France punished over Flamini affair

The mysterious group of fans known as the “Curse of Arsenal” who claim to have the power to influence events on and off the pitch, struck again yesterday as France exited from the Euro Games in a sad and sorry display.

The “Curse of Arsenal” group had previously explained that their curse placed on Flamini (as a result of his refusing to resign for Arsenal) would be visited upon the French national team.   Initially Flamini was dropped from the French squad in a move that was widely seen as an attempt by France to distance themselves from the Curse.

But then Flamini was returned to the squad because of Vieira’s injury.

A spokesman for the Curse said that clubs and countries must expect to suffer for the sins of their players.

Earlier this season Birmingham City were subjected to the Curse of Arsenal, after the dreadful attack on Eduardo.   Subsequently the club was raided by the fraud squad and papers removed, and two very senior figures within the club were arrested, and later released on police bail.  At the end of the season the club was relegated – even though at the time of the Eduardo event this seemed an unlikely scenario.

Flamini’s departure saw an immediate use of the Curse when he found, within days of signing, that he would not be playing in the European Cup next season, but would instead be performing against the likes of the Tiny Totts from Tottenham in the Dumbly Dimbly Cup.  He was also dropped from the French squad, but reinstated, which is why the Curse was invoked against the whole French team.