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October 2021
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October 2021

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Untold ref review: Liverpool 1 – ManU 1; Man U get the most wrong calls!

By Ref Reviewer 02

The biggest game in world football my arse, the quality was appalling, the first half was dire, bad passing, poor technique, I cannot ever remember Arsenal passing the ball as badly as these two did in the first half,  an advert for the EPL`s passion, but certainly not its quality. The second half was a  better, but it had to be.

The ref was Marriner, he will be relieved that none of his decisions affected the outcome, not wanting his name to be in the headlines,  but his lack of decisions certainly did affect the outcome. The end result was a match only loosely played to the laws of the game. allowing certain players to question every decision (Ferdinand, Evra) and Suarez to fall over like a dying Swan every time he was touched. Marriner showed a reluctance to assert any authority when the game really needed it, had he done so he would have focused the players minds on playing football, and less on pushing the laws to the limit.

Ferdinand should have walked, Arguabley so should Suarez, Liverpool wanted a penalty that never was, but for me the biggest decision was on 85. Skrtel simply pulled down Hernandez as he made a run off him, it was blatant and should have been seen, the ref had a good angle as did the assistant. Had this been given man Utd would prob have won the game. Was it a caution for Skrtel, maybe, but as the ball was 20 yards away, and it was not a goal scoring opportunity, I will say a pen would have been enough.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
1 Foul Suarez Park C 1 1
5 Other C Correct advantage played for a foul on Adam 1 1
7 Foul Downing Smalling C Marriner could easily have cautioned Downing but chose not to, it was a reckless challenge after he lost the ball, the referee has set the bar very early 1 1
10 Foul Ferdinand Suarez N/C Suarez is backing in, all Rio does is jump and win the ball, Suarez falls over, Rio protests very aggressively 0 0
12 Foul Evra Downing N/C Downing dives to win a free kick, Evra reaction is aggressive 0 0
13 Foul Kelly Young C 1 1
23 Foul Smalling Suarez C 1 1
27 Foul Lucas Park C 1 1
27 Yellow Lucas C Marriner brings out a yellow as Lucas decides to bring Park down as he breaks away 1 2
28 Other C A foul by Jones leads to a Man Utd breakaway, good advantage played 1 1
28 Yellow Jones N/C If Lucas was a caution so was Jones, Marriner has a word, but is showing inconsistency 0 0
38 Handball Suarez C 1 1
41 Foul Giggs Adam C 1 1
41 Foul Young Gerrad C 1 1
41 Yellow Young N/C Young did not really challenge, Gerrad squeezed between Young and Evra, the coming together off all 3 leaving Gerrard on the ground 0 0
Half time 11 12
CORRECT 73,33% 66,67%
YELLOW 1 3 33,33
RED 0 0
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 3 3 100,00
4 6 66,67
Second half
46 Foul Downing Park N/C No foul committed 0 0
47 Foul Lucas Young N/C Young dives into Lucas and falls like a tree 0 0
48 Offside Suarez C 1 1
48 Foul Welbeck Carragher C 1 1
48 Foul Smalling Downing N/C Ref misses a foul as Smalling holds off Downing 0 0
50 Foul Park Suarez C 1 1
51 Other C Anfield calls for a penalty as Kuyt heads the ball onto Evans arm, Marriner is rightly having none of it 1 3
52 Foul Ferdinand Suarez C Ferdinand is behind Suarez and does not do any more than stand up and try to get tight, there is contact but Suarez falls over theatrically 1 1
52 Yellow Ferdinand N/C Rio recieves his first yellow in club football since March 2009, the challenge did not warrant it, but again he argues with the ref 0 0
59 Foul Welbeck Gerrard C 1 1
64 yellow Suarez N/C It has kicked off between Evra and Suarez at a corner, they really are both pushing the ref hard, his reluctance to caution is surprising, as they walk away, Suarez pats Evra on the head, it is deliberate and intended to incite, Suarez at least should have been cautioned 0 0
65 Yellow Evra C Evra is cautioned as the argument with Suarez continues, but still no caution for Suarez 1 2
67 Foul Ferdinand Adam C This is the challenge that many believed that Rio should have been cautioned for, there was some contact and enough to bring Adam down in a good position, Rio was in the wrong shape and challenged with his wrong foot, if the challenge was not a caution then the dissent that followed certainly was as he called adam a cheat and again argued with the ref 1 1
67 Yellow Ferdinand N/C Either the challenge or the dissent was worthy of a yellow, Rio should have walked 0 0
67 Goal C Gerrard scores 1 3
75 Foul Nani Adam C 1 1
76 Other N/C Ref plays an advantage but none is gained so he should have called the game back 0 0
78 Offside Suarez C 1 1
79 Other Kuyt C High Feet 1 1
80 Offside Hernandez C 1 1
81 Goal Hernandez C 1 3
84 Offside Suarez C 1 1
85 Penalty Skrtel Hernandez N/C This was as clear as I have seen all season, the little man is in the box, runs behind skrtel who simply pulls him to the ground, the assistant must have seen it because they were both along the last line and on his side. 0 0
85 Foul Henderson Nani N/C The ball is running away from henderson after a bad touch, he lunges at it both feet off the ground, nani sees him coming and pulls out of the challenge, it looks like a clean tackle but only because Nani enjoys having two legs. 0 0
85 Yellow Henderson N/C At the very least the challenge was worth a yellow 0 0
87 Foul Fletcher Suarez N/C Suarez again falls to the floor with no contact 0 0
87 Yellow Suarez N/C He really should have been booked for this simulation 0 0
2nd half score
TOTAL 15 22
% CORRECT 55,56% 53,66%
YELLOW 1 5 20,00
RED 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 0 1 0,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 2 4 50,00
5 13 38,46
OFFSIDE 4 4 100,00
TOTAL 26 34
% CORRECT 63,41% 57,63%
YELLOW 2 8 25,00
RED 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 0 1 0,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 5 7 71,43
9 19 47,37
OFFSIDE 4 4 100,00
Correct calls For Liverpool 13 52,00%
For Man Utd 12 48,00%
Total correct calls 25
Wrong calls Against Liverpool 5 29,41%
Against Man Utd 12 70,59%
Total 17

Oh and notice the wrong calls. For the first time United have more wrong calls against them than the opposition. I really wonder what Dalglish agreed with Mike Riley when they met.

4 comments to Untold ref review: Liverpool 1 – ManU 1; Man U get the most wrong calls!

  • Gooner Gal

    I always wanted to know what it would be like if Howard Webb didn’t officiate a ‘big’ game at Old Trafford. 1-6….Oh how I smiled, laughed and had tears in my eyes. For me it was a game to remember and savour.

  • Donnyfan1

    Thanks for the report.
    Arsenal are not competing against ManU as much as Liverpool. THEY– the one’s who pay the piper—seem to want Liverpool back in Europe. ManU and Chelsea seem to getting a bit of the Arsenal treatment this season–so are City wanted this term? But before we start shouting about a more level playing field– let us see which ref turns up at The Bridge and what his statistics are like!

  • Kentetsu

    The ref for Chelsea – Arsenal is Marriner. Reread the above review for an impression and let’s hope he performs better tomorrow.

  • WalterBroeckx

    so second time Marinner after he cost us at Blackburn earlier this season..? How nice of the PGMOL….

    Remember the Blackburn game: an offside goal given to Blackburn, a not given penalty on Walcott…, 13 wrong calls against Arsenal and only 1 against Blackburn…. read and shiver…