It’s stunning and amazing but it actually has happened!

We have got through round one of the Euro Tiddly Winks Championshippy Whippy and no one, but no one and that means no one from Arsenal has been injured.

Now I know that is in part due to the fact that the French manager is such a dodo he can’t see that the when the two full backs voted best full-backs in the EPL are both French, they might be worth having in your squad.   And that the bloke from Spain doesn’t have a clue who Fabregas is largely because he makes him wear a shirt with a different name.   And because Birmingham City nearly wrecked the career of Eduardo.

But van Persie played for a bit, and Fabregas played for a bit, and Senderos and Gallas got games: and all of them are still walking!!!

It might be a bit much to ask that this incredible run continues into the second round of games but at least we can be thankful.

What’s more our signing levels are on the rise.   We have Gilles Sunu, Luke Freeman, Aaron Ramsey, Carlos Vela and Fran Merida.  Not a bad start given the transfer window isn’t open for another 19 days.

Finally, here’s a thought.  I doubt that in the normal course of events, having called the current football tourney the Euro Tiddly Winks Championshippy Whippy anyone would bother to comment on that – you’ve got better things to do.  (OK someone might now that I am making this point, but you know what I mean).   But if I ever say even half a word against something happening in Africa I get loads of abuse some of which calls me a racist.   So, just for the record, I don’t like internationals where ever they are played.

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  1. Sunu’s been at the club for a year!
    Freeman signed in January!
    Vela’s signed for Arsenal 3 years ago!
    Merida also joined the club 2 years ago!
    AND Ramsey hasn’t even been confirmed yet!

    BUT it’s nice nobody got injured!

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