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Untold Ref Review : Everton 0 – Liverpool 2

Background: Initially Untold Arsenal started to publish referee reviews of Arsenal matches, and through this we found some evidence of what appeared to be consistent bias by referees against Arsenal.  The point was then made we would get a better overall picture of what is going on if we also analysed errors made by referees in non-Arsenal EPL games as well.

This site records our findings.  A summary of our position from the point of view of evidence is given here. There are links to our central sites on ref reviews and on corruption in football here…

Recent games:

Everton v Liverpool   By Ref Reviewer 04

The Mersey side derby had Ref Atkinson in charge. Did he had a big influence on the game? Only one way to find out: read further.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
1 OTHER Hibbert Downing C Block 1 1
2 OTHER Kelly Cahill C Push in the back 1 1
5 OTHER Cahill Carragher C Push in the back 1 1
6 OTHER Kelly Cahill NC Push in the back 0 0
6 OTHER Rodwell L? NC Ball and man. Fouls all around in the opening stages 0 0
9 OTHER Kuyt Jagielka NC Push in the back of the defender not given which results in a chance for Liverpool 0 0
13 OFFSIDE Saha C 1 1
18 OTHER Coleman Skrtel C Push 1 1
19 OTHER Caroll Fellaini C Push 1 1
19 OTHER Osman Kelly C Trip 1 1
21 OTHER Lucas Saha C Little kick on the ankle 1 1
23 OTHER Rodwell Suarez C Frontal tackle 1 1
23 RED Rodwell NC Rodwell came in with his foot sliding on the floor. It was worthy of a yellow but the studs were not showing to the opponent. It was a red card 0 0
27 OTHER Cahill Adam C High foot 1 1
27 YELLOW Cahill C Dangerous 1 2
29 OTHER Skrtel Saha C Push in the back 1 1
34 OTHER Osman Carragher C Push but advantage given no other Everton player near the ball 1 1
37 OTHER Fellaini Lucas C Came to late and cought the Liverpool player 1 1
40 OTHER Adam Osman C Caught him on the ankle 1 1
43 PENALTY Jagielka Suarez C Caught his standing leg 1 3
45 OTHER Hibbert Adam C Advantage given. Suarez looked in a promising situation 1 1
47 OTHER Saha Lucas C Trip 1 1
Half time 18 21
CORRECT 81,82% 77,78%
YELLOW 1 1 100,00
RED 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 2 2 100,00
4 5 80,00
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
Second half
50 OTHER Lucas Saha C Tackle from the side caught the leg 1 1
50 YELLOW Lucas C Correct 1 2
52 OTHER Coleman Enrique C Trip 1 1
56 OTHER Downing Coleman NC push in the back 0 0
56 OTHER Coleman Downing NC Coleman was holding Downing but the ref should give the first foul 0 0
57 OTHER Kuyt Drenthe C push in the back 1 1
62 OTHER Cahill Downing C push in the back 1 1
68 OTHER Drenthe Kuyt C Trip 1 1
70 OFFSIDE Bellamy C 1 1
71 GOAL Liverpool C Correct goal 1 3
78 OTHER Saha Carragher NC Jumped in the back 1 1
80 OTHER Skrtel Velios NC Skrtel is tugging the shirt of Velios until they enter the penalty area. Nothing given by the ref 0 0
82 GOAL Liverpool NC Suarez is innitially blocked by Baines. Suarez then pushes Baines in the back and Baines and Distin collide. Distin scufs his clearance in the chest of Suarez who just has to sidefoot the ball in the goal. Pusing a defender in the back is a foul. 0 0
84 OFFSIDE Kuyt C 1 1
85 OTHER Suarez Jagielka NC Encouraged by the fact that the ref did not blow his first push the striker does it again but this time the Everton keeper can claim the ball 0 0
85 YELLOW Suarez NC This was such a clear push and so unnecessary it should be punished with a yellow card. The ref does nothing. 0 0
85 OTHER Lucas Drenthe C Cynical foul as Drenthe goes past him 1 1
85 YELLOW Lucas NC Cynical fouls like this should be punished with a yellow card. Nothing given. Would have been his second 0 0
86 OTHER Drenthe Kelly C Trip 1 1
87 OTHER Carroll Howard NC Carroll gives Caroll a push when the keeper tries to clear a high looping ball. The ref gives a corner. Much to the amazement of Carroll who immediatley appologised for his push. 0 0
90 OTHER Kelly? Velios NC Jump in the back identical to the foul from Saha on Carragher in min 78. Not given 0 0
2nd half score
TOTAL 12 15
% CORRECT 57,14% 53,57%
YELLOW 1 3 33,33
RED 0 0
GOAL 1 2 50,00
OTHER 2 6 33,33
4 11 36,36
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
TOTAL 30 36
% CORRECT 69,77% 65,45%
YELLOW 2 4 50,00
RED 0 1
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 1 2 50,00
OTHER 4 8 50,00
8 16 50,00
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
Correct calls For Everton 11 36,67%
For Liverpool 19 63,33%
Total correct calls 30
Wrong calls Against Everton 12 92,31%
Against Liverpool 1 7,69%
Total 13

People who have been reading Untold for a while know that I have explained when a frontal tackle should be a red card. Well this was an example when you don’t have to give a red card.  Rodwell came in frontal so certainly and always a foul. But he had his foot only brief with studs showing to Suarez when he played the ball. At that time there was around 1 meter between both players. Rodwell then brought his foot down on the pitch but did slid further with a foot with no studs showing anymore in to Suarez. Certainly a foul, certainly a yellow card. But not a red card. The turning point of the game?

Als notice the second Liverpool goal. Where Suarez pushed Baines in the back with both arms.  The most amazing part of the game was right after that when Suarez encouraged by the ref gave another even clearer push, this time on Jagielka, that also went unpunished. Truly, truly amazing.

And as amazing as this unpunished push we also have another very strange number of wrong calls. 13 wrong calls is not that amazing anymore for people following the ref reviews but that they went almost all in favour of the visiting team in a derby game. Well that is rather amazing I think.

So a very poor score for the ref. Certainly in the second half


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Important notice: All referee reviews on Untold Arsenal are written on the basis of television coverage.  It should be noted that from time to time some TV channels choose not to show an incident involving the referee (preferring for example to show a replay instead).   This can lead to our reviewer missing something that would have been spotted by the crowd.  We’re sorry this happens, but really can’t find any way around this at present.

If you would like to join the panel of referee critics that contribute to Untold Arsenal, please email

6 comments to Untold Ref Review : Everton 0 – Liverpool 2

  • Kentetsu

    Another review that highlights that Dalglish’s talk with Riley is bearing fruit. Liverpool 0% wrong calls against Wolves, 7.69% wrong calls against Everton. Perhaps Wenger should visit Riley as well for a nice chat…

    The red card for Rodwell, I still don’t think it was a foul at all. Rodwell had no intention of going for Suarez, but only for the ball, which he did play. His tackle was on the ground, one leg incoming, not stretched. He was only unfortunate to hit Suarez with his knee after playing the ball. And unfortunate that it was Suarez, as he has studied at the college of performing arts.

    For the red card, it’s the eigth red card for Everton in the past ten home matches against Liverpool.

  • Johnny Deigh

    Great review. Certainly something is not right in the EPL.

    By the way, the FA overturned Rodwell’s red card.

  • MK

    I dont know if you missed Carrol’s push on the player off the ball just before he scored, it wasnt shown in the replays as they werent focused on him in them.. but it was a blatant push with both hands to get away from his marker.. of course nothing given

  • WalterBroeckx

    MK, we will have another view if we can find it. But when it isn’t shown on replays it is harder to judge of course. But I will try to have another look

  • MK

    Hopefully I am remembering it right then 🙂

  • Pete0

    This is pathetic, not even a foul by Rodwell, nevermind yellow as you suggest.