Thank you – we passed 40,000 in May

In May “Untold Arsenal” received over 40,000 different visitors.   Two points about this:

First, we have a strict definition of a unique visitor.  Obviously we only include each person once during the month – so if you come along and kindly read our pages two or three times in the month you only get counted once.

Second, if you only look at one page (for example you find us on Goonernews and click to Untold Arsenal and read that one page) then sorry but we don’t count you at all.   You have to visit two pages to get on our files.

So, we think it is rather a good development.  Not least because of the task we set ourselves – only to cover stories that don’t appear anywhere else.  (Of course one or two stories do turn up in other places, but we try and stick to our guns.  As it were.)