How the doom mongers rather prefer invented statistics to taking the real facts


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by Mahdi

“Spurs are better than us now and they`ll finish above us, something needs to change in the backroom,sack Wenger,spend some money bla bla bla”

Now don’t these words sound familiar? Of course they do. These are the words we are used to hear from our dear doom mongers the AAA when we lose a match but tell you what? Our friends have gone one step forward and they are now using these words just because Tottenham won their game in hand against Everton albeit getting some help from Martin Atkinson and as the league table will show they are now 9 points ahead of us and joint 2nd

If I’m honest their reactions have me baffled..they claim that Tottenham have spent the same amount of money as us and in st arry they have a far better manager than Wenger  and that they have gone forward while we are reversing.

Now I don’t know where they got these ideas so I decided to go digging a bit and here is what I have come up with


Lies, lies and absolute lies. I don’t know where our AAA friends got this from but as far as transfer spending goes we have spent nowhere near the amount of money they have spent in the last 6 years. While we have been keeping faith in our youth they have been spending money like crazy, shelling out up to  £15m for the likes of Bentley and Pavlyuchenko .

It gets more interesting when you look at the nett transfers of the of the current PL clubs since 2006. Our dear neighbours are 4th on the table just behind City, Chelsea and Liverpool with a net of  £76,200,000 or equivalent of  £15,240,000 per season. Compare that to ours and you`ll really start to wonder where the AAA got their ideas.

Of the current PL clubs Arsenal are 20th with nett of -£31,350,000 or the equivalent of -£6,270,000 per season. Yes that means we have spent less than not only Spurs but also other teams in the PL since 2006.


Now this really made me laugh out loud. I am sure you do not need a scientist to tell you these people are either way too paranoid or either seriously need to get their heads examined. Lets look at both manager`s achievements i.e trophies in top flight shall we?


1999: UEFA Intertoto Cup with West Ham

2007-08: FA Cup with Portsmouth

And that’s just about that.

Now lets us look at Wenger`s achievements shall we?


1987-88 : Ligue 1

1990-91 : Coupe de France

b) Nagoya Grampus

1995: Emperor’s Cup

1996: J-League Super Cup


PL WINNER 3 TIMES (1997–982001–022003–04)

FA CUP WINNER 4 TIMES  (1997–982001–022002–032004–05)


DOUBLES IN 1997-98 AND 2001-02


Now as we can see you don’t need rocket science to tell you who the better manager is. Adding to the above are the phenomenal players Wenger has brought up. From Henry to Vieira to Pires to Ljungberg to Fabregas , Wenger is million of miles ahead of arry and the claim of AAA really does beg the question of how they came to that conclusion.

They really have failed to realise how far we have come this season. We went from a team in crisis,to a one man team to….erm what do they call us these days? On top of that we have had to deal with all what Mike Riley and his mob of corrupted and biased officials throw at us. Dealing with one of them is bad now can you imagine how hard is it to deal with Webb, Dean, Dowd, Atkinson and Probert combined? it is really such a tough task and our players deserve a lot of credit for what they have done this season

As far as spurs are concerned  what have they had to deal with all season? The only match I can remember spurs being screwed is vs stoke at Britannia in what should have been  Chris Foy`s last match in charge. Also it is a long season and spurs have been extremely lucky with injuries to key players. You see unlike us they didn’t have to play 6 different players in RB position or another 6 in LB position. Wait till the injuries settle in and we`ll really see what they are made of.

And for all those who are afraid there wont be a St. Totteringham day this season worry not. A look at spurs fixtures in the next couple of months will cheer you up. So please get yourselves ready as this year`s St Totteringham day will be the best yet..well maybe just behind the Lasagna-gate

22 Jan 2012      v   Man City (A)

6 Feb 2012       v   Liverpool(A)

11 Feb 2012     v   Newcastle(H)

26 Feb 2012     v  Arsenal (A)

3 Mar 2012      v  Man Utd (H)

10 Mar 2012    v Everton (A)

17 Mar 2012    v Stoke (H)

24 Mar 2012   v Chelsea (A)

Be ready to smile.


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30 Replies to “How the doom mongers rather prefer invented statistics to taking the real facts”

  1. Totally agree. The AAA sites are now bigging up Spuds in a way that even their own sies do not. But as we all know, not all of them are actually Arsenal fans. Typical posts start with 2 much as it pains me to say…2 they then go on to heap praise on the Spuds, and slaughter Wenger. Not even subtle. But unfortunately, there are Gooners out there, of a nervous disposition, who fall for this. Maybe they have secretely had code from the Sun implanted into whatever part of their brains used for thinking.
    The Spuds are 705 a good team, 305 media hype. Wait until Ade’s form dips, signs are showing , and they get a few injuries to key players. Spuds have had a very, very nice run of fixtures, that is about to end at a difficult period of the year.
    I am sure Jack will win his bet come the end of the season.
    On a slightly different note, great to see Wengers attack on TV company influence over scheduling. He stated directly that some clubs have more influence over the TV companys, wonder who they are? All the things acting against Arsenal highlighted on this site, Wenger is outing them in public one by one. And I think there is more to cme…

  2. Not to worry lads , once they are too close to the poisoned chalice (aka The BPL Trophy ), they will be knocked off their lofty perch by the powers that rule (the bookies & the crooked officials ).

    City were too close so they have been pegged back ,as were Arsenal.

    Unless Manure keep scoring own goals and miss their weekly ( and rightful ?) penalties ,the trophy is theirs to keep.

    And Mahdi( nice article by the way ) , you forget to include the other important fixture list – ‘Arry ‘s court dates !

  3. @Mahdin they say class is permanent but form is ……… so we will as always prevail .Mahdin ha ha ha ha ha ha i liked your piece, they call us TITI’s team ;where we badly off before the King returned?? We need to score more than one goal hmmm what im talking about we had four at Newcastle and some p…. did what was expected.
    Anyway it hard but we have to get the fire burning and shoot em down,Lets Goo GUNNERS

  4. Nice piece Mahdi and I concur; St Totteringham’s Day this year could well and truly be one of the sweetest in living Arsenal memory! Injuries are inevitable for the Spuds especially as the intensity for honours and EPL survival begins to kick-in in earnest!
    Have read this morning that St ‘arry’s been complaining that he might lose his better players when the rich clubs come-a-calling with massive wages this summer! He wants the Spuds’ board to fork out even more silly money for wages to retain them! Hilarious stuff! Welcome to what it’s like to be a “top-class manager” my “wheeler & dealer” friend! Additionally, i’ve always still felt that the tiny-totts will fade-away in the second half of the season and will fail to retain one of the champions’ league spots; and be confined back to their usual home of the Europa Cup?! Then we’ll see our “Lilly-white” friends how many of your players you’ll be able to keep – wages or not! Taxi for Modric I think?!

  5. Just to use one comment to cover two articles, I have to mention that I have just backed The Arsenal to finish above the spuds in the league.
    I rarely bet on The Arsenal – bookmakers odds rarely favour us – but just because the spuds were (at the time) 5 points ahead of us with a game in hand (which also explains the willingness of the spud lover to offer the bet), I felt no fear. The spuds will come off the boil and fail.
    Oh, incidentally, that same spud lover tells me that we are no longer a one-man team – we’re a two-man team. I smile knowingly.

  6. @Brickfields Gunners,
    On that topic, also read this morning that a private investigator employed by the Spuds has been arrested for allegedly obtaining Karen Brady’s, the West Ham Vice-Presidents, phone records during the Olympics Stadium bidding process! A very serious allegation that, if theirs any truth in it of course; after all, it was in the Daily Telegraph!

  7. Generally agreed. Spurs are doing well this season because they have a great squad which has taken time and a lot of money to construct. I’m not a fan of Harry but he has his team playing good football so fair dues to him, however I see no sustained success coming from our neighbours. Arsenal have a team which is full of young talent, and we’re dealing with a squad that was in a crisis only a few months ago, we’ve got to weather the storm but I expect us to be stronger next season. Spurs are having a good year but that’s all it is right now, I’m confident it will come undone.

  8. Guys we are in real trouble and at last The Prof says it and i quote: If i fight with you in a 100m and you have to run the semifinals on Sunday morning and run against me on Sunday afternoon and i have a run on Friday morning, i don’t need to accuse anyone,i just say,Is that fair or not? And its not.
    Some Clubs get advatanged by television,if its Sky or Espn because the have an influence there from the clubs themselves.(No wonder i was asking myself why sometime’s we dont get replays )
    Our game with Bolton after Villa have been put back by 24HRS to Wednesday,Febuary 1.
    We face B/Burn at the Emirates ,Lunchtime of Saturday, February 4th. Really all the guys we are tussling with are going to have a breather.
    So guys we need to be ready because we are gona ride ROUGH.

  9. Don’t know why we pay much attention to Tottenham, but whatever.

    They will drop because they play at such a high pace and keep on running the whole game that it is a matter of time before players will suffer from a burnout and start getting injuries.

    Also, they have been lucky this whole season. Nevertheless, they are in a very positive flow, you see that everything seems to be going for you at that moment.
    The only thing that bugs me is the hype and Redknapp’s constant whining on how he can’t compete financially with City, Chelsea and United, even though his team has spent the most amount of money on players out of all the teams that is not a part of those three clubs. In fact, 1 season ago, they were above those clubs.

  10. To be realistic you must sum (transfer fees + wages) over 5 years to see the true picture.

    If Arsenal pay more in wages but spend less on salaries, it may be about the same.

    I don’t know the accurate figures, but Spurs’ wage bill has been, until 2010, considerably less than Arsenal’s.

    I suspect you’ll find it’s about equal, all in all………

  11. They just aren’t really that good of a team, they have had a good referee assisted, injury free run of fairly easy fixtures, but after one or two injuries and with some hard games coming up and they will be back competing for the Europa league places as per usual.

    Anyway shouldn’t be long before good ole harry bankrupts them with his spending..

  12. Hey, how can one forget their europa league humiliation finishing third in the group.
    Ary’s focus this season is to finish in the champions league spot (considering the team line-up in europa) but they are gonna finish behind arsenal and chelsea. May be AAA should save their tears for s*** spuds at the end of the season

  13. Spuds 1 Wolves 1.
    Same as our recent score against Wolves, but according to these doom mongers, we are really crap, but Spurs are better than the Invincibles, the Utd of Best Charlton and Law, Liverpool 1970s and 1980s, Brazil 1970 and the recent Barca all rolled into one.
    Gareth Bale, Scotty Parker and Modric are better than Pele, Best, Maradona, Zidane, Dennis and even Ference.
    They must be that good, the Sun, in which St Arry has a guest column told me so.

  14. thank you all for the compliments…actually this is the first article i have written for any site so pardon all the mistakes youll find

  15. breaking news…spuds just released information on their latest dvd project… The tittle “1000 goals conceded and counting: spurs simply the best”

  16. @rhys its hard to find the actual wage bills of the clubs since normally no club actually say what they pay their players but dont worry the next i write a related article(not soon) i will try to include that information

  17. @kampalagun wenger had everyright to complain….turns out its not only the PGMOL that we need to worry about..these broadcasters really do affect the PL in the negative way and hence the stupid scheduling of playing 2 games in THREE days..and yes they do try to favour some teams..else how could you explain liverpool playing newcastle on friday then playing city(who played on sunday) on tuesday? and why did we play on monday after playing on saturday while united got an early saturday kickoff and then played on wednesday?

  18. Either way i am not happy to see them above us.The table does not lie and they are ther on their merit.
    What is important for me is to improve constantly the squad without breaking the bank.Which is the case.
    The injury crises and the underperforming dead woods that we carry is what i fear not the spuds.Once this is rectified i can sleep comfortalbly.The silly people who blame Wenger they dont give any detailed or good reason why he has to go.Simply in less than three words “wenger has to go “.
    Poor Wenger everyone can see his hands are very tied .I do not believe for one minute the buys of the two asian guys Myiachi and Park are his 100/% buys .To me it has all the finger tips of that Gazidis in order to boost the commercial sales in Asia.Other than that players bought in summer with no known injury and barely made the bench for half season Never ever Arsene buys. Are you kidding me ?
    We are so lucky to have Arsene and there will be no reason to criticise LORD WENGER for me.
    Thank you as always Arsene.

  19. Frankly this AAA is completely naive name. They are more like glory hunters/new fans/ really immature fans who refuse to grow up.

  20. mahdain,
    If this “flexible” re-scheduling pattern continues, it is one of several ways that Manure will likely to have shown to be advantaged. There are edges being worked on to bringing in the Fergie XX and we need to be vigilant for the signs and list them if/as they arise.

  21. @mahdain so spunks have started there downfall, believe me not I’m waiting I’m eager i want to hear wot the Whore-lists will moan about.

  22. @Mahdi

    This is an excellent first article and very timely.

    While the AAA have recently chosen to compare Arsenal to the Spuds – because the present EPL positions suit their cause – there can be no real comparison between the clubs. Arsenal have gone through the pain of the stadium rebuild, this debt has been well managed and is now no longer a handicap to our overall finances. Arsenal are in a sound financial position with money to spend and, we know it will be spent wisely. We also have some very exciting young players coming through hte ranks thanks to Mr Wenger.

    The exact financial position of Spurs is strangely hard to determine. But with a smaller stadium the core income has to be a lot less that Arsenal’s. ‘Arry has spent a lot of money over the last couple of seasons and at times it seemed he wanted to spend more – but appeared to be restrained in that desire. It looked last summer as if he had reached the limit the owners would (or could) tolerate. Has this money all been spent wisely – questionable. Basically, Spurs do not appear to have the income to sustain this level of spending. They have too small a stadium and we have all seen the way they tried to rectify this – reference the stadium antics last summer. Would we expect Arsenal to behave like this?

    Irrespective of the present EPL positions there is no comparison between the clubs. As you rightly point out Spurs will be tested in the next few weeks and should be brought down to earth (with a twitchy whinge from ‘Arry and silence from the AAA!)

  23. @ Alex

    The table doesn’t lie……….at the end of the season but half way through we are comparing home games to away games and therefore getting a tinted comparison of the two clubs. This is obviously not including any ref bias.

  24. @Mahdain:

    Great article, and I hope you write more of them! I agree that the idea that Harry Redknapp is a better manager than Arsene is absolutely ridiculous. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of how much money Spurs (or anyone else) spend, and regardless of where they are in the league table, Arsenal play the best football in the EPL. Bar none.

    So, I guess the question is, how do you define success? Is it by racking up the most points? Or the most trophies? Or is it by playing superior football? Personally, I would choose superior football any day.

    Anyway, once again, great article. I particularly appreciated all of those numbers that you dug up on spending.

  25. @anne thanks for the compliments and hopefully this wont be the last of my articles here…

  26. on today`s game i seriously cant say we didnt deserve that..they really outplayed us..ughh damn this injuries

  27. good lord i think i need a break before i explode at our dear fellows…they are at it again by calling for wenger`s head and suggest we spend 20-50m on 4th choice players….i really dot understand their we spend that much on substitutes and then what happens when the others return? have 50m bench warmers? yes we were bad but tell me a team that wouldnt suffer if they had injuries like ours… we didnt have arteta,wilshere,sagna,TV5,jerkinson,santos,diaby,gibbs,coquelin and gervinho tell me how many of them would have made a difference?

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