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August 2021

Untold Ref Review: Chelsea 1 – Liverpool 2

By Ref Reviewer 04

We had ref Probert at Stamford Bridge in charge of the game between Chelsea – Liverpool

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
2 OFFSIDE Chelsea C 1 1
3 OTHER Terry Maxi NC Terry blocks the run of Maxi and he pushes him with his arm in the neck. 0 0
3 RED Terry NC Terry was the last defender and made a (stupid and unnecessary) foul and the only punishment is a red card. Ref decided to close his eyes 0 0
3 OTHER Mikel C Handball 1 1
5 OTHER Suarez Ruiz NC Little trip on the defender not given 0 0
5 OTHER Ivanovic Maxi C Tackle from behind 1 1
9 OTHER Adam Ramirez NC Tackle from behind got a bit of the ball but slid in at the back of Ramirez who was catapulted against another player. Nothing given??? 0 0
9 YELLOW Adam C Flying tackles from behind catching the player is always a yellow card 0 0
10 OTHER Kuyt C Handball 1 1
12 OTHER Ramirez Maxi C Trip 1 1
16 RED Luiz NC When the ball goes out Ramirez pulls at the shirt of Kuyt who is unhappy with this. Ramirez then also throws his hand at Kuyt. Attempt to slap an opponent is always a red card. Ref is losing the game because of his lax attitude 0 0
18 OFFSIDE Suarez C 1 1
19 OTHER Mikel Johnson C Trip 1 1
20 OTHER Agger Drogba C Pull and trip 1 1
20 YELLOW Agger NC Agger has the nerve to go to the ref and protest about his fouls as do two other Liverpool players. Just book them ref 0 0
28 OTHER Adam Drogba C Trip 1 1
29 OTHER Lucas Ruiz C Came in late on the defender 1 1
29 YELLOW Lucas C Correct decision finally a card 1 2
31 OTHER Mata Enrique C Pull 1 1
34 GOAL Liverpool C I have a doubt if Adam didn’t make a foul when he won the ball but no replay could show conclusive evidence so I must give it as a correct goal 1 3
35 OTHER Bellamy Cole C Push with his arm raised at the face of Cole 1 1
35 YELLOW Bellamy NC The Liverpool players again show their displeasure about the decision. The ref calls Bellamy over to give hime…nothing. 0 0
38 OTHER Bellamy C Handball 1 1
39 OTHER Agger Drogba NC Agger goes through Drogba to try to play the ball. He doesn’t make contact with the ball at all and trips Drogba and nothing given?? 0 0
40 OTHER Ramirez Lucas C Trip 1 1
40 YELLOW Lucas NC Lucas shouts at the ref and points at where he got booked. And the ref just let it pass without giving a (second) card 0 0
42 OTHER Luis Adam C Luis made a few fouls in this scene 1 1
42 YELLOW Luis C correct but was in fact his first foul 1 1
43 OTHER Drogba Agger C Little trip on the defender 1 1
46 OTHER Johnson Malouda C Little trip it seemed 1 1
Half time 20 23
CORRECT 66,67% 56,10%
YELLOW 2 6 33,33
RED 0 2 0,00
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 4 6 66,67
7 15 46,67
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
Second half
46 OTHER Malouda Kuyt C shove in the back 1 1
48 OTHER Suarez Ivanovic C Little trip 1 1
54 OTHER Adam Malouda NC Little push not given. Sturridge is out of balance and his cross is very much wasted 0 0
55 GOAL Chelsea C Correct goal 1 1
56 OTHER Skrtel Cole C Trip 1 1
57 OTHER Kuyt Mata NC Kuyt touches Mata on his foot so he loses his balance and is not able to control the ball any more 0 0
59 OTHER Lampard Johnson C Trip 1 1
59 OTHER Luiz Suarez C Little push 1 1
62 OTHER Suarez Ramirez NC Push inthe back not given 0 0
62 OTHER Kuyt Mata NC Frontal sliding tackle over the floor always a foul, not given 0 0
62 OTHER Malouda Adam NC Push in the back not given 0 0
62 OTHER Ramirez Skrtel C Clear tackle on the man 1 1
62 YELLOW Ramirez C I think the fact that the ref allowed 4 fouls in 10 seconds without doing anything made Ramirez thinking that anything was allowed. A correct card because of a reckless challenge but a result of the ref doing nothing. 1 2
64 OTHER Kuyt Malouda C Pull from behind 1 1
64 YELLOW Kuyt C Cynical foul, not possible to play the ball 1 2
73 OTHER Suarez Cole C Push 1 1
73 OTHER Drogba Johnson C Push 1 1
78 OTHER Ivanovic Suarez C Frontal tackle 1 1
78 YELLOW Ivanovic C Studs showing tackle not over the ball. Yellow is correct 1 2
80 OFFSIDE Agger C 1 1
84 OTHER Terry Lucas NC Frontal sliding tackle over the floor always a foul, not given 0 0
84 YELLOW Terry NC Should have been a yellow card, always dangerous. Lucas jumped up to avoid impact 0 0
87 OTHER Kuyt Terry C Push advantage given because a break was on 1 1
87 GOAL Liverpool C 1 3
92 OTHER Carroll Terry C Little push 1 1
92 OTHER Terry Carroll NC Clear pull not given 0 0
2nd half score
TOTAL 18 23
% CORRECT 69,23% 71,88%
YELLOW 3 4 75,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 3 7 42,86
8 13 61,54
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
TOTAL 38 46
% CORRECT 80,85% 63,01%
YELLOW 5 10 50,00
RED 0 2 0,00
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 7 13 53,85
15 28 53,57
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
Correct calls For Chelsea 18 48,65%
For Liverpool 19 51,35%
Total correct calls 37
Wrong calls Against Chelsea 11 61,11%
Against Liverpool 7 38,89%
Total 18
Total fouls made by Chelsea 19 47,50%
Liverpool 21 52,50%
Total 40
Important wrong calls Against Chelsea 4 57,14%
Against Liverpool 3 42,86%


When at the start I said ‘in charge’ this was a bit sarcastic. Because the players ran the game and the ref did all he could to decide nothing.

The ref didn’t take his responsibility in the first minutes and then it was already obvious that he lost the game. Players felt they could do a lot and also they could go to the ref to argue his decisions and show their dissent without the ref doing anything about it.

A poor performance from a ref who backed away from a lot of decisions and this lead to a period in which a lot of fouls happened without the ref calling them and leading to more and more dangerous tackles flying in. And the best example of how poor he was came when he finally made a few calls dished out some yellow cards and then suddenly the players started to play football again. He should have done this from the start.

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4 comments to Untold Ref Review: Chelsea 1 – Liverpool 2

  • bob

    Ref Reviewer 04,
    In your experience or to your knowledge, at the professional level: Is there an unwritten code (understanding) in any circle of referees whereby not making calls for both sides counts as being “even handed” or “fair” and therefore, so what? Obviously the ref has the power to act this way, as you document. How can PGMOL’s in-house, non-public report countenance the “level” of performance? (rhetorical question) Your report is a great example of how Riley’s standard is literally anything goes: a well-called game, a non-called game, a pre-called (ahem) game. There is no uniform oversight, no public accountability, and no public outcry. Would you agree to this description of the current state of the art(ifice)?

  • WalterBroeckx

    If I may answer that question or try at least.
    In a way you could say that it would be “fair” to both teams if you just miss the calls you have to make. If you let us say decide to not give any offside calls (a bit of a stupid example maybe but nevertheless) you could say you are fair to both sides. It is up to them to make use of this.
    But are you a good ref? Hell no, you should be kicked out immediately.
    Part of being a ref is to make sure the rules are followed and if not you blow and you stop the game and give a free kick. And you don’t do this you are a bad ref. You maybe are unbiased but you just are a bad referee.

    I have also seen this game and I can say that on a numerous occasions I had my eyebrows lifting up and down and again because of a lot of things that went unpunished. Sliding tackles from behind having both ball and player are still a foul but not for this ref in this game. After the game I shook my head and thought: this should result in a bad report. The numbers showed that my initial thought was correct.

    I had the impression at times that the ref thought: as long as the ball is somewhat near to the players I just let it go.

  • bjtgooner

    Again a good review and I agree with your comments, I managed to see most of the match. But what a ghastly performance by Probert.

    Terry still seems to be getting away with dangerous challenges – it is time that behaviour was curtailed.

  • bob

    djtgooner, all,
    Terry is English and charmed, as most know. Nothing but a public petition from the fans league-wide that demands fair play and is specific with documented examples of dangerous and game-changing non-calls will begin (repeat, begin) to turn the tide. Even broken legs, as we know, amount to nothing in the hives of Riley. Only a fans petition will become the “time that behaviour was curtailed.” Otherwise we’ll get nothing except the momentary satisfaction of complaining about it, yet again.