Cesc Superman: a review

The case of Cesc Fabregas By Luke Tao (Diceman)

He is really a superman.

I stumbled onto some blogs and found various quotes from, who else, those pub bore lot saying along the line of “Fabregas is not a better player than Xavi and/or Iniesta”.

I’d say to them; piss off and relocate yourself to Barcelona then you morons.

Let me make one thing clear; I’m not disregarding players like Messi or Ronaldo (cough) while I talk about Cesc, I’m just putting him in the league as them.

Because HE is exactly the best player in the Premier league if not in Europe.

He epitomizes what Arsenal is all about today; pure class.

Cesc Fabregas is like a Thierry Henry:  a player who we all dreamt of having in our team.

And it is a very spooking thought too (exciting I should also say) that he is still progressing and improving as a player, he’s getting better everyday.  It is scary (for the other teams) because as of right now, learning to be a better all around player, he is already the best player in his position you could find anywhere.

And his latest goal against the spuds just confirmed it.  Only a world class player could do what he did over and over again.

Some argued that in some games he went missing.  Well, who isn’t?  Messi did not play great in every game.  Ronaldo had games when everything he touched went wide.

And being born in Barcelona (and also was a student at that club), he is linked with a move there every millisecond.  These rumors had been repeatedly brought up by the press (why am I not surprised) and the great club Barcelona itself.

And you know what? Ask yourself why in the world is a club like Barcelona drooling all over our captain?  The answer is simple – he is the best player they can find anywhere right now.  Mr. Lapota himself had declared many times that he will try his best to bring Cesc back to his home.  Well, I have news for you Mr. president – Cesc just declared Arsenal his home.  Suck it…….

How many times does the poor guy have to come out and declare himself committed to Arsenal? Every time there’s even a tiny bits of rumour, he came out and brushed all of them aside.

A lot of people, the most part of those being the gloomers, say that he will leave because he could not and will not win playing for Arsenal.  I have another surprising knowledge to give to them all – HE IS NOT A WUZZ!!!  He, like Henry before, will never leave Arsenal for 1) money and 2) the lack of trophies.  It’s so sad many people really believe he will just give up being the captain of this great side just because it did not win a trophy.

Personally, I think that one day he will leave (insert a sad face).  But I know that he will leave only when he truly believes he cannot achieve anything more with Arsenal.  I hope he stays until he’s 40 years old though.

He is too smart to make the same mistakes as his former mates, especially that French guy Matthieu who went away for more money and “success”.  I wonder why I hardly ever saw him on screen playing for the so called “big team” playing for Europa spot.

Anyway, I truly believe and know that Cesc Fabregas will lead us to yet another great and record breaking period for this great club.  Back in the 07/08 season when we were leading the league, I often had the same repeating thought about seeing Gallas lifting that trophy.  It’s very awkward when I saw it in my head, and eventually it did not happen.

But I can tell you that it is a very very beautiful view seeing Cesc lifting that trophy for us.  It seems just perfectly right.

He’s still a kid doing an old man’s job (wonderfully), it’s amazing how I am so lucky to be a supporter of the team with this player leading.

Believe the hype…..

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23 Replies to “Cesc Superman: a review”

  1. Thanks a million you have made my day.Oh God made Fab for us gunners,may he leave to lift trophies for Arsenal.Against Tote he was a genuis.
    Martin of Masindi district Uganda Africa.

  2. I am so bored of being told Cesc is less god than xxxx, WHO CARES? You can’t draw binary comparison between players and say anything meaningful. It can be fun to analyse but Messi, Ronaldo and Ces are all great players in different ways and how they are utilised is as important as anything.

    Cesc is certainly amongst the very best in the EPL and one senses there is still much more to come. 🙂

    Of topic this must have the Liverpool fans quaking in their little booties

    Ha-ha. 🙂

  3. Luke,
    this was a great read and you give a lot of my own thoughts in it.
    I have the habbit of viewing the games again, late at night mostly, when I’m totally relaxed and then I try to see how the players did. I look at how the attackers defend and how the defenders attack and how the midfielders run and what they do.
    Well I can tell you he works really hard every game again. He gives little gestures to team mates who done someting good : a low high five to Song when he interrupts an attack, a slap on the back to Vermaelen when he heads another ball away, …. He really is growing in his role as a captain and you see the love and the desire all over his body. It’s unbelievebale how he tracks back during a game.
    Cesc is an emotional player. We all can remember these great moments in Milan where he shot us in the next round of the CL and the joy and the tears of joy from that young man. He nows when goals matters and when you see the joy after our second goal against the spuds again you could read on his face his delight and also you could see in his body language that he knew what it meant to us, the fans. For a moment I was affraid he would run in to the stand untill the top of the roof. I think that he entended it… but fortunatly he could be catched by his teammates.
    I really think that he is far more Gooner than we all can imagine.

    I really think he loves Catalonia and Barcelona because it is where he was born and grew up. But the place where you become a man, the place where you got your chance, the man who gave you the chance to become the player you are…. it means more to him than just a name on a map or a name in his cell phone.

    I always had the feeling that he will never leave us without winning the CL for us. So in a way it could be that winning the CL with Cesc as our captain could mean the end of him at our team. But then again… after the CL he would love to win the World cup for teams…

  4. There is something what psychiatrists would call “cow logic”, it is common belief that grass from the other side of fence is greener and juicier. In that way you can understand people who “believe” Xavi is better than Cesc.

    I am somehow bored with stories about “Cesc leaving for team where he grow up”. Cesc is brought to London as 15 years old kid, he grew with club, he sow generations of players, he was wittiness of so many things that probably his memories and feelings about Barcelona fade. So in that way Cesc is no different than ..for example, Gerard. Only difference between those two is that they have different first language, but when you think about their loyalty to club, its logical they are loyal to team where they were raised.

  5. Well Diceman, you put it rather nicely. Whatever anybody says, Fabregas is fabulous. He is without doubt in the same league as Senna, Inniesta, Xavi, Messi, Ronaldo etc, and will soon surpass them.

    Rumour mongers can say whatever they want, they cannot price him away, for as long as we remunirate him properly for his brilliance.

  6. Fabregas is not only the best player..He is a true leader…
    Superman.. No..
    A SuperGunner!!!!!!

  7. he is super cesc!!!
    the super spaniard!!!!!!!

    why barcelona are infatuated, simple ‘coz he combines abilities of both xavi and iniesta.

    u can see him improving and is capturing abilities like lampard and gerrard to score.

    he will become scary to other teams.

    also cesc has more face value than xavi or iniesta. 😉

  8. Thanks Luke. Cesc is indeed a star. However, he appears to be no better than any of the rest of the team at winning penalties!

    On Saturday, after his shot which Gomes saved while it was still 0-0, Assou-Ekotto clattered into his standing leg in what was clearly a late tackle. I have not seen a mention anywhere of how we were denied a nailed down penalty.

    Walter, would any referee give a penalty in this situation? Would any referee not give a free kick if it happened on the half way line? Should they change the rules so we can all know what is going on? Or should the referees just keep to the rules we have at the moment?

  9. Cape Gooner, all they need to do is apply the existing rules evenly. It’s a no brainer!

  10. You Beauty..
    Couldn’t agree more..
    Cescy Babes is Just-So-Fab and he, like King Henry was, is a Gunner for Life..

  11. Cape gooner, a very difficult question or lets say not a simple answer.
    If you should apply the rule book to the letter you could blow a penalty, just as you would blow a foul in midfield. But when we follow our course they tell us not to blow this little fouls in the penalty area because otherwise… well you can blow every time a penalty.
    This is one of the differences between “the rules” and “the instructions”, if you now what I mean. Well in fact we get two books when we study (well in Belgium it is with an exam after some 12 hours of lessons) to become a ref: the rule book and the instruction book. One of the rules that is not in the rule book and also not in the instruction book but that is being told is the rule of the “common sense”. And here comes the tricky part… what is commons sense ? To you it might be blow a penalty, for me not blow a penalty, for some one els only blow when is for your team and not against our team….

    This common sense rule is the base of the not applying the rules on every pitch in the same way because it depends on the ref’s personal view on the game.

    This rather theoretical answer to tell you that I can not answer the question with a simple black or white. It could depend on the ref having a good night sleep before the game or not ? It could depend on the refs wife… if you know what I mean. 😉
    I must admit that even if you try to blow your games with the same standards all the time it is not possible. So sometimes I would blow for such a foul and sometimes not. Not to say how 100 different refs would act at the second to make their decision.

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain and when reading it again it is in fact not good enough explanation. You should have robots to do the refereeing. 😉

  12. Just off topic, Tony is there something wrong with the site ? The next article does not seem to open in full ?

  13. Nice job Diceman -he truly is Cesc-ond to none .He is still learning and improving and lately seems to withstand and ride tackles better.He is no longer an easy pushover and getting stronger – but for his birthday I’d like AW to buy Micheal Essien to help him to marshall the midfield.If there is any balance in the kitty why not get Yahya Toure on the cheap before Man.Arabs.Just imagine these three playing together.Hmmm ,yummy !

  14. Walter, I get the same problem, but if you really really can’t wait for it to be mended you can rightclick on it, and select “View Source”. You get all the text but also all the html so it’s a bit hard to read!

  15. That’s the difference between someone who can use a computer and someone who knows a computer, Godworeten. But Tony’ll fix it has fixed it.
    Wasn’t that a show on the BBC some years ago ? I remember even Arsenal playing a part in some episode ? Or am I completly wrong this time ? Or another name ?
    Doesn’t matter, I’ve got my whole untold back on screen now. 🙂

  16. Thanks for your explanation Walter. “they tell us not to blow this little fouls in the penalty area”. This is obvious to any observer. But then how can there be the fierce debates about whether or not this should be a penalty? It is the debate that is the nonsense. The referee can give the Song penalty at West Ham, but not give the Fletcher penalty against AA. He can deny Chelsea 6 clear cut penalties against Barcelona and Barcelona go on to win the Champions League.

    There are two major downsides to these instructions. Firstly, we the fans, the paying customers, are often left perplexed and disappointed by not being able to tell right from wrong. Secondly a crooked referee can get away with it for a long time.

    The de facto rule seems to be that in the penalty area, if the defender gets some of the ball, then it is not a foul. Why not change the rules to say this, then the referee wouldn’t be a liberty to, with total justification, act contrary to this unwritten rule. While we are about it, why not make a late tackle where there is no goal scoring opportunity, not a penalty. The sight of a forward racing the goalkeeper to the ball, toe poking it towards the corner flag and getting the penalty when the keeper “makes contact” could be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  17. CESC is not a superman, he is superman, spiderman and what ever other man in one person.
    Only 22 years old, the best is yet to come….

  18. I said it…he added so much more to his game (the already great) this season.

    And yes he’s 22!!!

    Add those two goals last night into his will-be great great season.

    PS: maybe we should write about our players more huh walter? Look at how they responded haha

  19. I watched the game on the Dutch public channel last night and the commentator said about Cesc something like:

    “It’s unblievebale that he is only still 22 and should get better with time to come. It sometimes looks as if he has been here for ages but still so young and so valuable and good for Arsenal”

    I’m sure that after this season Cesc will be considered in the world as THE BEST midfielder and this will stay so for many years to come.

  20. As great as Cesc is and will be, here’s a fact:

    Arsene Wenger saw it first!!!(or maybe just after a scout told him about Cesc)

    Who else would dare to sell club’s captain who seemed irreplacable at the time and gave the slot to a 18 year old rookie? After a couple of years that player turned into a world class player and club’s captain.

    Sorry but I just can’t stop talking about him!

  21. Cesc is a great player – I would mortgage the Emirates before selling him. What I know is Chelsea lose very few players to other clubs- why? because they pay them so much that even going to Barcelona would result in a wage cut- and they have a very competitive team. Add Wenger to the equation and we might be on to a real winner.

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