Untold Ref review : Liverpool – Sunderland

By Ref Reviewer 02

updated! (Due to my mistake we have been putting on a not finished review at first)

For those who wanted more ref reviews and also of the other teams involved in the league we can let you have another one. We took the game Liverpool – Sunderland on and this is what we found.

Ref in charge was our good old pal Phil Dowd. Another one of the let us say older refs in the EPL. Let us have a closer look at what we have seen in this game.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight on
1 OTHER Gyan Agger C Push 1 1 1
2 OTHER Downing Catermole C push 1 1 1
4 PENALTY Richardson Suarez C correct call by Dowd, a heavy touch from Suarez before being clipped took the ball well away from the goal and outside Suarez zone of control 1 3 3
4 Yellow C the crowd called for a red, but the yellow was all that could be given as Suarez touch wide preceded the contact from Richardson 1 2 2
7 OTHER Adam Larsson C trip 1 1 1
12 OTHER Brown Suarez C Push 1 1 1
12 Goal C Nothing wrong with this 1 3 3
16 OTHER Adam Colback C 1 1 1
20 OTHER Ferdinand Suarez N/C Suarez was going to ground as ball was in air, there was minimal contact 0 0 1
21 GOAL C The assistant correctly called a pushby Carroll 1 1 3
21 OTHER Carroll Brown C Carrol fouled Ferdinand 1 1 1
23 OTHER Carroll Brown C Push 1
27 OTHER Cattermole Suarez C 1 1 1
27 Yellow A lunge frrom Cattermole earns a yellow 1 2 2
31 OTHER Colback Flannagan C Good call from well positioned Dowd 1 1 1
34 OTHER Flannagan Larsson C 1 1 1
40 OTHER Lucas Sessegnon C 1 1 1
44 OTHER carragher Gyan C 1 1 1
44 Yellow Carragher N/C Carragher went knee high studs showing inn the direction of player and not the ball, this was a reckless dangerous challenge and Gyan had to leave the pitch, I felt this was serious foul play and should have been a red card. 0 0 2
46 OTHER Ferdinand Carrol C 1 1 1
46 Yellow Bardsley C Bardsley protested to Dowd about the foul and was rightly booked, I hope Dowd remains this rigorous throughout the season 1 2 2
47 Foul Adam Larsson C 1 1 1
Half time 20 26 31
CORRECT 90,91% 83,87%
YELLOW 4 4 100,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 4 4 100,00
10 10 100,00
Second half
47 Other C Correct adv played 1 1 1
50 OTHER Adam Brown C Adams 4th foul 1 1 1
57 Goal C Nothing wrong with this great technique from an ex gooner 1 3 3
59 OTHER Henderson Colback C 1 1 1
59 Yellow Henderson C good call for a clumsy challenge 1 2 2
68 OTHER Adam Cattermole C Adams 5th foul 1 1 1
68 Yellow Adam C He has earnt this 1 2 2
67 OTHR Bardsley Suarez C 1 1 1
69 OTHER Segnesson Kuyt C 1 1 1
Other correct advantage after a foul by Kuyt 1 1 1
Yellow Kuyt C Again fantastic refereeing by Dowd as he waits for play to stop before booking Kuyt for his previous challenge 1 2 2
72 OTHER Lucas Colback C 1 1 1
73 OTHER ? Suarez C a small push in back but the ref is having a blinder 1 1 1
75 OTHR Adam cattermole C 1 1 1
76 OTHER Carrol Brown N/C Two players lean into each other Brown goes down, at last a poor call from Dowd 0 0 1
78 Other Larsson C handball 1 1 1
78 Yellow Larsson C after falling on the ball Larsson makes sure it does not roll on, good call from Dowd 1 2 2
79 OTHER Downing Brown C Downing arrives late 1 1 1
80 OTHER Agger Sesegnyon C Two attempts at winning the ball gets neither 1 1 1
80 Yellow Agger C This Ref is amazing, Agger protests and straight into the book 1 2 2
88 Other Agger Elmohady N/C Ref misses a push in the back Sunderland players do look at him and appeal 0 0 1
88 OTHER Brown kuyt C 1 1 1
90 OTHER Flannagan De Wong C 1 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 21 20 22
% CORRECT 91,30% 90,91%
YELLOW 5 5 100,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 3 4 75,00
9 10 90,00
TOTAL 41 46 53
% CORRECT 89,13% 86,79%
YELLOW 9 9 100,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 7 8 87,50
19 20 95,00
Correct calls For Liverpool 11 37,93%
For Sunderland 18 62,07%
Total correct calls 29
Wrong calls Against Liverpool 1 25,00%
Against Sunderland 3 75,00%
Total 4

An outstanding performance from Phil Dowd who had an almost perfect game, for me 2 points of contention. Richardson to book or send off, I thought it was a great decision as, prior to running across Richardson and encouraging a touch from the backtracking defender, Suarez had taken the ball well away from his zone of control, he had diminished his chances of scoring not increased them.

Jamie Carragher was lucky to stay on the pitch, a reckless lunge at Gyan, I had the advantage of viewing it many times so understand Dowd’s yellow card, but Carraghers direction and movement was all toward Gyan, with the ball coming from another diagonal, Carraghers momentum was all aimed at Gyan and not the ball, knee high, studs showing, with the advantage of many angles and replays this should have been a red card.

Points to note, great and appropriate use of advantage by Dowd, and also 2 cautions for dissent, please keep this up. Agger was booked for questioning a decision and throwing the ball away, will Dowd book Rooney or Terry for the same, Bardsley was booked just for protesting, great reffing but please Phil Dowd keep it up and be consistent.

If we see a better performance from a ref this year I will be amazed, 9 bookings in all, even the Liverpool website only shows 8, missing the Agger one

Note: I (Walter Broeckx)  would like to thank our extra ref reviewer 02 for this review and the amount of work he put in to this.

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12 Replies to “Untold Ref review : Liverpool – Sunderland”

  1. Just a suggestion, you could simplify the final percentages to give some indication of bias. My reading of the statistics is that Mr Dowd was slightly biased in favour of the home team (letting Agger and Carragher get away with it) but not substantially so.

  2. Woolwich I had been thinking of doing a bit of weekly review of the reviews. This is getting complicated. 😉

    So just with the final numbers and some words on the view we take of the performances of the refs. and also about the winning or possible lost points from the games.
    But first we must publish all the reviews before doing this of course.

  3. In my view that Richardson booking should have been red not yellow. It was a clear goal scoring chance that was spoiled by a foul. The Carregar red should be an FA review. Why are Liverpool given less bad press and therefore no FA visibility?

  4. That’s a clearly bulls*t. Richardson should have been sent off on 5′ minute, while Caroll goal should have stood as no foul on Ferdinand there. He hadn’t sent off SAFC and LFC players (Richardson and Carragher) and disallowed a clear LFC goal, so how can you claim he was good?

    That was just an awful performance. He’s too slow, was very far away from the accidents both in the penalty case and Caroll’s goal.

  5. 2 important wrong decisions- no red for suarez trip, dissallowed goal for carrol who did not push defender! In all honesty this iarticle is very complicated for a numpty of average intel such as me!

  6. If there’s any justice, Suarez probably handled the ball when he blocked Richardson’s kick in the first place.

  7. I think this ref review will become a joke, if u dont do it properly….

    The first thing i hope is that the people who are reviewing arsenal games are not arsenal supporters…only in that case we’ll get a true unbiased view…

  8. the review has been updated now because I thought the review was ready and later found out it wasn’t ready.

  9. @ menace

    re the Richardson sending off, i do not see a red, i looked at the incident about 20 times, the facts were Richardson did not make a challenge but did impede when Suarez ran across his line, this is good forward play and more likely to encourage contact. Suarez had prior to that, moved the ball away from the goal, and closer to the keeper. Dowd indicated that the reason for his decision was Suarez moving away from the goal. It was good brave refereeing.
    Dowd is not my favourite ref, in fact I was expecting a poor performance, but he really surprised me and got nearly everything right.

  10. @ Mal
    Re the Carroll push, the best thing to do is look at a players reaction, Carroll did not protest, no Liverpool player did, a sly shove as the defender was in the air just to push him under the ball, good play by the attacker if unseen, but the assistant spotted it well and signalled to the linesman.
    Again I looked at it many times, but was convinced on 1st viewing that the assistant was spot on. Let’s face it Kenny nor the press questioned it.

  11. @ Mal

    For your information i watched the game twice, and replayed every decision many times. The penalty and sending off was good brave refereeing, the disallowed goal was a shout by the assistant who was on that side of the pitch, the decision was correct.
    Dowd ran his diagonal very well and was always well positioned and if he was not close to play it was because he had his assistant on that side in his view. Dowd had in my opinion an outstanding game, much to my surprise.
    The game was never techy nor tasty, in fact in the second half all you could hear was Sunderland supporters as Anfield was subdued and quiet because the team were so flat.

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