An exclusive interview with Bölöni – manager of Royal Standard de Liège

Walter Broeckx and Tony Attwood meet László Bölöni

Most visiting teams playing at the Ems tend to stay at the Toppled Bollard (also known as the Auld Triangle) in Islington, and so it was natural that this week Walter, our Belgium correspondent and I (UNTOLD’s resident loonie) went to meet Transylvanian László Bölöni, manager of Royal Standard de Liege.

In March last year Mr Boloni (or “A load of old” as his is quaintly known at the Bollard) was decorated by the president of Romania with The Order “The Sportive Merit”) class II for his part in winning the of the 1986 European Cup Final Class II.

“With the coming of Standard Liege this week we have the current champions from Belgium at the Emirates.  So how’s it been for you this far?” asked Walter as we settled down to quadruple vodka and limes all round.

“In fact we have had a very mixed season so far. Some big wins and some big and unexpected losses as well. The whole season also has been marked by a lot of incidents off and on the field.

“Our main player and captain Dufour, who repeatedly has been linked with EPL teams, is still out after breaking his foot.  I told him it doesn’t matter, use the other foot, but he doesn’t want to play.   He is what you could call our Cesc but without any of the style and ability.

“Then there was the incident with Axel Witsel at the Anderlecht game. Witsel, who is an Arsenal fan, came in over the ball and broke the leg of the Polish Anderlecht defender Wasilewski in a horror tackle. He had a lengthy ban but started playing again a few weeks ago, not that you can tell the difference.

“Between all this there were some reports in the press about players who were shouting at each other via our perennial friends: the journalists. Mbokani against Jovanovic, Jovanovic against Dalmat, Jovanovic against… well just about everyone. He sure is not only a dangerous player on the field who can turn nothing in to something; he is also a triffid.

“So far we have played 15 games and won 6, lost 2 and drawn 7. Not a very good run this season. After winning against then first Club Brugge we lost at Gent 2-1 and played very poorly. We have 25 points so far and are 10 points behind the leader Anderlecht with the same amount of games played.

“In England this would be bad, but in Belgium this is good, because in Belgium we have this season introduced a new way of playing the league that means this deficit is not as big a disaster at is seems at first sight. We have 16 teams, and at the end of the season the first 6 teams play a play off where the points they have reached so far are divided in two. So a team that ends the regular league with 60 points starts the play offs with 30 points. A team with 50 points begins with 25 points so this still can make a big difference during the play offs.

“So from 10 points behind you suddenly got only 5 points less. Strange ? Yes off course but this is Belgium, the land of the surrealism.  I will explain…

“Sometimes we are bad, sometimes good. Arsenal must be careful.  One of our problems is like in the game against Arsenal in Liege.  We take the lead.  We sit back when we have the lead. We are the Bolton of Belgium except Bolton don’t get the lead.

“Our players to watch are our attackers Jovanovic and Mbokani. In midfield Witsel and Carcela, a young player of Moroccan origin who decided to play for the Belgian national team because he once ate a Belgian chocolate. In defence we struggle a lot to give the opposition a false sense of security and our goalkeeper can produce stunning saves and then let a ball past him like an U12 keeper.  That’s the point – we never know when we are beaten, when we have won, who we are playing, or where the ground is.

“Now,” said Mr Bölöni, looking at Walter, “I will tell you about Arsenal.”

“In goal,” he said, “We will have Aluminum Man, and Man Manone Man behind him, and mine’s a packet of crisps with a double Guinness.

“Then, radically, revolutionary and quite unexpectedly I know from secret documents we found just outside the tube station, Arsenal are going to have the four back, or “back four” as the poets say. ”  He took a swig of his drink and ordered a dry sherry.

“Quantum mechanics tells us that each object can be in at least two places at once – in fact is in every place at once.   This is the fundamental of the Arsenal back four – they are in a continous excited state of photosynthesis if you get my drift.

Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Gibbs. (Traore, Eboue) are always there and thereabouts and once you have recognised that life is easier.

“Now the middle we take it on a stage further.  The plan is once more quantum for the midfield three are as we can see in all possible places following all possible pathways at once, thus effectively ending the simplistic linear co-ordinate based “up and at em” approach of the Royals.

“Denilson, Song, Vela (Nasri) (Ramsey) (Wilshere) will be here and there and somewhere else quite separate, exactly as the theory predicts.

“And the front we have the idea of the path through the maze in which every possible player takes every possible route at every possible moment in order to create a pint of bitter.  We should respect our players not only as players but also a quanta machinist.  I expect to see Arshavin, Eduardo, Theo (Rosicky) (Merida) (Nasri) mutate into one giant robotic goalscoring machine.

“In effect your mobile and rotating team visits the future, sees which possibility are in fact the possibility of a goal scoring opportunity, appears in all positions in one go and then finds the route to goal.   It is in fact exactly as predicted because it happens before it has started.

“Indeed it is this relationship between Arsenal FC and quantum mechanics which has led to the goal scoring developments of this season.  This is important to recognise because it allows us to predict the scores of forthcoming goals.

“It also shows us the relationship between Belgium football and the Arsenal.  In  Belgium you get a certain number of points and then cut it in half for no reason other than the fact that they thought of it.  In England you just have faster photons and a club like Liverpool who this year celebrate 20 years without ever winning the league whining about winning the league.  The difference between whining and winning is a dropped h and an added n.  I think you will find that is true.”

It was then time for the Belgian team to return to further training in the front parlour of the Toppled Bollard and we paid our respects and left.

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(c) Walter, with additional notes from the world beyond space and time. 2009, 2010, 2011…

10 Replies to “An exclusive interview with Bölöni – manager of Royal Standard de Liège”

  1. As Tony couldn’t understand it as it was in French but after leaving the Toppled Bollard there was another incident involving Jovanovic.
    Last season he and Witsel a few times had this strange habbit of fighting for live or death on who is going to take a penalty that has been given to Standard Liege. Is it to put the keeper off but they have done it 3 times in a year. It looked like playing football in the park between 12 year old kids and could end up with one kid going home with a bleeding nose.

    But back to yesterdays training after the visit at the pub. As they, Jovanovic and Witsel, started fighting for a penalty to be taken on their training Jovanovic got injured by pulling a muscle in his thigh.

    Now after the hangover, that I had just from the smell in the Toppled Bollard, I must admit the injury was not because of the fighting.

    But the thing I mentionned about fighting like 2 schoolboys did really happen last season. It was rather embarassing for professional footballers.

  2. And to make it clear : Jovanovic is injured and this is a big blow for Standard. He really is an unpredictable player.

  3. Yesterdays defeat I feel gives the need to dispel the myth that …

    WHAT I liked about this letter was not just that it was copied word for word from one that appeared in the Gooner but that the author even copied the spelling mistakes.

    Since today’s article is not about the defeat at Disneyland but rather about the absence of surrealism in 21st century football I was inclined to let it pass in full, but then I thought, bollocks, and cut it.


  4. Mind you Walter, I was there when Pires and Henry tried to do the double passing game when they had a penalty when one was supposed to pass it to the other to score, and each forgot who was supposed to do what. The ref gave a free kick on the grounds Henry touched the ball twice.

    But on reflection I think the main question is:

    Why has no one ever linked football with surrealism before? I have tried in a minor way with the first page of MAKING THE ARSENAL which is all about hats (compare that with the cover), but that is small stuff.

    It seems like there is a complete world of art that is waiting to exploited.

    PS: I have just been told by our IT department that the readership of this blog has dropped by 99.9999% in the last 12 minutes. I must take this apple out of my mouth.

  5. As long as they fight themselves to distraction, enough for our boys to slip 3 goals past them, I will be most obliged.

  6. Perhaps the ultimate would be that when the teams come out onto the pitch the captains should choose their team, just like we used to do as school kids. Or, maybe everyone should be in the same colour. Or maybe the refs should be in goal. Or maybe Prince Philip should appear and demand that only English players are allowed to play. Or maybe……..

    (It’s gone 11, time for bed. More tomorrow. I’m quite looking forward to the game now). And that letter from the guy who copies out of the Gooner really is quite surreal when you think about it.

  7. I really hate to spoil the good feeling but just read that Gibbs has broken his metatarsal in the last minute and will be out for 3 months. Is it allright I just swear a bit….. GVD ….did it in Dutch so nobody has to feel offended…

  8. Good game for us fans to watch, the return of Denilson was intresting as it showed that we have at the club a realy good collection of midfield players and we are spoilt for choice at the moment,it’s just unfortunate the same cannot be said for our striking options at the moment although i would say that apart from scoring Carlos Vella had a pretty good game, he ran and harried all game long, good close control and hit the post.

    I must say that i do like the Denilson, Song, Fabregas trio in midfield because it’s balanced and the players all know each others games like the back of their hands.
    My MoM is Alex Song, what a player this boy is turning into, i know everyone says that Cesc is the focal point of the team, which is true but Song is the heart beat, is their a better DCM in the EPL apart from Essien? I don’t think so, which just goes to show that “ARSENE KNOWS”

    Next up Chelski, can we win it yes we can!

    Team: Almunia Sanga Gallas Verminator Treaore Song Cesc Denilson Wallcot Eduardo Arshavin
    Subs: Manone Silvestre Nasri Rosicky Vella Ramsey Eboue

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