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August 2021

Untold Ref Review : Newcastle 3 – MU 0

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By Ref Reviewer 02

For the game Newcastle – Manchester United we had ref Webb. A normal day at the office?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
1 Foul Berbatov Colocini N/C Ref misses Berb jump into player from free kick 0 0
2 Foul Guitarez Berbatov N/C A blatant shove in the back2 yardsfrom assistant 0 0
4 Foul Tiote Rooney C Good advantage played by Ref who calls it back when none is gained 1 1
5 Foul Santon Nani N/C Pushes him off ball, Ref gives nothing 0 0
5 Foul Santon Valencia N/C Again a push in the back, again nothing given 0 0
8 Foul Jones Ameobi N/C Again a heavy shove in the back, again Webb forgets the laws 0 0
10 Foul Simpson Park C 1 1
12 Foul Guitarez Valencia N/C They run into each other, Guitarz looses ball then rolls over, Ref stops game for a foul 0 0
14 Other N/C Newcastleshot is deflected over bar for a corner, Ref gives a goal kick 0 0
19 Other Cabaye C handball 1 1
20 Offside Man Utd? C 1 1
23 Foul Guitarez Valencia C 1 1
24 Penalty Ferdinand Ba N/C He tangles foot around Demba Ba, on assistants side, no pen? 0 0
27 Foul Valencia Guitarez C 1 1
28 Foul Colocini Park C 1 1
31 Offside Berbatov C 1 1
32 Goal C Demba Ba 1 3
33 Foul Tiote Rooney C 1 1
37 Foul Valencia Colocini C 1 1
39 Other Nani Santon N/C A foul by Nani on Santon, the Ref plays advantage, and Man Utd go forward with the ball, he should have called it back as in 04th min 0 0
41 Foul Giggs Ba C 1 1
47 Foul Rooney Colocini C 1 1
Half time 13 15

59,09% 62,50%
PENALTY 0 1 0,00
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 1 1 100,00
2 3 66,67
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
Second half
45 Foul Jones Ba C He deliberately blocks his run 1 1
45 Yellow Jones C Easy one 1 2
46 Goal Cabaye C Good strike from the free kick 1 3
54 Foul Ameobi Jones N/C A big shove as he runs in to attack a corner 0 0
56 Foul Ameobi Evra C 1 1
67 Foul Cabaye Evra C 1 1
58 Foul Valencia Newc? C 1 1
60 Foul Valencia Guitarez N/C two men jump up for the ball fairly, one falls down rolling on the floor 0 0
60 Yellow Valencia N/C He has committed too many fouls, and was walking a tightrope, but Ref was conned here 0 0
62 Other Rooney challenges the keeper for a ball, and the crowd roars as Rooney jumps in, but it is all harmless stuff. The Ref runs 35 yards, with his hand going to his pocket, he sees it is Rooney and smiles, sinister stuff.
64 Foul Man Utd Newc? C 1 1
66 Foul Newc? Giggs C 1 1
67 Other Nani N/C A foul throw is allowed by Ref 0 0
70 Other N/C A throw given toNewc ashould be other way 0 0
72 Foul Tiote Carrick C 1 1
73 Offside Chicarito C 1 1
76 Offside Chicarito C 1 1
79 Foul Jones Best N/C Bltant push in back on assistants side 0 0
79 Offside Chicarito C 1 1
80 Foul Tiote Carrick C 1 1
81 Foul Best Jones N/C Was bundled sideways in the air, assistant was3 yardsaway 0 0
82 Foul Newc? Valencia C 1 1
83 Other N/C Ba controls with hand 0 0
83 Foul Best Ferdinand C A push in the back, it has taken 83 minutes to spot what has been going on all game 1 1
86 Foul Carrick Best C 1 1
88 Foul Colocini Chicarito C 1 1
88 Foul Welbeck Tiote C 1 1
89 Goal Jones O/G C 1 3
92 Foul Man Utd Tiote C 1 1
TOTAL 19 24
67,86% 75,00%
YELLOW 1 2 50,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 1 3 33,33
4 7 57,14
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00

TOTAL 32 39
64,00% 69,64%
YELLOW 1 2 50,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 0 1 0,00
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 2 4 50,00
6 10 60,00
OFFSIDE 5 5 100,00
NEW 1st half 2nd half Total %
WRONG NC F NEW 1 4 6 10
NCF NEW 2 0 0 0
NCF NEW 3 0 0 0
Total normal 4 6 10 FA NEW 62,50%
Total important 0 0 0 FA NEW 0,00%
General total 4 6 10 FA NEW 58,82%
WRONG NC F MU 1 4 2 6
NC F MU 2 0 0 0
NC F MU 3 1 0 1
Total normal 4 2 6 FA MU 37,50%
Total important 1 0 1 FA MU 100,00%
General total 5 2 7 FA MU 41,18%
CORRECT CF NEW 1 6 10 16
CF NEW 2 0 1 1
CF NEW 3 1 2 3
Total normal 6 10 16
Total important 1 3 4
CORRECT CF MU 1 6 8 14
CF MU 2 0 0 0
CF MU3 0 0 0
Total normal 6 8 14
Total Important 0 0 0
Foul NEW 9 10 19
FOUL MU 7 7 14
Correct calls For Newc 16 53,33%
For MU 14 46,67%
Total correct calls 30
Wrong calls Against Newc 7 41,18%
Against MU 10 58,82%
Total 17
Total fouls made by Newc 19 57,58%
MU 14 42,42%
Total 33

A strange one this, Webb missed many incidents in the game, some were blatant, but he did not influence the outcome. Two incidents of note, Ferdinand gave away a penalty just before Newcastle scored, it was on the assistants side which made it doubly disappointing, I am starting to become numb to missed penalties not given, and non-penalties given, to be frank it is the norm, and not acceptable, these are game defining incidents wrongly called, no other sport accepts this level of mistake in the application of the laws.


The other was a Rooney incident on 62, I was under the distinct impression Webb was going to issue a caution, he sprinted to the incident, with his hand going to his yellow card pocket. But on arrival he changed his mind, was it because it was Rooney, or was it because he realised it was nothing, only Webb knows the answer, I know what I thought.

All in all not a great day at the office for Webb or Man Utd, two performances that summed up the Christmas period.

11 comments to Untold Ref Review : Newcastle 3 – MU 0

  • Strus

    There is another site that referees debate about some big incidents:, Not as good quality as this site, but it seems to become famous.
    Arsenal is last in the Decisions table there. No surprise.

  • Mick

    Just looked at your link, very interesting and confirms what we all know. However Arsenals rating should have been worse. If you look at the Arsenal decisions against stats they left out Mica Richards handball and the offside decision against RVP which denied him a goal both in the game we lost 1-0 at Man City.

  • Arun

    @ Strus , here is an important flaw in the site: They state that they don’t watch full matches only MOTD highlights which we know are very easy to manipulate.So they are bound to miss some incidents and I am not satisfied with their conclusions on some of the decisions as they all don’t agree and only decide by majority and each one of them tend to favour their favourites.
    Off the topic, Good start for the weekend after chelsea drew,newcastle losing and hoping for a win for bolton.Big chance to make a mark and put pressure on chelsea .

  • Tasos

    Another review, keep it going chaps.

    Watched this game live and I have no doubt Howard Webb tried his hardest to keep Man Utd in the game as long as he possibly could. The game was still goaless when Ferdinand fouled Ba in the penalty area and it had to be a spot kick but Webb and his assistant simply refused to acknowledge his trip. In the end Newcastle overcame this poor decision and deservedly won the match in fairly comfortable fashion.

    I’m not quite sure why Howard Webb was allowed to Ref yet another Man Utd game so soon after officiating their game against QPR in the EPL when poor old Martin Atkinson hasn’t been summond upon since Utds defeat against Chelsea last season, nearly eleven months ago now.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Saw the game as well Tasos, and completely agree with you.
    The lesson – you just have to play a lot better than the opposition to overcome these refs, but not so easy with our injuries.

    Same old Webb…….

  • WalterBroeckx

    About the debatable decision website which in it is a very good website and adds more credibility to what we are doing over here in a way as we come to almost the same conclusion and this is: Arsenal is hardest done by and for some reason Stoke is the favourite team in a way.

    But the problem I have with this site is that they sometimes come to the conclusion in a way that we don’t consider as right. For example: the Yakuby offside goal from Blackburn against Arsenal. They reached the conclusion that it was a good goal because ‘it was difficult to see for the linesman’. On here at Untold we look at the decision and just see: was he offside (he was) and then come to the conclusion (the goal should have been disallowed). In a way it doesn’t matter if it was difficult to see or not. The only thing that matters for us: was the call right or wrong.

    At debatable decisions they do their judging in a slightly different way. But as they are not Arsenal supporters they sure add something to what we are doing over here.

  • Johnny Deigh

    @finsbury – the kick on Frimpong was not a penalty because Frimpong’s head was only a couple of feet off the ground, below waist level. Also, the kick didn’t appear to be intentional either.

  • Johnny Deigh

    I’ll never understand how people can say Webb is top ref. Once again he scores poor to average.

  • Laundryender


    He is consistently poor

  • finsbury

    I hear you JD, but the ball was already out of play! The Villan was more then a little late, could easily have not followed through as the ball was almost in the crowd by that point. Probably a foul outside the box, so why not a penalty? I don’t know. Looking forward to the ref review opn that one.