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  1. MK

    Love how they book a player for time wasting during extra time.. then don’t bother adding on extra time for that time he wasted plus the time for the yellow card… idiots..

  2. jbh

    Also ref gives Hennesey a yellow card for time wasting during the 6 mins of extra time, and it takes time for him to give the yellow card. Hennesey continues to waste time and yet ref only plays the 6 mins exactly (not 6.5 or 7 mins). Laughable really.
    All of this nonsense including time wasting from early in the game is really killing the game. Who wants to pay money to see this.

  3. jbh

    Great minds think alike. Didn’t see your post MK.

  4. Phil Gregory

    I was looking forward to this review – I didn’t think the red card was a straight red either. Do you think they will get it rescinded on appeal?

  5. marchand

    i dont like tackles going frontal through the man on all costs. i want good players to play and i enjoy watching them not reading injury and recovery reports. really love the red card

  6. Johnny Deigh

    @marchand, I agree with you. He went in leg extended, studs up, got the ball but continued through on the ankle of Arteta. Red card was justified in my opinion.

  7. Richardr

    As well as the time wasting in injury time that wasn’t added on, but was worthy of a booking, there seemed to be a lot of time wasting during the game by the referee. Whenever Arsenal got a free kick, he would stand on the ball for (what seemed like) ages. After a while he would finally go and move the wall back, and then he would come back to the place of the free kick, and remain in the way for a while.

  8. Johnny Deigh

    Atwell comes across as when a kid the other kids thought he was rubbish at playing football and nobody wanted him on their side so they made him the ref. Not because he was good at it, just because he was rubbish at playing football.

  9. walter

    Was I the only one who has seen on rather too many occasions the ref joking with the Wolves players, tapping them on the back, and being on very friendly terms with them??

    To give any credit to the ref: he didn’t hesitate (well just a bit) to get his red card out when it was absolutely needed to get the game back to a game of football.

  10. walter

    Must say a very low score on the important decisions…

  11. Gord

    If in our reviewer’s opinion Milijas should have been given a yellow on the first tackle with studs showing, it may be that the straight red would have been more properly treated as a second yellow (and a red), which tends to be treated differently than a straight red.

    If the tackler goes into a tackle with their tackling leg bent more than 20 degrees at the knee, in the event of a “collision” (for example, the person they are tackling has that foot planted when contact is made) there is some possibility of absorbing contact energy by further bending of the knee. But, to go into a tackle with the knee nearly straight, the result is little or no chance to absorb energy in any way other than breaking bone. Few people playing football are physicists or engineers, they have little reason to know collision physics. But you would think that coaches would have pointed this out at some point in their education. By definition, a nearly straight knee shows the “intent” to injure. The mind state of the tackler is irrelevant.

  12. Richard Fryer

    Just listened to the BBC interview with Arsene – interesting bit at 1:30 “We know what we expect HERE IN LONDON.” Seems AW is aware of the North-South bias from Ref’s.

  13. Marcus

    Although Atwell by the sounds of it is just somewhat incompetent, I wouldn’t be surprised if before long some major scandal hits the EPL….

    Its been brewing a long time, and I wouldn’t be remotely suprised to hear one morning on the BBC news that Interpol have raided the houses of a load of footballing luminaries.

    I am also wondering how the Economic rules will play out over the next year.

    What is to stop Man City offering 130 million in January for Man United’s 4 best players…say Smalling, Jones, Nani, and Evra……and then doubling their salaries?

    I would be interested to see the fall-out if Man City did this, winning the league by all possible means, including driving an economic tank through Man U….

  14. DogFace

    Attwell was a total joke in the second half and the crowd let him know. The handball was clear and right in front of the linesman – they [Wolves] repeatedly got in Attwells face and he would waste even more time by chatting to each and everyone of them – what happened to ‘captain only’ – when Verminator complains for a bullshit call it’s a yellow – no consistancy whatsoever from Attwell and the game degenerated into a farce where he lost it utterly and couldn’t bring himself to make any ballsy calls whatsoever – this played well for wolves who were defendign out a draw and got away with a lot. The red card was another example of zero consistancy but it didn’t really have much of an effect on a team who were sticking everyone behind the ball. There was no point in the late bookings – espesh for timewasting – when the damage to the game has already been done. Is this really the best the PGMOL have to offer?

  15. Tee Song

    The Milijas tackle I suppose was “orange”, debatable as to whether it was yellow or straight red. What i truly love is McCarthy’s comments justifying the tackle, “Somebody said to me, ‘He’s got his studs up’. Well, you generally do if you tackle with your foot sliding in.” NO NO NO NO! Any youth coach will tell you that you should try to strike the ball with your laces in a sweeping motion in a properly executed slide tackle. The idea that going in with a straight leg, studs showing, at speed is not at the very least careless, if not reckless and dangerous, is ludicrous. The fact that his foot wasn’t off the ground merely means that if he hits Arteta’s standing leg, Mikel gets a severe ankle sprain or ruptured ankle ligaments rather than a broken tibia. As Gord eloquently points out, it’s the straight leg that is the problem. For me, any tackle performed by launching yourself in the air with one or both legs straight is by definition, reckless or using excessive force.

  16. Marcus

    Arsene is aware of the deep seated corruption in the game, make no mistake.

    That is why he made his Gates Of Heaven comment…

    “What will you say to St Peter?” “I will say I tried to win football matches…nothing more”

    Nothing more. Arsene speaks in riddles….but if you listen carefully, he speaks his mind.

  17. Tasos

    @ Richard Fryer

    Very interesting comment, which flew over the head of the reporter completely.

    BBC reporter “Referees have good days and bad days, probably you and Mick McCarthy are unhappy with the Referees performance today?”

    Arsene Wenger “I never speak about the performance of the Referee, WE KNOW WHAT WE EXPECT HERE IN LONDON”


    I think Arsene Wenger realises there’s little to be gained by directly exposing the bias that exists within the EPL. Rafeal Benitez tried this with his infamous “FACTS RANT” at Alex Ferguson a few season ago only to be routinely ridiculed by the media whilst in charge of Liverpool.


  18. Johnny Deigh

    I thought there were a couple of occasions where Atwell should have booked their players for preventing attacking opportunities with blatant fouls. I think it was Berra who mugged Van Persie after he got past two players and tried to go on goal. The ref played advantage but he should have booked the Wolverhampton player when play stopped. I think the other was a tackle from behind on Arteta when he was heading on goal with a dangerous attack.

  19. Cape Gooner

    Walter, a red card is given if the player uses “excessive force”. Milijas could not have used more force. He was going as fast as he could and then extended his leg to the maximum. Why is that not “excessive force”?

    Milijas hit the ball around the centre with his studs. Then he brilliantly forced his leg down onto the ground. Gord will tell us about the physics, but his foot bounced and his studs hit Arteta on the instep or front of the ankle – probably both. Arteta saw him coming and jumped, otherwise…………………

  20. Anne


    I agree with you that the plot had already been lost at the point where potential time-wasting bookings came into play. And thanks for that Asianbookie.com link.

  21. C4

    I was commenting on exactly the same thing to my Gooner mate who I was watching the game with. It’s likelthe ref was mates with the Wolves boys, no bookings for them when they crowded him, just happy, smiley discussions and pats on the back. For us, it was yellow cards. That really irked me, I was furious about how blatant this cheating has become, and yet people still refuse to even consider the possibility that the game is bent. I’m not a body language expert, but even for me, it was pretty f%&@ing obvious he was biased towards Wolves. This league needs to be investigated, big time.

  22. bjtgooner

    This was avery poor performance from Attwell and it allowed Wolves to degenerate into rugby club/”kick them off the park” tactics.

    @Cape Gooner

    the Daily Mail (Wed 28 Dec) carried a large photo on page 84 showing the studs up tackle from Milijas on Arteta – with a pained Arteta in mid air following impact. Milijas’s left foot was also in mid air. On page 85 – a short article under the headline “REF CRACKED UNDER PRESSURE” gave the McCarthy view – in which he blames the fans for putting pressure on the ref – hence the red card, (rather than a yellow or no card at all). McCarthy is also reported as stating that Milijas’s foot never left the ground. This is not what the still photo shows. What a plonker.

  23. C4

    The stats from the RefWatch and ref review series’ can be used to get an idea which teams are constantly being screwed over, right? Maybe at the end of the season, we can identify these teams, point their fans’ blogs to the data and give them a quantified idea of just how they’ve been screwed. This should help create better awareness among the fanbase of not just Arsenal, but all the other teams being screwed over. Naturally this means we can’t expect any manures, shitty’s, liverpoodles, tiny totts, etc to join the revolution, because they’re the beneficiaries of this corruption. So no point trying to visit their blogs. Might help us recruit ref reviewers from other teams for next season, and help pile the pressure on these b@stards.

  24. Gord

    The FA agrees with the UntoldArsenal reviewers. The red card to Milijas was upheld, and he serves a 3 game ban with immediate effect.

  25. Johnny Deigh

    Glad the FA upheld it because this kind of way of going into a tackle needs to be stamped out.

  26. Rich_Fryer

    Ref review said Red was incorrect, but the red card was upheld. Does that mean we should review decisions that are reviewed on appeal?

  27. Gord

    How I interpretted the ref review, was that that particular incident should have been his second yellow. If Attwell would learn to do things properly, then Milijas would have received the 2 yellows, and probably less of a penalty then with Attwell trying to play catchup and just given the straight red on the second occurance. But maybe I need English comprehension lessons. 🙂

    I don’t watch the games, I just follow the text streams at the BBC.

  28. Laundryender

    I knew we were in trouble with Atwell before the game, there are 2 central midland based refs in the league and we got one of them for this game, with a midlland team fighting relegation. Wolves made the game difficult to Ref in the second half, they did so knowing that Atwell is easy to manipulate.

    However the reason we dropped points was not the ref, it was our failure to make good decisions in front of goal, we had so many chances to be decisive, and too often were not. The keeper had a blinder true, but we aided him with a poor performance.

    Lets hope QPR suffer our frustration!!

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