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  1. Johnny Deigh

    Very interesting about Sagna. I know I got frustrated during the match seeing how Sagna got fouled two or three times in a short period of time and the ref missing it.

  2. Arvind

    Great stuff and a lot of commitment to keep doing this Walter! Kudos.

  3. Laundryender

    Good stuff walter, it is allfalling into place slowly

  4. ak47

    good job.

  5. AnT

    Very interesting Walter. As you suggested, it would be interesting to show the relationship between several factors suchs as the ref performance with regards to time, score. And also to see when the ref tends to ignore fouls. But i think the data you guys took is good enough.

  6. Kentetsu

    Would you not expect the number of fouls not given in the “foul from” table to be the same as for the “foul on” table? Now it’s 10 over 9. Same for the non-fouls given as a foul; two given against Song, but only one received (by Ba). Is there an explanation for this?

  7. odai

    I am, personally, grateful for the amount of effort you and the whole team at Untold have put in to this and commend you for it. This level of investigation would pave the way for greater insight into the level of control a ref can have on the the eventual winner of the title(wouldn’t that be something?!). Could I suggest a database page where all these information will be stored in order for anyone with statistical background to analyse and maybe provide a a different view you may not have seen or missed by being too close. Thanks for the hard work and endeavor going into this area of the website, it is really appreciated.

  8. walter

    Kentetsu, there can be a difference because of a handball. Then there is no foul against a player. So you will have more fouls from then on in many games.

  9. Tasos

    Great work Walter.

    I admire your commitment and attitude to the cause.

    Its interesting that Sagna continues to be the recipient of foul play. Someone would appear to have it in for our Mr Consistency, I wonder why?

    Also when do we find out the referee for tomorrows game?
    Only 25 hours until KO and still I cannot find the officials anywhere on the web.

    Are the authorities running scared of the Untold Rev revue?

  10. WalterBroeckx

    Tasos, it really is remarkable that the PGMOL doesn’t show the refs any more on their website like they used to do for years…?
    Is this a coincidence because of what we are doing ?

  11. C4

    Also, out of curiosity, is it only our game in which the ref is a mystery (again) or is it for all the weekend’s games?

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