How Liverpool have manipulated referees to their advantage.


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By Walter Broeckx

What is exactly the influence of the chief of the PGMOL on the refs? Is he just the paper man who is not in touch with the refs? Or is he as a former colleague still very much in touch with this refs? This is a very important question. And I don’t really know the answer.

But one can assume that the chief of the refs as being a former ref himself will have some good connections with his refs. So I think it is safe to assume that Mike Riley will speak with his refs.

And Mr. Riley doesn’t just speak with this refs. No it has been made public that Liverpool manager has spoken with Mr. Riley after getting a few decisions going against him and his club Liverpool. As far as I know this happened after two games in which Liverpool felt hard done by the refs. Had they any reasons to complain?

If I look back at the ref reports it looks as if they had reasons to complain. Against Stoke they got a penalty against them for what was not a foul. And on the other hand they didn’t get a few penalties for the most obvious holding, pulling and grabbing from Stoke defenders on Liverpool strikers. So yes they could feel hard done by.

In the next game Liverpool played Tottenham and again no penalty was given for a clear pull on Caroll when the game was still in a balance. And they could also complain about getting many yellow cards which resulted in the sending off of Adam. Certainly the first yellow was a very soft one to give from the ref. You can find both reviews on this site.

So yes on both games Liverpool could feel hard done by the ref decisions. So Dalglish went up to see Mike Riley and have a word with him.  It must have been a very nice chat. I think stories of the good old times will have been told. Maybe a good bottle of wine or a pint will have been drunk. It must have been one of the best talks that Dalglish has had for a while.

Because what have I noticed after this talk between Dalgish and Riley?

If we look at the game Liverpool – Wolverhampton we can see:

Wrong calls :

Against Liverpool:         0          0,00%

Against Wolves            9          100,00%

Total wrong calls          9

Okay this can happen you know. The ref has a bad day. He closes his eyes when a striker pushes a defender out of balance as he tries to head the ball away and oh look Liverpool score from that situation. And we see the Wolverhampton players being booked for their first little foul in midfield.

Our ref reviewer found it strange that in a game all the wrong decisions were in favour of one team. But well this can happen I would say.

But then we reviewed the game Everton – Liverpool and this time we saw when we looked at the wrong calls the following numers:

Wrong calls :

Against Everton           12        92,31%

Against Liverpool         1          7,69%

Total wrong calls          13

So yet again almost no wrong calls going against Liverpool. And the only wrong call that favoured Everton was a foul in the middle of the field early on in the game. But after that, it was one way traffic from the ref and it all went in favour of Liverpool.

The sending off from Rodwell was well how can I put it mildly a bit suspicious. And it did change the game from then on completely as before the sending off Everton looked very good. And the way the ref didn’t punish the push from Suarez which lead to the second Liverpool game was also a big miss from the ref. And the fact that Suarez also should have been booked twice also escaped the ref.

Would Liverpool have won both games without the helping hand from the refs that we have seen? Nobody knows. But I do know that both Wolverhampton and Everton have every right to feel bad treated by the refs in those games. They certainly didn’t get the chance to defend themselves in the same way as Liverpool could.

But when you look at the fact that Dalglish went to see Riley and then suddenly in the next two games Liverpool get all the decisions in their favour. Gets all the dubious calls in their favour. Then this makes you wonder: what on earth is going on?

Is it enough for a manager to go to Riley and suddenly get the calls going your way? Well then this is not just an outrageous disgrace but also this makes you wonder: how many managers have been going to Riley in the past? What have they got in return?

Maybe perhaps one manager even doesn’t have to go to Riley. Maybe he has his cell phone number ready at the office. He maybe even have his personal phone number.

To give you an impression on the wrong calls Liverpool has had this season I will give you the numbers of the wrong calls so far in their 7 games played. If you can find when and where Dalglish and Riley had their meeting just send it on a postcard to Untold Towers and the lucky number will get one free drink when Tony and I meet at the Auld Triangle the next time before a game.

Week % of wrong calls going against Liverpool
1 25                (Liverpool – Sunderland – Dowd)
2 33,33           (Arsenal – Liverpool – Atkinson)
3 50                (Liverpool – Bolton – Probert)
4 66,67           (Stoke – Liverpool – Clattenburg)
5 63,64           (Tottenham – Liverpool – Jones)
6 0                  (Liverpool – Wolves – Friend)
7 7,69             (Everton – Liverpool – Atkinson)

12 Replies to “How Liverpool have manipulated referees to their advantage.”

  1. Interesting, maybe wenger should go and see Riley but I doubt he would get anything out of him.
    What is kennys influence? Have heard he has been known to attend a meeting in the presence of a member of a top and proper member of a London crime family!

  2. James Hird……the name means nothing to those of you not from Australia.
    He’s an Aussie Rules legend,but also a manipulative bastard.
    He calls an umpire a cheat in a press conference after a losing game,cops a $25,000 fine,yet his side are NEVER,EVER on the wrong end of a penalty count again when this umpire officiates.

  3. Sounds interestin, But u got a fact,daglish met riley after d stoke game,so there next match was against tottenh*m,in which they still got a lot of wrong calls,he did not go 2 c riley after d game at shit hart lane,but before it…

  4. Wenger will get short shrift from Riley….but Bould wont. So send in the right man and silent Stan and Riley will be singing the praises of Arsenal.

    But then again if Usmanov goes in then Riley will have a quiver in his voice ….. depending on how much time was involved.

    There has to be a meeting with Riley and the officiating has to improve.

    Time for IPGMOL? (Indian PGMOL) – It will spice up the officiating.

  5. Don’t forget to redress the balance (like KD did) where Liverpool scored a blatantly offside goal at the Emirates.

  6. There’s a coach in the US’s National Basketball Association who does the exact same thing. Almost every season, without fail, Phil Jackson will wait until a bad call goes against his team in the playoffs, and then at the post-game press conference will call out the officials in no uncertain terms. Although he then is required to pay a fine, during the next few games, calls are made decisively in his team’s favor.

    Although the fines are levied against him personally, the outbursts are of such obvious benefit to the team that they undoubtedly cut the check.

  7. a bit off topic but i dont know if its only me but im really starting to think that people inside our club actually read this blog…have you noticed how we have been retaliating against the media? first wenger dropping the bombshell on the reporter,then owning the sun,wilshere calling them a joke and now sczsney just battered darren lewis of the mirror…lets continue this campaign and expose all these so called journalists

  8. Also at the Emirates, Carragher got away with wrestling VP to the groung in the Liverpool box late in the game. There was no complaint from Dalglish that time!

  9. How nice it would be to find hard proof and irrefutable data showing that Riley and the 16 dwarves have been involved in preferring and assisting one team over another. That isn’t going to happen anytime soon and here’s why;

    a)A smoking gun isn’t likely to exist as these guys aren’t stupid,
    b)If there was hard evidence, it has been carefully seconded by whomever pays off the officials,
    c)The FA and certainly any Club directly involved in match fixing

  10. sorry…hit the wrong key! To continue;

    c)The FA and certainly any Club directly involved in match fixing will ensure that proof is dismissed as paranoid whining a la Wenger, etc.
    d)The media would love to run a story like this but the FA would never allow it and the media would lose so much access to EPL Clubs that it wouldn’t be worth it.
    e)If organized crime was involved (almost a certainty) then the ultimate punishment would await anyone daring to reveal this dark secret.

    The day someone has the courage and the clout to publicize match fixing in the UK will be the day that signals the end of the current regime and the beginning of the end for the clique that is the PGMOL.

  11. Let Wenger can not get any favours from Mike as he ‘s afun of Man. U and am not surprised that all 50 to 50 decisions at oldtraford end up in favour of Man U with mike heading ref in England

  12. Mandy Dodd!

    In a court case involving the Rooney transfer, Tony Adams the footballer was mixed up with Tony Adams the criminal overlord, now in jail. And not before time!

    Like the blogger with Mr A B Usmanov, make sure, very sure of your facts!

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