The only plus was we keep a clean sheet and the defence done well.

    But I wont excuse performances like that… that was unacceptable and words should be had with each individual.

    Fans dont need nor want a hate figure Victor but they do turn on players who continually play bad for the club that they pay to see and frankly they expect. They are especially annoyed bythose you dont put in the effort.

    Chamhak was dreadful this evening, Squallci, Denilson and Alumnia are just not good enough for a club like Arsenal and the question I asked myself both last year and tonight was for some players this was their shot to show Wenger that they should be in the first team????? and yet they turn in a performance like that and to add insult to injury they pick up there cheque at the end of the week… its na joke.

    The whole point of having back up players is that they push the first team to perform constantly and if they dont they take over this doesnt happen at Arsenal and its one of the may reasons we are not winning trophies.

  • Gooner Gal

    @ John, you must of been at a different game to me then.

    I did expect a lot from the players today and they got the job done. Udinese were no push over and played good football.

    Ramsey – had a very, very good game today and chased down the opposition, made them uncomfortable on the ball, put in tackles and was always available to recieve the ball.

    Theo – was the main threat for 70% of the game and although he missed chances, he was one that got the attack going.

    Gervinho – Kept the defence on there toes and almost scored a great goal. You can tell he is working hard to get used to playing with Rosicky & Ramsey and they grew in understanding throughout the game. I think he had a bit of knock on his knee though.

    Rosicky – was great but clearly began to tire, so I think it was good timing when he was subbed for Frimpong. Rosicky got a standing ovation when he came off.

    Frimpong – has only played a few minutes of first team football, but my gosh it doesn’t show. I might start calling him the lock up man, because when he came on the defence looked much stronger.

  • bjtgooner

    @ John

    Tonight the guys played their guts out to hold onto the 1 nil lead. They showed fight and determination. After the emotional time the team has been through – losing Cesc, the Barton antics, suspensions and injuries it was great to see their determination and spirit. I don’t think they should be slagged off.

    Further, with changes to the team it takes time for the players to adjust to new colleagues and their method of play. I think they have now taken a positive first step in the post Cesc era.

    The manager has made some very astute signings this summer, there is a vast amount of talent in the squad and, with some additions we can be confident of a good season. So lets back the guys!

  • Gooner Gal

    Moving on to players that weren’t ridiculously criticized…

    Song – was a tough general in midfield and sucked up alot of the Udinese attack and took a lot of the pressure off the defence.

    Kos & Verm partnership could develop into stuff of legend. They barely looked like they spoke to one another throughout, but they intuitively knew what each other was doing.

    Gibbs – I really hope his injury is not serious because he showed the doubters, that he is better than Clichy and is good enough to be 1st choice LB.

    Sagna – was his usual excellent self.

    Szczesny – pulled off a blinder, that save is probably the best I have seen him do & is winning me over in terms of making him No.1 keeper. He loved it when the fans sung his name.

    Jenkinson – has got heart and did well on his home debut. He rarely lost the ball.

    Chamakh – just seems out of sorts. He tried to be clever, when all that was needed was the simple pass. He needs to go back to basics as he gave the ball away too cheaply. In truth I thought he had a very bad game.

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Victor, I was practically pitch side and I saw mental fortitude as the players hustled and fought for the ball. There was hardly any lapses in concentration.

    When you think that most of the selected players have never ever played together before in a competitive game, let alone a CL qualifier, they did not look disjointed or scared.

    The negative comments about the game are a joke.

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Jayi – man you need to put down the pipe. You are seeing things that aren’t there.

  • bjtgooner

    @ Gooner Gal

    Well said!

  • Ronnie Brown

    On other sights I have seen ridiculous hate for Gervinho, I think he had a very good start, he looks lively, he isn’t the complete finished article yet, neither was Henry when he first arrived, but he looks dangerous, he will cause problems, he is very quick, he is skillful, hard to defend against, he will get many assist and get goals too, I’m very pleased with his signings, I think the future will go on to prove he is a very good player, I would play him above Arshavin everytime, and at times ahead of Nasri, him, Theo, RVP, Wilshere and others will link up brilliantly, I’m excited by his signing and watching him devleopment, we have a very good player here, and I already hear fans dissing him very harshly and rudely, is it Gervinho’s fault Theo didn’t finish that great fun and pass he made to him? If he had done would have got an assist after a great bit of play, he is a danger, and he isn’t at his peak yet by any means by he is a player who adds to our team and squad.

  • Ronnie Brown


  • Ronnie Brown

    A Defender and a creative CM to replace Cesc and that will probably be buisness done, ideally I would like a left back too but I doubt that will happen.

  • Ronnie Brown

    And I can’t beleive how negative some are after a VICTORY, I thought it didn’t matter how you play and just results?

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Ronnie Brown, It is probably best not to click on those articles or blogs, the less hits the better. Any one with half a brain should be able to recognize that Gevinho needs a bit of grace as he adapts to:-

    New Country
    New league
    New Club
    New Team mates

  • Gooner Gal

    For the away game we should also have RVP, Jack, Arsharvin and Ryo in the mix. With or without additions, this is not a shabby squad. 1-0 to the Arsenal used to be something to sing about, now it is something to moan about. What the heck???

  • Gooner Gal

    Right I am off now, Walter I can’t wait for your review. The ref was poor and looked like he was trying to stop Arsenal bossing the game and actively tried to even it up. He even looked too knackered to keep up towards the end. He got booed and rightly so.

  • Ronnie Brown

    It was actually on an Arsenal forum (Arsenal Mania), it’s hard to escape the negativity cause it’s on TV (EG: Robbie Savage, who I have no idea why he has been given a anaylist job, other than being obnoxious), in the stand sometime, even on Arsenal TV online, I try to avoid as many of these Le Grove type places as possible but unfortunetly a similar mentality has infiltrated nearly everywhere, the comments on Sky Sports’ are often riidculous and ignorant but sometimes I look there for news. Arsene Wenger’s inteview on SS2 was fantastic today, a lot of sense, Roy Hodson also was defending us, Arsene was hugely trying to imply not to boo the players as it only makes it worse and harder for the club, these idiots constantly boo’in and spreading negativity effects the club negativly, but the continue to do it and be manipulated even though it’s not in our best interests, dissing Cesc on Twitter WHILE we were trying to get him to stay? Same with Nasri now, it’s not helpful for our club, even the players most like have tried to ask not to do that such as Frimpong, I try to show support to the players anytime I get a chance.

  • Ronnie Brown

    Exactly, having those players back will help us greatly, we won this game even with a very depleted team.

  • Ed

    We’re unbeaten! and have 2 clean sheets! and we’re supposedly in a bit of a crisis!

    I hope we end up like man utd last season, when everyone was saying they were playing rubbish, they had average players… but they still ended up winning (sometimes with a lot of luck) with a togetherness and fighting spirit.

    I am concerned about Chamahk though, what has happened to him since last january?? is he injured? is it really a lack of confidence? motivation? Wenger really needs to find out because we know he can be good… but last night, and for most of the last few months, he has looked stoned when on the pitch.

  • disfji

    Is it true that Chamakh is fasting due to ramadan?