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  1. davi

    Well done to the officials. They contributed to a very good game by doing their jobs correctly.

  2. Byron

    I actually was waiting for this review with some anticipation as I thought this was the best performance from a ref I have seen in some time!!!

  3. walter


    I agree.

    I really hated the fact that the assistant made a mistake with that offside decision in the second half. It was the only negative thing I have seen.

    About the pushing and shoving at a corner it can be so easy to handle if you want it as a ref. From the first corner you make it clear that you will allow nothing. Theo was moving and jumping in front of the keeper and the ref told him not to do it. There was some pushing around Theo (because of his jumping in front of the keeper) and the ref told them to cut it out. Players in Europe now that the ref will blow the whistle if they don’t behave so for the rest of the game I haven’t seen any fouls when there was a corner or a free kick from both teams.

    About the yellow card for Sagna I just would want to add that maybe the ref had warned him before with another throw not to waste time. If he had done this then the card would be okay for me. But now I thought at that moment there was not really a lot of time wasting. In fact it was the other Arsenal players who didn’t came to Sagna so he could throw the ball what caused the delay a bit.

    But overall a very strong performance from the ref. And yes maybe together with a game from Dowd the best I have seen from a ref this season.

    We must also add that both teams wanted to play the game in the right way and this is very helpful for a ref.

  4. 9jagunnerdoc

    Really Walter, i never thought i’d see the day when Mr Dowd will rate highly with you.

    He’s such a loser!

  5. Tasos

    I thought the Ref was excellent, he officiated with authority and not ego, which I find to be the problem with so many EPL Refs.

    When I pay to watch Arsenal play their opponents that’s exactly what I expect too enjoy. I do not give up My hard earned cash in order to watch some theatrical jumped up twat taking every opportunity to pose at the camera.

    I thought Mr Rocchi allowed the game to develop, thus allowing the contest to become the spectacle we all want it to be.

    In fact, like most good Refereeing performances, at the end of the game I couldn’t tell you what Mr Rocchi looked like.

  6. Billy The Dog

    Is it just me or are the refs that Arsenal have this season actually considerably better?

    I remember that farce in Portugal where Vela was tripped in the area and the ref gave against him for a dive – a lunatic decision. I thought this was what Euro football was all about, but now I find everyone is sweetness personified.

    What is going on?

  7. walter

    I must say at the start of last season the refs also had some very good games. The first crack came with Foy and a few weeks later with Phil Dowd in fact…
    But for the rest the ref got rather high scores also at the start of the season

    So we just have to wait a bit to see how things will go from here… But I would love it if the ref standard stays high.

  8. Matoo

    This may be going off on a tangent but since Tony was one of the first to recognize the rotational fouling and time-wasting strategies, is it possible that referees have rotational “bad seasons”? By this, I mean that every year, a few of the refs have to take the fall and produce the result that xxxx body wants (whoever that maybe) for that year. By this, they can maintain their usually high (or not) standards with only a dip in one year, which does not really affect the statistics that much.

  9. Johnny Deigh

    Thought the shove on Van Persie when he went into the advertising boards could have been a penalty. The shove occurred in the area and it prevented Van Persie from making a cross in front of goal.

  10. bob

    Billy the Dog,
    What’s going on? Surely it’s that
    Bussacca has brought his high standards
    to his new job as chief of referees
    at FIFA to bear on the pitch. 🙂
    Then again, this is a UEFA competition,
    so I don’t know if maybe it’s Bussacca’s
    removal from UEFA doings, like at Camp Nou,
    last season, that is boosting ref performance
    — so far.

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