We’ve got one Aaron, do we want another?

Aaron Spear. He is 15 and plays for Plymouth. And Newcastle Utd thought they had just about had him all signed up.

Until (rumour has it) along comes Arsenal.

Now of course this could be some journalist getting his Aaron’s confused.  Or maybe they turned Aaron into Arson into Arsene (you know how it is for a journalist after a few drinks down the pub at lunchtime when you are trying to file some copy.

And given that the lad is reputed to be the new Wayne Rooooooney there is every reason not to buy him. But you know what its like on a shopping spree. You buy one, then you see another.

Here’s that list of new faces to watch next season (and yes, of course I know that some of them have been with us for a while, it is just that I personally, that is me, the guy writing this, haven’t seen them yet, so I am having a bit of summer amusement thinking of all the jolly things to come next season).

We have Gilles Sunu, Luke Freeman, Aaron Ramsey, Carlos Vela and Fran Merida.

4 Replies to “We’ve got one Aaron, do we want another?”

  1. What about Thomas Nordvelt? It’s like we have 4 or 5 exciting new players who have massive potential already never mind who is yet still to come!

    Im pretty sure Given will join but wouldn’t be suprised if Nasri didn’t now.

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