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  1. Mahesh

    Err.. I thought wild kicks to stomach and chest should be punished by ‘Red’ card. Is that not so?

  2. WalterBroeckx

    Maybe our ref reviewer still had a soft spot for Traore who made the foul? 😉

    Serious now, I have seen the incident also and I must say that it looked more clumsy than anything else. It was not a stud showing kick but more a complete miss when trying to play the ball. And by missing the ball he ended up with his foot in the stomach of the opponent.
    The kick from Dejongh in the WC final was studs showing but this was something completely different.

  3. Sammy The Snake

    Just gotte say…

    Our Young Gunners are Golden.
    ManU young players are simply crap.

    BTW, gotte love Spurs being on the brink of exiting Europa league.

  4. walter

    If PAOK and Rubin settle for a draw spurs are out of the Europa league….

    And whatabout Crystal Palace winning at Old Trafford?????

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