Why Scholari is such wonderful news for Arsenal

Imagine for a dreadful moment that you (rather than “Sir” Alex Ferguson) are the manager of Manchester Bankrupt.

Your entire basis for future success is based on buying, buying and more buying, generally with an outpouring of 35 million pounds a year – maybe more.   Yes, let’s conceded you are a great manager, a brilliant tactician with the best record of any manager ever in the EPL.  You’ve also got the manners of a hedgehog and look as if the Minister of Transport had got the idea of creating a red warning beacon for when the M25 was shut, but then stuck a body and legs on it – but still you can do the job.

Then along comes Thug Scholari, who has accepted the job of CSKA Fulham’s boss on the condition that he can have half the profits of the Russian oil industry with which to buy players.   Suddenly the price of everyone goes through the roof.   No one will sell to anyone just in case the Thug might want to buy them later.

Meanwhile everyone gets annoyed and upset.  It’s one thing having the usual nutters at Real Madrid and Barca saying that they want to purchase Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy and Charlie Chaplin’s ghost – that happens each year and everyone knows it is just political what-not.

But now there is a real big nutcase player out there, and anything but anything might actually be true.

Now imagine you are the manager of Liverpool Bankrupt.  Despite losing ground on other teams you state that last year was an improvement, and that with another 40-odd million  you could probably arrange not to be beaten 3-6 at home by Arsenal’s reserve squad next season.   The club is bust, it can’t pay its bills, and the owners are squabbling, and suddenly not only have all the players you want to buy doubled in price, but your best players are now being touted as going to CSKA Fulham.  Your entire planning process is dead.

Meanwhile, what of Arsenal – the only significant club in England that is not based on buying anyone.  As we have shown elsewhere, there is a huge influx of new players already at the club for next season – Merida, Vela and on and on.  Plus our one buy (Aaron Ramsey) has shown the power of Arsenal’s style over the rest of the clubs.

If we don’t buy a single player it doesn’t matter because in addition to last season’s team we have three long-term injuries, at least two of whom ought to make a significant impact this year.   Plus the two loanees mentioned above.   Plus that long list of young players now ready to break through into the real world.  Plus the awakened Theo – all before we have bought.

So if the transfer market does descend into chaos, one thing is 100% sure.  It won’t affect us at all.

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  1. well I get your point, that we can still improve on last year even without buying more players. But to be honest United dont need players either…. even if they loose ronaldo they can still survive with the likes of Nani and Anderson, so I think they will still chalenge us next year. As for chavski, I think they will need time for scolari to adapt to the league, as usual they will buy whole sale over inflated players, like deco, may be ronaldinho or even kaka but at the end of the day the last few seasons proved that its not all about big names, compare the impact of adebayor to shevchinco, ballack, molouda… nuff said.
    Aparently people are talking about how the spuds are going to be great next season……dejavu

  2. We’re on for glory next season no doubt! You’re right there is strength in depth at Arsenal and I think we’re about to reap the rewards of a few ‘average’ seasons. Still a top 3 spot consistantly ain’t bad…!

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