Untold’s prediction is utterly perfect: Arsenal 25 Standard 10 Balls 6

Just in case I have lost you a little with that headline let me explain…

Yesterday in a world exclusive Walter and I interviewed the manager of Standard Liege and discussed with him the way in which he thought the game would go.

He predicted that the key to the game would be the issue of quantum mechanics, and how right that proved.  Another world exclusive for Untold Arsenal.  Another correct prediction.

In the quantum world (as you will recall from your physics lessons at school) everything can be in multiple places at once, and Mr Boloni used that explains the exquisite movement of the Arsenal midfield and forward line.

We saw that last night – but not just in the player movement.  For if you looked carefully at the game you will have caught glimpses of three separate moments when there appeared to be two footballs on the pitch!!!

There were not, of course.  It was quantum football at work – but it looked that way.  On one occasion quite amusingly it appeared as if the ref kicked one of the balls while the other was used to continue the match.  Oh how we smiled up in section 99.

Meanwhile the PERFECT MIDFIELD was back at last.  Cesc / Song / Denilson.  Or as they used to be called by certain sections of the Arsenal supporting blogsphere, Off-to-Barca/Not-fit-to-wear-the-shirt/Lightweight

Watching those three play together is just wonderful, even with Denilson not 100% there after his injury.  I not only love watching those three play together (you will recall that was the line up dished out for us in matchday one when we played what appeared to be a bunch of 8 year novices in some northern city), I love the theory behind it.

Putting that combination together has been one of the great Wengerian achievements, and it is a constant reminder of the lack of insight of some fans that not only could they not see what he was up to, but that they would not even contemplate that he might be up to something.

Denilson, as I have raved on about for two years, has an astounding ability to know where the ball will be in three seconds time, and then be in the right position to pick it up and go with it.   (Now that is quantum if ever something is – knowing the future is pure Large Hadron Collider).   Song is the perfect man to sit in front of the back four.  And Cesc is just Cesc – what more do you want?

I would love to hear more from all those people who endlessly called Denilson lightweight, and made such a fuss about the early appearances of Song.   Have they written in to blogs to apologise?   Have they written to the players to apologise?  Have they apologised to the Lord Wenger?   It would be nice if they had.  To me, the ability to see the potential in that trio playing in that way in a 4-3-3 is one of Wenger’s greatest of all achievements.

Interestingly, the quantum element of the play has left some bloggers almost talking this game into a parallel universe in which it was a defeat.  Standard hit the woodwork and an inch the other way and we could have drawn or lost – that’s the theme.  True, but then if that incredible smash from Arshavin in the first half had gone two inches the other way we would have got a third.

We had 25 shots, they had 10, which made it a fairly jolly evening out.  2-0 was a fair result, given that we didn’t really bother too much in the second half.

The injuries are tragedies, but that’s how it goes.  I predict that during the rest of the season some of our players will be injured, often because of ludicrous challenges by the opposition which are hardly noticed by the ref.   There.  Now you know.  It happens.   So what?   A few seasons ago we had seven left backs.   The press didn’t notice, but I sure did.   (I’m a bit nerdish that way).  Maybe this year we will break even that record.

We won the group, with a game to spare, which means that we can put Little Cup team out in the last game, and see if we can find ourselves a few more superstars – and left backs.  That’s great, because those kiddies need all the games they can get to prove themselves.  In fact, if I were Wenger I would put out an entire team of left backs.  Those left standing at the end would win a quantum football.

PS: Did I see a little spot of crowd trouble near the end of the game.  Block 99 is directly opposite the away fans, so its difficult to see exactly, but there seemed to be something making the stewards run around a little.   But maybe it was just a knees-up.

Oh yes, and Liverpool went out.   So this year they can celebrate the end of their time in the Euro Cup, 20 years without a league championship, bankruptcy, and the sad commemoration (which I trust they will do with proper dignity and respect) of the 20th anniversary of the Heysel Stadium Disaster, all at the same time.

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36 Replies to “Untold’s prediction is utterly perfect: Arsenal 25 Standard 10 Balls 6”

  1. Totally correct Tony.
    I throught Song was outstanding.I watched him especially in the 2nd half.He just sat in front of the back four,new where every ball was going,closed very early.A great display.And as for Denilson a sound performance.I like the three central midfielders,strong,mobile and hard to beat.
    Is it me,but is Ashravin enjoying his football.Dont get me wrong,i like him,he is world class,but he is not firing yet.
    Who will play up front on Sunday?I throught Vela did well,and combined with all the play.

  2. Very good match and a good win yesterday. I still remember some of the craz comments that my article on the role of Denilson (and Song) received when the season was about to start. I will now repeat what I said elsewhere:

    I dare to say it to all anti-support, call me bias or whatever you want, but I do believe that SONG is, right now, the BEST DCM in the country. He doesn’t just go in to break legs; he tackles and distributes the ball more intelligently than even Essien.

    And before anyone says it, I don’t give a two-hoot what anybody thinks about Essien either. So all anti-support out there, save your breath and not point out to ME how YOU think he (Essien) might be better. My opinion is my opinion. Got it?

    He is without doubt better complemented by, and seem to play with more confidence when on the field with, Denilson. Hasn’t he got quite a few tricks up his sleeve?

    I know that there is more to come from this team.

  3. By ESPN’s count, Arsenal had 25 shots, Liege 9.

    By the Telegraph’s count, Arsenal had 21 shots, Liege 7.

    Maybe there’s a quantum reality where Scott Bakula actually jumped into one of the players on the pitch and got you your prediction?

  4. I was with you Tony. I have always thought Denilson was a class act, and I entered an article at the start of the season to another site, (they were looking for writers), where I compared Song to Frank Rijgaard, the doyen of DMs.

    There you have it.

  5. IMO, Arsenal have been shafted by the arse licking FA and the footballing powers that be for several seasons.

    We were shafted when we got stitched up like kippers at Old Trafford when the 49 run was stopped, we’ve been stitched against Liverpool in the European Cup, and although Birmingham was unfortunate to say the least, it exposed some flaws in our set-up.

    But this team will break through. Its like a repressive political regime that imprisons a popular leader, eventually the will of the people triumphs.

    The question is, to what do we compare the forces against us?
    Mugabe, the Burmese Junta, Peter Mandelson?

  6. Really was very pleased for Denilson to have such a great come back game and for his goal.
    The way he can run next to a player and suddenly he’s away with the ball is stunning.

    To stay on Boloni : he was furious for the behaviour at the end of the game with the red card incident. I think Carcela didn’t have a pleasant time in the dressing room after the game. Serves him right.

    The press in Belgium was unanimous and said that Arsenal was a class better than Standard and that Standard was very very lucky that it wasn’t 5-0 after half an hour play. They could have been destroyed at that time, such was the difference between the two sides.

    Really feel sorry for Gibbs. The lad could have had his big breaktrough and now found himself 3 months at the sidelines.

    And is it the remark made on this site a few weeks ago that shook things up at arsenal.com, bacause last night short after the game the diagnose was already up on the site. Good work this time.

  7. its amazing how many of these easily-pleased articles pop-up whenever we beat easy teams. i wasnt reading the same stuff after losing in manchester twice last month.

    i was reading the same stuff last season but all articles like this disappoeared in july.

  8. Walter, I think the difference was we played at home, it was midweek when the Arsenal writing team would have been at the game and therefore available to provide the copy. We were also in control of the information. I’m sure that Arsenal are reluctant to post hearsay information before they can confirm it themselves. That would be very unprofessional.

  9. Tim, I have to admit I nicked my figures about shots from the Guardian. I’ve noticed before when I’ve looked that the stats can vary enormously. Maybe we should have official UNTOLD STATS which take into account where the ball might have been in an alternative reality.

    Just moving on, in case you are interested, I have put up an article on the Woolwich Arsenal site about Gordon Hoare, who played for us, and also won an Olympic Gold. Not an earth shattering story, but still of interest. Well I think so anyway.


    Now, what shall we talk about next?

  10. Rambo – the message from this site was optimistic after the losses in Manchester. The regulars all chipped in with optimistic responses too. But then we believe.

    You are right, if you are saying that other sites are up and down like a kangaroo on a pogo stick and vacillate as though they mercury for blood (that is what you were saying, yes?) but wrong if you specifically mean UA. Very wrong.

    As far as I know (and I’m old school these days), UA has been been a consistent bastion of upbeat messages, regardless of the bad moments. It has proven itself a crucial and necessary retreat from the doom & gloom merchants for the thinking, optimistic Arsenal fan.

    If you don’t believe me just flick back through the archive – we believe the brighter side of life.


  11. Great Blog as usual – probably the best one out there and always brings a smile to my face. Nice work and thanks

  12. Rambo, if I remember right the first article up here after the loss against Utd was the most optimistic peace I ever saw.
    It said that this defeat would bring the team together and would give us an extra belief in our selves.

  13. Some pretty good stuff, early on particularly.

    It became a training exercise in the 2nd half.

    To be pedantic Tony the Heysel Stadium Disaster was 1985, so it is 25 years, making it even more worthy of respectful commemoration & remembrance.

    Yes Chelsea will be a bigger test than Standard but why is it that the d & gs can’t just enjoy a game of football & a job well done.

    This is a cheerful blog that appreciates the pleasures available to the football supporter, especially if their team plays in red shirts with white sleeves. This is the same in victory or the rare defeat.

    There are plenty of available blogs, where one can drown in the self pity & worry of how Sir John Terry intends to devour our centre forward – whole or in pieces. He might just choke, you know.

  14. Flint I’ve seen blogs today suggest that yesterday just wasn’t good enough and how hopeless we are because the players eased off in the second half once the job was done. They have really bought into the chelski hype and think they are unbeatable, despite them having been turned over by Wigan and Villa away from Stamford Bridge. They have so little faith in our team, I don’t know how they call themselves supporters.


  16. Rambo & Co: In case you did not notice, your precious Chelsea could only manage to beat porto 1 – 0 today. Didn’t some you shout that Chelsea would have destroyed their opponent unlike Arsenal yesterday?

    Please find a way to take a running jump off the back of our team. You do not have to be an Arsenal supporter, you know?

  17. I hope this midfield trio [ie.Cesc ,Song & Denilson] stay free of injury and play consistantly till Song leaves for the African Nations Cup.With Nasri in tow they seemed to enjoy themselves and the passing was beautiful.The loss of our leftbacks is a setback but Eboue or Taore should be able to shore up that side.Hopefully whoever AW picks as strikers ,click and inflict damage on Chelski’s defence this weekend.

  18. Denilson really showed us at the last match how important he is to the side. When he first played regularly years ago, many said that he is too similar to Fabregas, and thus, should not be fielded alongside Fabregas (I think this should be the case for Ramsey, not Denilson), but look at how he played so well during the last match. His versatility to control the passing game from midfield and to defend together with Song, covering the back four, provides strengthening to both attack and defence. I feel that it is rather wasteful for him to play DM when Song goes for ACN(not that there’s a better replacement)as at the moment, I feel he is best candidate to play alongside Fabregas (better than Ramsey, Nasri or Diaby). Your thoughts?

  19. Very very sad for Gibbs, he had a big chance and seemed to be on his way up..so unlucky for him.

    We always got hit with injuries in the same positions…when our players are hurt they seemed to be all playing in the same positions..strikers and left backs now are out.

    Who can cope with that BS than Wenger and the Arsenal?

  20. Rambo – Jonny, Walter and others have it right. In the unlikely event that we lose to Chelsea, this site will still be optimistic.

    “Fvcking ref was blind”, “Should have had 3.45 penalties”, “FA showed anti-Arsenal bias by sabotaging the gas tanks for filling the beach balls”. Or more likely “Our midfield was great and on another day we would have scored a hat full”, “Even Lampard doesn’t normally get two deflected goals in one game. We gave the better performance, but were unlucky”.

    We love Arsenal. My favourite matches are the CC games, where I can see Merida and Wilshere. If on Sunday, we successfully play the one touch football that we saw on Tuesday night, then I won’t be too worried about the score.

    Having said that, winning on Sunday will put us in fine shape, while a loss will make Chelsea clear favourites for the EPL. In the CC final, Chelsea targeted the 17 year old Traore. I look forward to seeing how he copes as a 20 year old.

    Brickfields, I agree with you about the midfield. However, there must be games for Diaby and Ramsey, while Nasri and Rosicky need midfield games if our forwards are fit. Isn’t it great to have such problems?

  21. well im more than sure this site will still be optimistic if are relegated. thats the reason i rarely come here, too predictable. if we win its all smiles, if we lose its all smiles, its like living in dreamland though there was nothing to “dream” about after the westham and sundlrand games, no?

    LRV, stop searching for chelsea fans for your blog on non-chelsea related sites.

  22. Rambo, don’t bother. If you want doom and gloom, the internet is awash with it. This site is one of the few that supports the team through thick and thin, you know like supporters are meant to. So please leave it to those of us of a like mind to enjoy our team and take pleasure in their performances.

  23. I would say its amazing how many articles pop-up whenever we beat a team and still full of doom and gloom.
    If we win it’s always because the opposition is an easy team, has a lot of injuries, or what ever.
    But never can they say : It was us that made them play badly. It was our game that forced the errors.

    Apart from 30 seconds of lack of concentration in 5 CL games we could have had the maximum of the points. What do you want more ? An extra 30 seconds of concentration I bet…. 😉

  24. And Rambo: live is to short not to smile at live. Enjoy live when its good.
    You talk about relegation…. are you sure that you follow the Arsenal because as far as I can see the last 13 years we always have been very, very far away from relegation. So why bring this on? It is not an issue and will not be an issue as long as AW pulls the strings at the Arsenal.

    I think I hate losing as much as you do but when we lose you can go and sit in the corner and bemoan yourself or you can hold your head up high and look for the positives. And if you want to look further then the final resulat there is always something positive to find. Just try it.

  25. Rambo – you’re now being a twat.

    You can’t have it both ways – criticise the site for being fickle – up one minute down the next and then for being constant: always positive in its approach.

    Obviously we would know something was up if we got relegated as oposed to being the only club in the country to have qualified for the group stages of the CL 10 years running.

    The problem with D&Gs and people like you is you like to complain when things are actually pretty good.

    How did we arrive in a world where fans expect to win ALL the time?? Did it start with Chelsea and the spend, spend, spend approach?

    It did not used to be like this and I fucking loathe it – it is ruining football.

    I’ll put it another way – in music a major chord will sound much sweeter after after unresolved minor chords. Food tastes sweeter when you have tasted something bitter and eve more amazing when you are TRULY hungry. These immutable truisms of life and are common across it’s many facets. Winning ALL the time creates nothing but unfulfilment – it is no good conquering molehills – we need a mountain to climb for real glory.

    Football should be enjoy for all it’s beuticul, funny, disastrous, sad and silly moments. It should be particularly enjoyed for the stories that weave into its rich tapestry not a pathetic, only enjoyable if we win mindset. When winning is the be all and end all, it feels to me as though it has been subjected to the petulant moaning of the fat, spoiled, whining, impatient rich kid whose mommy wouldn’t buy him the millennium falcon. Even though he has three already.

    Stomp foot and go into tantrum mode.


  26. P.S. “nothing to “dream” about after the westham and sundlrand games..”

    Erm yeah cos we we’re only still in 4 competitions.

    If we lose on Sunday I imagine the only respectable option for you will be suicide.


  27. Jonny: You are a man after my own heart. Very beautifully put. Enough said, no need to add anything. If RAMBO does not get the message now, he must be a dummy.

  28. Jonny:

    A beautifully written piece. I experience it everyday but can not write this way. Those who want to win it all cost why dont they just watch the score and be happy.

    Why to watch it twice a week and talk about it all day if its just the result.

    The famous saying “Enjoy the journey not the result” is apt for Arsenal. If you dont have any fun watching football you should not have fun winning it too.

  29. Well said Jonny.
    When a player on my pitch proves him self to be a sour loser I sometimes say to him: you don’t have to play football if you really cant stand to lose a game. It is part of the game.

  30. Thanks guys – I think we see this culture of “I want, ergo I deserve” in all walks of life these days. It’s an ugly poisonous thing. It’s a new mindset of expectation particularly prevalent among, but not restricted to, the young. As my dad, who grew up under rations and war, would say – “in my day we were just happy for whatever we had, but we were much happier than people today”.

    Like the joy to be had from watching our youthful midfield start to come of age – the axis of beauty which is the Cesc/Song/Denilson triumvirate – people just don’t seem happy to appreciate what they already have anymore.

    On that note, I’m going to go outside for a lunchtime walk through old London town, on this crisp, beautiful, sunny, autumnal day. See if I can’t just win me a smile from a pretty girl and find something good to eat and sit in the park.

    After all, it might be raining tomorrow and I could well have missed the best days, when they were right under my nose.

    Then I’m going to come back and catch up on the work I should have been doing whilst typing all of this stuff.


  31. You know what, “Rambo”, your namesake, though a fictional character, always found himself the underdog, always got placed in the most dangerous situations, and never once did he lose hope, or come up with the kind of bullshit negative attitude you’re displaying. Facing hundreds of cops – screw ’em. Captured by the VC and tortured – screw ’em. Facing a Russian chopper with a tank – screw ’em.

    If he was anything like you, he’d probably have complained after destroying the Russian chopper in Rambo II that he shouldn’t have needed the RPG to do the job, he should have been able to use his knife!

    While the thought of Arsenal ever being relegated is one that should ordinarily be warded off with crosses and garlic, it might help us get shot of prats like yourself who only whine about every single fucking thing.

    My first Arsenal game ended with “Nayim! From the halfway line!” but I never wavered. This site is always upbeat, and never seesaws like so many of the other morons out there. If you can’t enjoy watching Arsenal play football just for the sheer pleasure of the experience, then I suggest you try another kind of visual activity, like watching paint dry. Knowing your kind, you’ll probably complain that the paint dried too fast.

  32. Jonny always have the answer!

    I along with you Jonny fucking loath how some Arsenal fans have become a bunch of condescending morons.

    Football brings us wonderful moments, and Arsenal is the big part. It also brings me a lot of painful moments but why am I still here?

    It has turned into a season of two sides: the fans who truly believe in this team and won’t give up ever…versus the fans who believe Wenger will never win again and stop giving a fuck about the good things that happen at Arsenal.

    It’s true that when we win (and it’s 16 times do far if I’m correct) it’s always the opponents who suck, Arsenal in thier eyes is now a doomed club with no future.


    And people like rambo need to stop trying to be smart bashing Wenger about not spending the profit from cunt’s sale – ask Tony to educate you of how is that not a bad thing. Stop acting like you are smarter, it’s sad and frustrating cause it’s untrue.

    Many of you lot still think Song is not good enough…I suggest you buy a 10 foot brick wall to put in front of our defense as Song is currently a 6 foot brick wall who can move and play some football. Denial to prove a stance when the player clearly has what it takes is double standard, not to mention stupid.

    But why am I bother? I’ll be fucking smiling and cheering no matter where we are.

  33. Nice work, The Law.

    The story of one mans eternal struggle for entertainment, in a world gone dangerously wrong. A world where [gasp!] even the paint dries too fast.

  34. oh dear, yet again some poor misfortunate has fallen into the bear pit that is untold arsenal.

    rambo, dont be disheartened by the comments that yours have generated. if you come back, and have turned the frown upside down, i’m sure you will be welcomed with open arms.

    more importantly, the game was excellent. the one touch football was just sublime.

    and then the mancs lost, the week is getting better as it goes on.

    lovely line in one of the papers today along the lines that fergies experiment in fielding a youth team has failed.

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