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  1. DogFace

    Peter Walton is a minion of the red devil himself… how else can it be explained?

  2. FinnGun

    Incompetence or corruption? Video tech now

  3. Gooner

    Later in the half, Man City also appealed for a penalty when a cross into the box hit Gary Neville’s hand but the Everton defender’s arms were down by his side and the cross came hard and fast – a case of ball to hand and the ref was right not to award City a penalty.- Which Neville??

  4. Strus

    It’s a shame that owner of fotballisfixed deleted the content some days ago. He was so right about Walton (and others too).

    This review is another pure example of what Walton is doing. One of them, who support one team, and acts again others! He should never be a ref. Bad to the bone.

  5. Tasos

    Another studious review.

    Typical Walton.

    BTW It wasn’t Peter Walton who officiated the Man Utd V Stoke game. That honour went to Mike Jones.

    But what of Martin Atkinson? Deprived of a Man Utd fixture for almost a whole calendar year.

    Have the PGMOL put him on the Atkinson diet?

  6. WalterBroeckx

    I will take a well deserved beating next time I see the ref reviewer. I hold my hands up high and admit that I forgot to give Neville the correct first name.

    Sorry ref reviewer but I completely forgot it….

  7. WalterBroeckx

    Oh my god football is fixed has been taken down it seems??????

    Gutted and disgusted….

    It seems that he had some kind of battle in court…

    This happens when a little man comes too near to the truth I guess….

  8. Arun

    Full support from PGMOL to keep the fergus xx dream alive just as last year.
    I’m able to open football is fixed but all those pages are deleted.

  9. bob

    Re The Fergus XX:
    The emperor has no clothes, the emperor has no clothes, the emperor has no clothes… but he does have lawyers, media stenographers, and broadcast moguls, plus parliamentary support to become Lord Football after the XXth becomes factoid.

  10. bob

    On the road to Fergus XX:
    capello leaves england, opening the way as
    ‘arry’s pressed to leave spuds.
    A-V under siege at chelski.
    mancini under fire at shitty.
    arsene still standing…

  11. bob

    Finn Gunn,
    Yes VideoTech! The only obstacle to Fergus XX.

  12. bob

    Thanks for adding the date of the match, greatly appreciated for the context/chronology it further provides to readers in the great new format. Icing on the cake.

  13. Kentetsu

    Stuart Attwell has been demoted to the Football League. Considering the major cock-ups he’s had in the past it’s not surprising, but you do have to wonder why now?

  14. Gord

    Ah good, people still posting here.

    Archive 14059 Udinese vs Arsenal (2nd game). At 50 minutes we have Again comedia del arte from Udinese, the ref sees throug it. Does this mean the referee correctly did NOT call anything?

    Thanks to any who can clarify.

  15. WalterBroeckx

    yes that should be it Gord

  16. Gord

    Thank you Walter.

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