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  1. Andy Kelly

    Is it me or am I seeing a pattern emerging.

    Referees seem to be getting it pretty much right in games not involving Arsenal. However, when put in charge of an Arsenal game their judgement seems to be all over the place.

    Mike Dean has got 5 wrong calls in this game. The referees in Arsenal games regularly get 15-20 calls wrong.

    Could it be that their personal values are telling them one thing but they have been instructed to do otherwise causing these random failures?

  2. walter

    Andy Kelly,

    If we stumble in to a pattern it will become clear during the season.

  3. C4

    Maybe it’s a bit early for me to say this, but this is ridiculous, it just shows the chaps are not blind, they know a foul when they see one. For some reason the definition of a foul changes when it’s an Arsenal player involved.
    For example, if Diaby was sent off for violent conduct against Barton, then Barton should have gone off for doing exactly the same to Gervinho, unprovoked.
    I can’t believe some of the scores these refs who regularly go blind in our games are getting.

  4. C4

    From the look of things, I think we’ll soon be able to rule out the “the refs are just incompetent” theory, which I’ve never subscribed to.

  5. Rog B

    @AK C4 isnt this the whole reason Untold are covering as many games as possible,the more they cover the clearer picture we will get. Fantastic again Untold

  6. walter

    RogB, the nail on the head

    C4, if we get the evidence from this through the numbers of the whole season you will get a special price for telling the future. 😉

  7. Kentetsu

    A short review for this game, not so many incident. Most Arsenal matches are twice the length.
    Admirable that Swansea managed to hold off Man City for so long. Apparently Vorm had the match of his life (he actually said so himself) even though he only joined Swansea last week from FC Utrecht.

  8. walter

    I have only seen parts of the game but it was a dream game for a ref. If no team comes to kick the other to shit then as a ref things are far easier.
    But beware if one of the teams comes out to kick the other. Then you can tell the good refs from the bad. Kicking the other is not allowed so then the ref has to show that he can stop those tactics.

  9. Laundryender

    It could be that what untold exposes is the fact that English refs, or British refs are incapable or unprepared for the high tempo passing game that Arsenal try to play
    It could be that English teams just know that to stop us they have to break our flow, or never let us get a flow, which they are entitle to do, and we are entitled to protection from.
    It could just be that we have a team of wingers, player’s manager and supporters.
    It could be the Northern bias thingy, refs and assistants.
    What is a fact is that if we keep up this rate of reviewing, by the end of the season will have a verifiable set of data that will be hard to disagree with. I believe it will be unprecedented.
    Well done Untold, you deserve to be at award ceremonies

  10. finsbury

    I agree with laundryender.

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