Anelka admits to Arsenal curse

In a story that has circulated in most journals today, Nic Anelka has admitted that his career has taken a series of downward spirals since he left Arsenal, and that if he had his time again he would stay at Arsenal throughout.

Anelka is not the only player to find things go wrong in leaving Arsenal – Flamini is the latest, discovering within days of his decision to leave that he would not be playing in the Euro Cup next year and that he was dropped from the French team for the Euro Champs this summer (although he later was granted a place in the reserves after Vieira dropped out through injury.)

Which reminds us of yet another player who suffered on leaving Arsenal – although at the time pundits generally said that the leaving of Vieira was the end of Arsenal – as was the leaving of Henry.

All of which are elements of the Curse of Arsenal.   This season’s most noteable Curse Exhibits came at Birmingham, where following the injury to Eduardo Birmingham City FC had their offices raided by the police, had their two top people arrested by the police, and then were relegated.  Not a bad version of the Curse.

Let all players and clubs be aware: you mess with Arsenal at your peril.

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