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October 2021
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October 2021

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Why it is dumb to moan too much

By Walter Broeckx

After the not so bright start of the season a part of the fanworld ise up in the arms. Well everyone has the right to be a fan as he likes it to be. But how wrong they have been all these years is really amazing.

For years a part of the fans have been crying for “Wenger out” and almost every player we had on our books had to be sold because he was not good enough. Every time we won a game they said it mean nothing. The opposition was poor. The players still weren’t good enough. The manager still had lost it. And every single player got their own special insulting nickname. They had to add “shit” or other not so nice extensions to the name of our players.

And no player escaped from their vile name calling. Even Fabregas was amongst the victims and this was long before the media campaign to drive him out started. I think it started together with the campaign to drive Wenger out. Maybe they thought both of them away and Arsenal would be broken down completely? I even said at a certain point to them that if they talked like that about Fabregas and if he would read it, he would have every right to step on the first plane to Barcelona and go away from Arsenal. Maybe it would be interesting to know how much the constant insulting of our players contributes to players leaving Arsenal.

Anyhow what happened, happened, but the thing is that that part of the fanbase surely must be considered as well not being the smartest part of supporters.

Now these days with our bad start they come out and say: “See now, I told you X years ago and now it happened”. Followed by more doom and despair for the rest of our days. Now I’m not going to say that I am happy with our start this season. I can see many and various reasons for it. But are those who say “I told you so” really that smart?

Let us take the period since we moved to the Emirates as a starting point. A period in which they have been moaning about all and everything. And yes we didn’t won anything in those years. But we have been close to winning on a few occasions. We have played a few semi finals of the FA cup, Carling cup, Champions League. And we had a very strong chance of winning the league twice. Last season we were in contention for the title until we lost our third last game of the season. And we lost the Carling cup final in a heart breaking way. And in 2007-2008 we just have been cheated out of the title race.

I didn’t do the ref reviews in those days but I think it would have been very interesting to have done it by then. I can remember a lot of strange decisions and strange events going against us starting with the Birmingham game.  But in all those years almost every season we had the chance of winning a price. But it didn’t happened at the end and so the fans who are fans to win prices at all costs are disappointed. I consider myself more as a long term supporter and I can live with such things. I like us to win things but as long as the players do their best on the field, there is nothing more we can demand from them. And we have to accept defeat sometimes as it is part of football.

But what really baffles me is the fact that in all those years when we always have been playing for some prize some fans were never satisfied. And in fact this is really sad I think.

Because in the last 6 years (to use the special media Arsenal measurement) when we didn’t win anything I have had some great times. I remember great evenings and afternoons of football that you can hardly see anywhere on the planet.

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I have seen us destroy teams with great football. I have seen us score goals as if it was nothing. I have seen the most amazing goals from Arsenal. I have seen great victories. And yes I have known defeats. And yes I have been disappointed at times after a game. And yes I have been angry for a moment when a player messed it up and cost us a game. And I have been very angry when again the ref screwed us and took our points away.

Defeat is part of the game and I can understand every fan for being angry when we lost. I could even understand him shouting abuse at the team for a defeat. Not all of us have the ability to accept defeat gracefully.

But what is important for a real supporter is that he must learn to enjoy every win. Or even a hard fought draw. Because if you cannot enjoy every win then you surely must be a sad person.  How can you be angry about Arsenal for 6 years and say we are worthless? Didn’t you enjoy the wins? Did you never felt joy when we won? I’m not saying that I danced around in my kitchen where I was watching the Olympiacos game last week when we won but I surely was very happy with the result. So I didn’t care at that moment about what would happen the next Sunday.

We would lose by a cricket score the “know it all” said after the Olympiacos game. Now I’m not a person who knows a lot about cricket but I think that a 2-1 score is not really the average result of a game of cricket. Or is it?  But for a lot of fans there was no joy after that win. Or after the Bolton win. Or after any win in fact. Because right away after we won a game they came out and told us that if we would play against “Fill in as you like” like that we would face a heavy defeat.

What I don’t get is that some fans are not really able to enjoy a win. And that is something that most of the “told you so” fans have in common. It looks to me as if it is a really heavy burden to be an Arsenal supporter. For me it is for 80 or 90% a constant source of joy to be an Arsenal supporter and I know and realise how happy I am that I once chose to be a Gooner. And I can tell you that if we only take last season I really had some very great moments as a supporter. We have been trashing a few teams with a high score line. We were the only team that have won against the two teams that played the CL final.

I even can remember the ecstasy after our win at home against Barcelona. Or us reaching the final of the Carling cup. Or us winning at Manchester City. Or us winning against Chelsea at home. Or us winning against Manchester United at home even without Cesc and Nasri. Those were great moments last season. And I enjoyed them. And yet the “I told you so” part of the fans didn’t really enjoy it. Because after those games they still were moaning. They still were calling for the manager to be sacked. They still were abusing the players on the internet.

And by doing this they only show us how dumb they are. Supporting a team means you should be having fun when we win. You should feel happy when we win. Why support a team when you are unhappy when they win? Be unhappy when we lose, fine for me. I’m not happy when we lose. But by just enjoying every win I can promise you, you will feel better. You will feel happier. Just try it for once. Just for once try to enjoy the win and leave the moaning aside.

I have been enjoying Arsenal even in those 6 years. And life is short for us human beings. Not enjoying something for 6 years when you have every reason to enjoy it is really a stupid thing to do.

I will be in front of my TV when we play our next game. I will be there to support our Gunners from afar. And when we win the game I will be thrilled and feel high. Just try it the next time we win a game. But be warned: it might feel good! But that is the way it supposed to feel.

30 comments to Why it is dumb to moan too much

  • Joey Ammo

    Thank you, Walter!
    Haven`t seen too many long-term-supporting stories without moaning and bying and selling players. I`m sure we can all play the FM, and like Wenger we have probably all been tuted legends and gotten stadiums named after us. Back to real life a homegrown player has been around since he was sixteen.Wilshere joined at eight yo. Their roots are settled, and as Miquel said: He and many with him (Ozzy and more)have left everything to join us and if he is good enough (as in all trades) He will stay where he belonsgs. Let us not drive away Chesny and Jack. Oh, and Gibbs and we have The Ox to name a few who confesses their desire to become ARSENAL. (they are already arsenal players, but want and most likely will become icons) There is a reason for their clear-out-pinpointing their love for their club; and that is for us to UNDERSTAND what they are saying. But then again I am a Norwegian and Viking FK is my second club. And if I check this site again there will probably be a million messages of what team I should support. And not support. 🙂 And a few would probably ask if I have been at Highbury? No, Emirates? No. I agree we could have done better this season BUT… We should have had a draw with the Spurs. A spurs with minimal injuries. And we are injurystricken to the absurd. That`s an achievement. But as I said. I`m Norwegian and could be wrong because of it….. If it is enough to cherish the play, love the team and feel the feel as a paying red member, well then I am proud to be a gooner!

  • Adam

    Good luck to you Mr Broeckx and thank you for the read. Although I must admit that when Arsenal win I just feel a great sense of relief not the utopian joy you describe.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Maybe the first time all forms of the media are being used to try and destroy a club? Certainly sometimes seems that way.
    Now the chatter is Wenger managing England – it is an endless assault
    Now who has big influence in certain areas of the media, and who would want to destroy the current owner/ management of the club and for what aims? Why is Dein’s son working ard unsettle this club despite his father being a fan, and apart from greed, who/ what is pulling his strings?
    A very powerful, currently silent perspective owner scorned? Is is possible?

  • u aint no walter,ur name is arsene..i can tel by u talking like being a loser is not a bad thing. Wel mr wenger we dont hav a problem wit losing we jus hav a problem wit not fixing problems & expecting to win..i think those fans who accept losing withot trying to win are even more dumber. Wenger is a good coach no doubt,we owe our current status in world football to him bt you have to be very dull to not see that the team is in decline & only a drastic change is needed for things to be better..we hav the players to change bt wenger keeps using wrong tactics

  • Gord

    My apologies. Arsenal Ladies.

    Arsenal has been in action against FC Bobruichanka of Belarus. Arsenal won 4:0 a couple of days agoa, and the return leg was today. 6:0 to the Arsenal Ladies.

    Congratulations, and good luck in the next round.

    In terms of media content (including most blogs), I hope most of them choke on the ink. Why does Wojciech Szczesny need to correct some “journalist”?

  • the font

    i still think were going to win something this year the bolton fan told me on the tube home from the game i am based in london but i retained my season ticket and do the away games in london
    thats the dreams and hopes of any true suppertor after 7 games i think these fans who critisise the arsenal win lose and draw
    have missed the point of supporting the club not the glory

  • Tanx Tony and Walter. U guys are rare gems. D moaners are not Gunaz bt wolves in sheeps clothing. Any true Arsenal fan would support dem in thick and thin. Pls send ur nos and email address plus ur face book contact 2 me.

  • dukeofarsenal

    Well said Mr Broeckx.
    To all you fans out there in the football world. Members or non-members alike, this one for you, from a true Gunner standing by his club through thick and thin.
    15th and descending, so what? Everybody abandoning the ship, so what? The nurtured ones going to greener pastures, so what? The whiners telling with smudges on their filthy face ‘I told you so’, so what? Neighbour grinning with their bloated heads “we are the new King of North London”, so what? Ex-players giving their 2 cents of opinions, so what? We are making Headlines (for the wrong reasons), so what? Sales of newspaper surging…Not a day missed, not mentioning about us, so what? 15 years in the CL with limited budget, great, so what? A 6 years barren run of silverware, so what? Sets you thinking yes? So what I’m getting at? Nothing. That’s it, nothing, one big O…. doughnut. Now you tell me, one thing for sure it’s not the end of the world. The watch is still ticking, its still going to be another day; autumn; summer; winter; falls. No one has stop playing football, the world is still turning, I still have my urge to f**k. That’s it…LIFE GOES ON. What goes around comes around.
    o Gunners 4 eva.

  • Natanael_Br_Gooner

    Great article Mr Broeckx! I enjoy every Arsenal win too. How I am glad to see a big move and a beautiful goal from an Arsenal player! I love Arsenal’s history and therefore I feel happy to be a supporter of Arsenal.

  • Joey Ammo

    My reference to this story is the namecalling. I too have been using nicknames for our playes. (not insulting ones, but still) They deserve better than that. I won`t do it again. And I must say this blog was a breath of fresh air. I want more of it. As to Wojciech Szczesny using twitter (Ref to tell us he is staying at The Club. That is the way to do it. To the fans as opposed to the (other) media. My admiration. I think you will be a good captain one day. Stay strong and well. Good luck to you all. These are harsh times but your media-handling have been mature and faultless. That goes for all of you. Don`t let them tell lies, and don`t let them break you down.

    Congratulations on the little one, Jack Wilshere.

  • You got it right there. Why can’t we just enjoy every moment as an Arsenal supporters.

    I may come from Malaysia and not buying match ticket or buy from Armoury Store or subscribe to skysports. But I subcribe my local cable provider just so I can watch Arsenal playing live and I know I have the right to express my opinion.

    I am a proud Arsenal supporters and I wear Arsenal cap everyday when I’m working. Even if Arsenal lose, I still proud to wear it. Never ashamed being an Arsenal fans.

  • arsenaloudin

    People are not happy with the team and Mr. Wenger because for the past six years our Arsenal team seem to be stagnated. One moment giving hope another moment hopeless. People are confused as to what the manager is really doing to put things right. People see that the manager is always giving us hope but looking at his actions and body language on the sideline he seemed bewildered himself. Can you blame people for complaining after all these players and the manager are millionaires. We the fans have spend our hard earned cash just to watch these players take a stroll on the park. THAT IS THE MAIN PROBLEM MR BROECKXE. THANK YOU

  • Dave

    Even though you have the right to say what you please, what fact do you have to criticize supporters that pay their hard earned money to watch the game? It seems that you support Wenger not the club, as you seem to defend the manager not the club; if I’m wrong please correct me, in humility I welcome such.
    Don’t get me wrong here, I have a huge amount of respect for Wenger and what he has done in the past. The last thing I want to see is him leaving. But recently, for whatever reason it might be, he is not the same manager he once was. Remember the years when we sold Robert Pires and Gilberto Silva because they were over 30 and we refuse to give them more than a year contract? They had some good years left in them and yet we sold them, but this summer we went out and brought in the likes of Benayoun. We lost Fabregas and brought Arteta, we lost Nasri and who did we bring? Yes injury prone Benayoun. I’m not saying Wenger should go, but he needs to change his policy and how he approaches the game. You lose quality; you bring quality not some middle table player.
    All I’m saying is that something has gone wrong and fans who are showing their dissatisfaction has every right to do so. Almost won this or won that does not qualify as a valid argument point, at least not for me.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    John Donne said “No man is an island unto himself,and every man’s death diminishes me ,for I ‘m involved in mankind”.
    I would change it to ,” No fan is an island unto himself ,and every defeat diminishes me , for I’m involved (or in love )in (with)Arsenal”.

  • bob

    players and managers being millionaires give you problems. only arsenal millionaires? do billionaires do likewise, or are they spared your disillusionment and resentment? I appreciate your honesty on one level, but suggest that you look more closely at the whole football picture as we’ve done hereabouts for months and you might have a broader and sharper analysis.

  • Joey Ammo

    This is the 3. time I`m writing to this and any blog of Arsenals To be perfectly honest I first ever became a paying member this year I hope this is my first appearence in this blog, (erase the unpublished, please!) because I will drop my shield to tell you something important: Here goes: Wenger is not loosing The Club fans. Late buys are not loosing The Club fans. The Board is not loosing The Club fans. It`s funny, meaning disaterous, but we newbees who want to take the step up to going beyond the casual discussion at the pub, at work and the likes of it; We read everything. Including the blogs and if I were only reading and not thinking, well, recruitment would be far off I can tell you that. This is a no hate blog and that is why I like it so I`m not gonna go into all the details from the blogs. But here is some reasons why it is dumb to moan:
    1. – Bye bye from FANS I didn`t know about the moaning about Fabregas, but I have noticed some other players not being wanted but then missed. Not that it was the case here.
    2. CONFIDENCE If my peers at work, as I don`t have fans obviously, had written or uttered that I ought to be catching butterflies instead of being entrusted to mind my work. And I must say that throughout injuries and defeats Wenger keeps defending his players. But even if my Boss trusted me. That my peers could not would have taken away my sleep at night and I would most certanly have wondered. Am I good enough?
    3. The Board Confidence. Who are you to question the boards actions anyway? They are not participants in a gameshow on TV. They have their jobs for a reason.
    4. Late buys: Have you seen Per Mertesacker grow into his new role, new club, with variables of sidemen including our excellent holding midfielder or have you simply been reading other peoples blogs? Am I blind, or does the left-backer do a decent job despite not speaking a lot of English? At least I, as a trainee, have seen the tactic talk. Blame was on our best defender but you still blame the new guy? (Sagna/Mertesacker)
    5. The least important, because it doesn`t affect the FAN / player situation is : What will I tell MY peers?
    (@ Arsenaloudin )Because surely I probably know more about the gray or to be honest pitch dark rumours than a Tottenham and Manchester United fan together after the blogs. And I will talk, but not about the 6 years. And not spending enough. We would have had 22 firstteam players by now, at least I will defend the players, because they are good players, can`t wait to see Park and more of Ryo. And Oxlade-Chamberlain. In fact we do have players returning too. Good recovery to you all.
    Ofcourse I will talk tactics, can`t get away from that. And from what I have seen The Manager is not haggard, has not lost his grip and will be our strongest card in coming back towards FOREWARD. Which, I think, has not evaded with Previous board. Seems to be popular to blame Wenger; I blame the media. But bloggers, be rightfully proud of your long serving memberships. I sure would. I flashed the Red Member Card at a party saturday:-) As the Mister who blogged of thinking the unthinkable if Wenger stayed in charge…

    @ Mark Modi. You are right, and I hear you. I am from Norway. And I too have the right to support Arsenal FC. Don`t have a cap but I do have an Arsenal coffee-cup.

    Editors: Feel free to cut down on my speech. I know it`s long
    Best Reguards and FOREWARD we go.

  • Chowdhury

    We all are aware of the “U10s”. There have been articles on this site regarding them.
    Now I’d like to share with you the “420s”. Its a good read.

  • Kentetsu

    Other than Arsenal only Valencia has played against both ManU and Barcelona last season. So it’s not so much an achievement that we are the only one who won from both, although it is an achievement to have won from both, as not many teams have won from either Barcelona or ManU.

    Apart from that, I like the spirit of your article. Why support a football team if you can’t enjoy the upturns and are only waiting for the next downturn?

  • Pat

    Thanks again Walter. I came back slightly depressed from reading another site and your good sense reminded me why Untold Arsenal is unique. Or at least, I don’t know another site like it.
    Yes indeed, what is the point of supporting a football team if you don’t enjoy the wins?
    I can also appreciate good play often even when we lose.
    And I identify with the players and the manager and the rest of the coaching team and feel for them in those losses, instead of seeing them as an enemy because we didn’t win.
    I bet there are a good number of fans who think the same. At least, I hope so. It makes you feel a lot better and a lot less angry.

  • nicky

    Walter, a thoughtful and sobering post.
    Having supported Arsenal since the mid 1930’s, I have experienced triumph and disaster in equal measure. In all those years I have always tried to “treat those two imposters just the same”.
    In boring old age, it is worth saying that the fascination of our great Club is its unpredictability. We win games against all odds and lose games we could not possibly lose. It has always been that way and I suggest things will never change. Don’t ever expect the Club to be predictable because this will never happen. The joy in our true support is that whatever cruel odds confronts us there is always the sure and certain hope that we will overcome. Why? Because it has always been that way.
    The answer, therefore, is to accept our present frailties with
    calm and confidence. Next May the doubters will be thinking “What on earth were we worrying about last October”.

  • FinnGooner

    Thanks for great article Walter. for me it’s 95% joy that supporting Arsenal brings. I mean yesterday when I was coming home from work I was reading Twitter and about Arsenal Ladies I found it really really hard not to shout and cheer when I read about goals and finally final score (whole match in 10 minutes). Also it’s less than 6 years since Academy won so it’s only been 1st team that hasn’t won in 6 years. I still believe we can win a trophy or 4 this year (unless we get robbed by referees).

  • Mahdain

    a very nice article walter..i really dont get the moaners tbh we win they tell us we were lucky,we draw they say we should have lost and when we lose then its i told you so and we are not good enough..and when we bring about things like referee decisions and injuries then we are whingers and sore losers…maybe they should look at what dogface tweeted and see where we would be had it not be the ref decisions

  • Mahdain

    what i found more interesting is the decisions table…of all the premier league teams we are bottom of the decisions table with 7 decisions going against us and only 2 for us and they tell us we cant complain? its obvious there are people who dont want us in the top 4 this season and they are doing everything in power to make sure it happens so that they can have fun while their puppets ala media shove the “arsenal are in crisis” article down our throats

  • Joey Ammo

    Thank you, Dave. I guess that one was aimed for me. As I said, I am a new member. The Club will get profit from me as well, don`t you worry. Not as much as a seasonticketholder, but I am not counting. I am well aware of seasonholderstatus. We have such in Norway also, but a fan is a fan in my eyes. As I said I was delighted to even be a Red Level Member. And I must say you seem like a very polite man, Dave, and you are right to question me as I have questioned the bloggers. Yes, I support Wenger. If I may, I will elaburate my opinion as it was called for, though I guess the forum is tired of me talking as though I am a seasoned Gooner. I am not, by the way. Seasoned.

    We presently have a Team, and I am worried. (believe it or not) Yes, they have coaches and rolemodels at the club. They have parents. But some of them are being described as not good enough for the team by some sections of the fans and I neither care or want to remember where I read it. It was not meant for every seasonticketholder and every fan. I know it is a limited section. This page and is where I will be catching up from this day. I will not name the players mentioned, as they may read this and despair. I don`t know about them reading it, but I just won`t. That`s what football is like. Teams buy and sell. In January, that is, not today. If I were a young footballer who was trying to make it, if I were a footballer who did well last season but not quite cutting it this season, I would try to force my way into the team. And if I was a footballer who had a good last season who has been injured all season I wouldn`t have apprechiated being on a fan-wish-transfer-list. Not at all. I just don`t understand why a fan would post such things. Young or seasoned, you don`t want to be unwanted by anyone, least of all your fans. And believe it or not I believe fans are the heart of a footballclub, I do. In the big clubs not all of us attend matches, though, I must add. But many of the blogging kind fans, airing their frustration, could clog the arteries. If the players read it. If they cared. And yes I remember Pires and sorry to say not so much Gilberto Silva leaving the club. Pires was quite angry. But think about what you are writing on the world wide web. That Van Persie should be given a one-year-deal or sold when he turns 30 because that was the deal then? No. Let him try to outscore The Ultimate Legend. Let him have his testimonial. I know I`m frustrating when I twist the facts. Sorry. You were calling for other names. Benayoun is on loan and we need him. I am sorry about Fabregas. And Nasri. I am sorry Fabregas wanted to return to his native country and I am personally not a City-fan either. I am sorry for the FM comparison with wanting to buy players. It is your right, all of you and mine to wish for players. Please just don`t unsettle the team wile you are doing it. As for the angry blogs calling for Wenger to change his ways. It is not exactly Wenger-Pro blogs we are talking about, is it? If I were him, I would much rather search for support. Wouldn`t you? After all he is preaching support to his team and it seems to me that angry statements don`t inspire you to such. And I am sorry about the almost-draw comment. I regretted that one. The Derby I am not really worthy of discussing, save in my own neightbourhood. I got carried away, and I am sorry. Truely sorry about my comment. In fact I am lucky not to have been suspended for impersonating, such is the gravety of it!
    But the 18 goals in 18 matches from The Cup. I don`t see it happening, the predicted relegation. And to predict relegation and then to say in the next now that X player won`t sign for us if we don`t make top 6. He is not likely to read it, but…
    I have not joined as a (registered) fan because of The Treble. And neither will (exuse my comparison) every Arsenal player leave The Club because of money or guaranteed success in what ever country. Some will probably leave if Wenger is sacked, though, despite being Gooners. I hope I will be able to attend the Testimonials of players such as I mentioned above in my second post. Read it if you care to know what I said. That is all I have to say really, because if I choose to see the Reserves and the Academy play then that is my buissness. 20 minuites full speed and all. I might even enjoy the Ladies win.
    My time, my space. And yes: my team. And Yours! Make the most of it!

  • Notoverthehill

    One can only feel sorry for someone like “Dave”.

    At 4.35 a.m. he is complaining that he is not getting full value for his hard earned money (?)

    How can one replace Cesc Fabregas? Mr Fabregas wanted to go home to Catalonia, and why not. Money was not the objective, unlike Nasri and Clichy. Losing TV and JW and now Sagna to injury as well is unfortunate. To expect 5 or 6 new players to suddenly become a team is being, quite frankly, foolish.

    To claim that being nearly there for the prizes, is not good enough for your money? How pathetic can one be.

    The true supporters are those from Belgium, Norway, India and other far off places who cannot get to The Emirates. Unlike you. The choice is yours and the question is – why do you bother? The Arsenal do need you, end of story.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) was on the radio this morning, voicing what a lot of us think when asked about his love for the club. Yes we want certain issues worked on (falling asleep when the opposition have the ball) but we don’t want Wenger out because who the hell do you get to replace him?

  • Joey Ammo

    Notoverthehill: I wasn`t talking about who is the “true” supporter. I said a fan is a fan. I agree about Daves complaint. To attend to a game is not a responisility and it is not an achievement. It should be a joy and an experience. “True” supporter or not? You should embrace us fans from outside, not insult us as of not being “true” supporters. The world has gone smaller over the years. I am going to visit the Emirates one day, and it shall be an experience of a lifetime, not an expence I complain about having. But please explain. What is an unnessecary member, who are medium members and who are true supporter? Is it how much you pay? How long you have paid? Should you be a third generation? Being hostile to foreign support is not nice, Overthehill. Just thought you should know…

  • Joey Ammo

    Once upon a time…
    My mother gave birth to me on Highbury, right next to the clock, right for the goal. I am sixteen generation Gooner. I went through the youth system. Then I turned pro. And I retired at a Testimonial, and I am Enlish- You are not an Arsenal fan. – You like the play, you say, well still not an Arsenalfan. Your dream is to visit Emirates? Well, who doesn`t? Have you paid your hard-earned money to attend a match? Are you English at all? Ha, you weren`t born in London, were you? Why do you bother? As in response to “Why do I bother?”

    Sorry, Notoverthehill, just could`t help myself.

    Embrace the world and the world will give it back to you.

  • Joey Ammo

    And yes, they need me. End of story.
    I am against bloggers who scare away potential recruits and I want Arsenal to grow internationally. (acceptance of foreign fans) Though I am naive in both tactics and knowledge I have a heart, and that should count for something. I am dumb, but not a liability. Sorry about not being third generation, but it really is not my fault

  • GoingGoingGooner

    I am not convinced that Wenger or Gazidis lack ambition. Their problem is that they speak like businessmen which frustrates the club’s supporters.
    As businessmen their language is utterly correct. If the business makes money and is stable they are ‘competing’. If they beat the ‘street’s’ expectations even better.

    The problem is that unlike say…Marks & Spencer…for Arsenal it is not enough to make a tidy profit but we must have the leading market share (win the PL). Having said that, even if it went on for 6 years in a row, let’s say,I can’t imagine that every time that they made a profit but Tesco had a larger market share the M&S shareholder’s would scream for the CEO’s and the board’s dismissal… There is no way that a small chain like Marks and Spencer can compete with Tesco or Sainsbury’s the scales of business are so different.

    This is of course frustrating for us, BUT changing our CEO or manager will not miraculously change the scale of our business. It might provide some catharsis in the short term but short of a amazing run of luck (remember we had almost no injuries in our ‘invincible’ year) we quite probably would come up short. And, if we did win, as with previous years in the PL, it would be extremely difficult to replicate. It used be us against only ManU monies. Now, we compete against Chelsea and ManCity and our monied equals at Liverpool and Sp*rs.

    In short, the current group in charge in our club could well merit the sack if for the sole reason of not having figured out that the supporters don’t want to be treated as institutional investors but rather as club supporters but let’s not fool ourselves the lot that replaces them would be unlikely to do any better on the pitch.