One signing and yet we have a whole new team

Thanks for all the comments about our new players for next season – always open to ideas and suggestions. Below is the updated list – but here’s a word of warning.

The huge squad idea is great for covering injuries – but not everyone gets injured, and players want to play. What is Nicolas Bendtner going to do if after a very good first season (very good indeed considering age and lack of experience) he finds himself behind Ade, Van P and Eduardo, and if by chance none of them get very injured this year. What we have to remember is that Bendtner would hardly have got a game outside the Diddly Cup that the Tiny Totts won last year if Birmingham had not assaulted Eduardo, and Holland hadn’t started the long run of Van P injuries.

If we can get good runs in the 3 cups, and particularly have a few Euro matches where less than the full team can be risked, then they get a few run outs. But even so….

Diarra was a twirp to run away – we all know that – and quite possibly he would be an automatic fit for the place left by Flamini if he had stayed – but players are often not very bright, and agents turn their minds with the “you’ve only got a few years at the top, so you need to get out and play in Italy (or Portsmouth).

My point being, when the kids are young, they can be kept happy with dreams, but once they have tasted the first team on a few occasions, many of them expect to be there every week.

So, aside from everyone we watched last season, here’s the list of those pushing at the door…

  1. Gilles Sunu, all action centre forward
  2. Luke Freeman, striker, English, played in lower leagues aged 15
  3. Aaron Ramsey, midfielder, played in Cup Final, Welsh, 17, cost £5 mil
  4. Carlos Vela, currently scoring for Mexico, “just like Eduardo”. “Vela belongs in his own category – has been an Arsenal player on loan for 3 years and has proven himself in La Liga”.
  5. Fran Merida. technical centre or left sided midfield, also been in Spain’s top division
  6. Havard Nordtveit – 18 year old centre back from Norway
  7. Jack Wilshere – midfield – joined Arsenal age 9
  8. Mark Randall- midfield, played in last game of the season – scored but goal ruled offside.
  9. Nacer Barazite. “He’ll be in the 1st team next season, or I’ll eat my season ticket!!!” Technically astute midfielder from Holland.

And now the list of players who will seem new, simply because they were out of action for so long.

  • Eduardo – the most stunning recovery in football of all time – might even be back in training in late July
  • Robin van Persie – amazingly has played twice as sub for Holland, scored and not injured
  • Tomas Rosicky – had the operation to stop all those stupid injuries – said to be very fit and ready to play. We have never seen the best of him.

Any of them coming back will be wonderful – two would be terrific, and all three would be magical.

Next, the players who are there who might suddenly come good just as Flamini did last year…

  • Denilson – he has all the ability – just seems to need a few more games
  • Alex Song – turned into an assured central defender – could he also be the new Flamini? Can also play centre back as we saw – looked very assured, and Wenger has just given him a long term contract (which he only does when he really knows)
  • Diaby – before Sunderland attempted to dismember him he looked like Vieira mark II. I am not sure about him out wide – always looked better next to Cesc to me – but then no one lets me into the technical area, so what do I know?
  • Theo Walcott – suddenly against Liverpool, he was transformed, and the transformation seemed to stay. My guess is one season of stunning brilliance on the wing, followed by Theo as the new Henry, and won’t that be something.

Coming soon to a stadium near your season ticket

Nasri – could it be that the deal was stopped NOT by Nasri & Co but by Wenger who was waiting on a Hleb decision? For weeks we had Hleb’s agent saying he’s off, then suddenly it is “why are all these nasty journalists putting words into Alex’s mouth?” Maybe he just wants a pay rise? But Goonerholic says he’s gone, and who are we to argue – especially when you look at this mountain of talent, and the fact that the transfer window doesn’t open until after my birthday (22 June since you asked).

Yaya toure “a strong mid field enforcer and will bring a lot to the gunners mid field” – yes, but on the other hand one of the ways we know it is summer is because the Yaya stories come out to play. After five years of Yaya, its hard to believe he will come and play games with his brother.

Gervinho – Ivorian centre forward in France via Beveren who is suddenly the flavour of the moment. But how many centre forwards do we need?

This is, beyond doubt, the most amazing, stunning, incredible summer for Arsenal with more talent, more promise than ever. Mr Wenger said we could win everything. A second unbeaten season and 4th double would do me.

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