Appointment of the Thug at Chelsea is good news

The arrival of The Thug as Chelsea manager (named after his love of hitting journalists, referees and anyone else he happens to “bump” into) is great news for Arsenal.

The Thug is known to like players from Brazil, and after that Portugal.   He will therefore go spending the Russian’s oil money on such players, distorting that market, and getting the clubs from Italy and Spain in a tizz.

Which in turn leaves Arsenal free to continue its own policy of bringing in the best of European and African football, with only occasional moves into the American scene.

As the Guardian quotes him as saying, “If someone talks about my private life I’ll give him a good punching,” so we can expect a lot of activity with the gentlemen from the Sun, Sport, Star and Express.   The Daily Mail will probably hail him as a great hero, given his support for the neo-fascist regime of General Pinochet in Chile, in which he famously praised the General’s policy on schooling.

I’m not sure what that awfully nice Mr A Cole will make of all this praying to the Virgin Mary stuff that the Thug does.  Come to that how will the notoriously Protestant Chelsea supporters cope with an aggressive Catholic?

Oh yes – this is going to be fun.

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  1. Thats well very well and good and he may be a thug, but if he lands Kaka, Villa, Et’o and Deco, they are going to be a very hard team to beat.

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