Is the Tottenham game fixed? The complete analysis

The most comprehensive preview of Arsenal Tottenham

The match fixing analysis of the Arsenal Tottenham match under Mr Dean has garnered a lot of interest.

Here is the link to that file…

The problem with the referees, and the match fixing analysis

And to the match preview

The match preview

The history

A history of dislike – Tottenham and Arsenal over the years

And the corruption…

The corruption files – with a special feature on Mr Redknapp


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  1. Pathetic your constant stream of match fixing articles, and whining about referees, you’d think this is a blog written by Arsene. If it goes on well have you considers 19 other clubs have to deal with it too? What you’re doing is taking away attention from the fact that the team isn’t good enough, and the manager is stale. So perhaps some relevant articles then?

  2. I enjoy your articles and believe English football (like most other places) is riddled with corruption. I was really interested in your mention of trolling. The black bin bag protest was outed on twitter as originating from an Arsenal website that was from Pakistan and linked (via a linkdin account) to a manu fan.

  3. In football, the English founded “football rule” to be that a referee has the final say in every match even if he made mistakes and go unpunished. In Hockey or tennis, the referee is challenge if a bad call is made and television reviews are necessary to determine. This is what I call “fair and reaosnable” and football is a miscarriaqge of justice in sports.

    Due to this stupid rule, corrupted referees are tantamount to corruption and go unpunished.

    I hope all these can change and the stupid rule also allow 3 substitutes instead of multiple substitutes allow in other sports such as hockey and volleyball.

  4. Arsenal (what a cheeky little boy you’re being),
    Wouldst that thine withered keyboard-fingers were freed of thine gray matter and not type that points dropped on a pitch has nothing to do with the evident refshite. Canst thee not conceive of more than one thing gone awry at the same time? For you, mon ami, to try and snarl away the evident refshite from fan’s understanding of what they are witnessing is what is “pathetic”. Surely, with your truth-seeking passion, there’s a job (or promotion?) for a stenographer of your talents? Yes, I am impressed by your use of a 3-syllable word like that. Still, spare an an ounce of compassion for your fingers, lest they service yet another such typically boring defense of the FA/PGMOL/Barclays realm.

  5. I think a really powerful way to cast doubt over the legitamacy of the refeering is to take your statistical analysis one step closer to scientific.

    I think you should make predictive statements on what Dean and co. will do based on your research.

    Something like – “We predict that Tottenham will receive less bookings than Arsenal”

    “Mike dean will make more inorrect decisions in favour of Tottenham”

    Then you can measure your predictions against the outcomes. It would be compelling I think for anyone if your predictions became more and more accurate.

  6. goonermichael,
    Would you offer us any link (or other citations) to the chain of malfeasance that you say has been outed on Twitter? It would be most useful hereabouts for readers to actually Know if/that this is the case. It’s an important allegation and it seems there’s been (and please do correct me if I’m wrong) no other non-Twitter account of BlackBagGate.

  7. Martin,
    Just asking, but is your use of “scientific” supposed to mean absolute certainty? I’m just wondering out loud about how high a standard of “proof” you might be requiring for the high probabilities on the pitch that Dogface’s analyses already have been able to demonstrate.

  8. Martin, I predict Mike Dean will send off RVP given the slightest opportunity to do so, should Arsenal look like winning. Dean would then be a hero to many, and for a social climber in the ref world like Dean, that may mean more than any possible form of remuneration.
    For those who say this bias / corruption does not exist, look no further than what happened to RVP in Barca last year. It does exist, and is there for all to see.The only ones who refuse to see it are those linked to the teams who consistantly benefit, as our opponents do under this “official”
    I also predict an early booking for Song, a very nervous afternoon watching JD and Bale attempting to dive, which with these officials……

  9. Martin, the problem with your prediction idea is we are more likely to get booked than spurs. If you look at the league count of red and yellow cards we have five times as many reds and about ten more yellows. Its not hard to predict we will get more cards than them.

  10. @ Martin, this is what exactly dogface does.
    @ Mandy, adding to your thoughts, look at the second leg of barca at stamford bridge in 2009 where chelsea were denied 5 (if i remember correctly) penalties .
    It’s pretty evident and clear :manu in england and barca in europe. If you don’t see it, then @ Arsenal, it gives an indication of your low thinking. So pathetic ,isn’t it ?

  11. Mandy Dodd, All,
    Here’s an amazing Pre-Dean link – a top referee SUSPENDED by FIFA for going to watch the video replay in order to double-check his ruling on a goal. After double-checking, he changed his call. THIS is what video replay can do; and here is a referee turning to it in the interests of self-correction on a game changing bad decision. For this act of treachery – that is, threatening its preferred lack of accountability – FIFA suspends him. This is Exhibit A for the need and desirability of video replay now. A very fitting reminder from 2003!!!! of how long FIFA has been standing in the way of fair play. Behold: One of the world’s top football referees has been suspended – for watching a video replay of a disputed goal to ensure he made the right decision. To quote:
    “Russian referee Valentin Ivanov, who is also a leading Fifa official, has been banned from officiating in games in his homeland until at least 11 July. His crime? Awarding a goal then disallowing it after viewing a replay at the side of the pitch and realising he had made a mistake.”
    And, the source, (Manchester) Guardian football media team:

  12. @bob – you can never be certain science is never certain it works on the law of probability. It is possible to say something will probably happen.
    I think that there is a bias, and by making making statements (hypotheses) it will strengthen the argument.

    @Arun, I didnt see any hypotheses made. Sorry!

  13. Death to Mike Dean….the match is surely fixed after watching the first half….two penalties not awarded and an incorrect penalty at the other end! No more evidence needed…FA wake up!

  14. Martin,
    There’s a disconnect: I’m saying science is NOT about certainty, as scientists know – only probability, like we both are saying. And the point is that probability is what Dogface and others do here. Only now you show up telling people that there’s a correct way to construct a hypothesis and a proper way to test said hypothesis. Are you trying to take people out of the discussion and discount their evidence with a formalist construction? Why don’t you pose the testable hypotheses from the evidence gathered here and do something constructive and practical instead of sitting back and waiting for someone here to give you the right formulation or be judged by you to not have posed a worthy enough “scientific” test of what they are seeing anyway.

  15. I have a slight sneeky feeling that Dean will not be as bad as we might think if the FA really want ‘arry to become Engand manager! Don’t know why, just a hunch!

  16. Hahaha, even Dean couldn’t help (or save) tiny totts today. 5-2 and we are still in fourth place! Yeah, “the team is not good enough and the manager is stale” some moron said.

    Just wait and see, stupid football world, Arsenal will prove that WE ARE RIGHT AND ALL OF YOU ARE MORONS, IF NOT CHEATING CUNTS.

  17. And with “Arsenal”, I meant the Arsenal Football Club, not the cunt at the top comment.

  18. That 5-2 was really nice, hadn’t enjoyed a game since, since, oh yeh, since we beat Chelsea and sent on a downward spiral!

  19. Pretty good for a team that isn’t good enough and a stale manager… What a crap fan!

    Something needs to be done about the refereeing, seriously.

  20. think Kronke was at todays game and the 3-5 Stamford Bridge massacre.
    Maybe like Shard he is a good luck charm? Maybe he needs to vsit more often.
    So many positives about today, but one of the best, fans in unison clearly backing the manager beamed all over the world.

  21. the ref review for this should make interesting reading as the ref made his allegiances clear for most of the game.
    but, as usual the boys show just what they are made of, sterner stuff people….. haahaha!

  22. @DC Someone on this site mentioned Harry and the FA had a falling out and the outcome was the lose at Stoke, Do you really think today was a warning to the Spurs board “let us have him or more of the same”. I felt Dean let alot go today. Alot in our favour. Will be an interesting Ref review.

  23. bjtgooner,
    No offense to canines, but Dean remains is his own dawg.
    btw, have you seen any sign yet of “the mystery traitor” in the ranks on the pitch today?

  24. @Bob, no sweetheart YOU live in the Matrix. I was asking DC a question. Mind your own untill addressed.

  25. @Adam,
    I was at the Ems and it certainly looked like Dean wasn’t giving the Spuds much today even when he could very easily have done so (Bale’s disgraceful dive for the penalty not included of course!).
    What a wonderful bit of irony; the man the FA wants for their next manager shafted by one of their own! 🙂

    What a glorious Gunning-down of the tiny totts this St Totteringham’s Day!
    Immense quality, work-rate and responsibility from all of the lads down-to-man today and from a position of extreme handicap!
    We should all be very proud Gooners today; including those AAA & BBB if they truly love the club!
    ” ‘arry for England”! ” ‘arry for England”! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Re Mandy was it a penalty or did he dive , great prediction thought something of the same might happen

  27. Adam,
    Ooo, did I intrude on your pillow talk? Any word of where “the traitor” in the ranks went off to?

  28. Mandy Dodd,
    Did you note how Parker (he of tehe 2 yellow cards) went right after RvP’s ankle during the first half – as was feared and predicted?

  29. @bob

    No sign of the mysterious and probably imaginary traitor, we had a team of dedicated Gooners playing for the Gunners today.

    But what a match and result, a wee dram is called for tonight (and apologies to any teatotallers).

    What really impressed me today is they way we came back after an unfortunate but poor start and then really skinned the spuds – and, kept our composure so that Dastardly Dean couldn’t dish out more yellows.

    The AAA and media have been relatively quiet tonight – have they had to feed their preprepared scripts to the dogs?


    We shouldn’t leave out Piers when making appropriate gestures!

  30. @Walter,
    I agree, Shard should be made to attend every match!
    Shard, you, and “Silent Stan” should join us home and away more regularly – you good-luck charms you!
    Please try to make Liverpool, Milan and Newcastle! 🙂
    By the way, weren’t the midfield and Sagna & Gibbs immense today? Tomas and Bena were particularly special – such intelligent movement, passing and supporting play!
    Tomas’s goal was 4 against 3 in the box! Incredible commitment and such a beautiful game to have had the privelage to watch! Up the Gunners!!! 🙂

  31. @bjtgooner,
    Many of us have already had a few “drams” post match! Better catch up mate! 🙂

  32. bjtgooner,
    Also great when we’ve achieved a position in the match where any Dean-Time would ‘urt ‘arry’s Spuds.

  33. Steve, Bale is a proven diver and a cheat, not the greatest footballer who ever lived, the cameras caught him red handed today, just a shame Dean did not. I must give great credit to our defence and any one who helped them out, two nil down, a Deanalty, they had to tread so very carefully. In the end, with rapid fire Arsenal goals, even Dean gave up on them , maybe the Parker thing, however justified, was an attempt to improve his stats and hide his clear bias
    Bob, ref Parker, I think there is a prize out there for the ref or player who can take RVP out! Quite a few have tried, Parker just being the latest. There will be more o that I am sure. We also have to face a nerve wracking international, where RVP will play against some with a vested interest in taking him out. Just hope he sets Van Bommel or De Jong onto anyone who tries such a thing.
    Bjt, quite correct, should have put Piers in with that lot, I also , inexplicably missed out Sky TV! And I should have put Mike Dean in twice just for good measure.
    A day when myths and preconceptions have been busted. Harry is and always will be inferior to Wenger.
    We still have a lot to do, difficult games against those who would deny us a place in the CL if they can, then there is the PGMOL, AAA and the media, but today was an illustration of just why the fans need to back this team to the hilt, and how they can help by doing so, and fire us into the top spots. Milan – unlikely, but who knows, this team should be backed.

  34. Is it true that rvp’s yellow card today means he is out for the anfield game? Due to accumulation of 5 cards this season.. please pray this isn’t so!

  35. Mandy Dodd,
    RvP’s continued health and with it prowess means our good chance at at least a 4th place finish. Even ‘arry, to his credit in his news conference said that we are a good and dangerous side and that in Robin we have the best striker in the EPL today. That said, today’s result will surely put many on notice that “news” of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Some of what we can offer: unity and vigilance. As for vigilance, nothing would protect players from chronic hitmen and de facto “contracts” on their ankles so to speak like video replay. Wonder if Parker will be slated in retrospect for going after RvP’s ankles. Then again, he already has picked up his red card. When the impact of this defeat plays out at Spudsville, and given that they face Don Fergus next week and Parker will miss the match, that would seem (as of today) to boil the circus down to the two Manchesters in this year of the Fergus XX. Surely they like ‘arry well enough, but don’t want ‘im to come near tarnishing Lord Football’s trophy in waiting and Sky’s Coronation Ceremony to be. And, for this, ManCity will suffer just enough of a fall to clear the path to the top.

  36. I really do not think it is appropriate allowing comments wishing for peoples death on this site re Asif.However passionately you feel about Arsenal,it is only a game,and as someone who is currently battling non hodgkins lymphoma i can assure you that there are worse things to face in life than dodgy refs.Untold,i expect better of you,sort it out please.

  37. jose,
    I didn’t want to be the messenger bearing this news during today’s party, but I do think it is true and someone somehow or some innovative formations will have to fill the massive breach. This, indeed, is how The Dean has delivered ye ol’ stab in the back. Someone else, please do confirm this.

    (i) If a Player accumulates fi ve cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the
    Playing Season and 31 December (including any FTCM played on that day) in the
    same Season, he will be suspended automatically for a period covering: –
    One First Team Match
    (ii) If a Player accumulates fi ve cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the
    Playing Season and the last day of the same Season, he will be: –
    “Warned as to his Future Conduct”
    (iii) A Player who has already been subject to disciplinary action as a result of receiving
    fi ve cautions and then proceeds to receive a further fi ve cautions during the same
    Season, will be subject to the following punishments: –
    (iv) If a Player accumulates ten cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the
    Playing Season and the second Sunday of April in the same Season, he will be
    suspended automatically for a period covering:-
    Two First Team matches
    (v) If a Player accumulates ten cautions in FTCM between the opening day of the
    Playing Season and the last day of the same Season, he will be: –
    “Severely Censured and Warned as to his future Conduct”
    (vi) If a Player accumulates 15 cautions in FTCM between the opening date of
    the Playing Season and the last day of the same Season, he will be suspended
    automatically for a period covering: –

  39. @Bob sorry if I came across as shirty, You have a nack of getting under my skin with your attacks on people, myself included twice now.

  40. @jose

    Are you sure RVP got a yellow? I didn’t see it and having read your comment checked the official match report, which does not mention it.

  41. @bjtgooner:

    Apparently he did around the 77th minute. I noticed it at the time, but I have no idea what on earth it was for.

  42. @bob, Mandy, bjtgooner
    WRT whether Dean has a dog. I don’t know if he has a dog, but if he does have a dog, I think the dog’s name is Rosie.

    @jose shows Koscielny and Arteta as being carded. The BBC also has Van Persie being carded in the press association game report.
    > 77:57 Booking Robin van Persie receives a caution for unsporting behaviour.
    > 77:48 Foul by Robin van Persie on Benoit Assou-Ekotto, free kick awarded.
    No mentino of this card in the Sunday play by play

  43. Dean did show RVP a yellow for what I thought was a swipe at the ball that didn’t connect with the ball, nor with Assou Ekotto.. It was a poor decision but then this is Mike Dean we are talking about. RVP however will not miss a game cos of a booking as we have already entered the ‘amnesty period’. However, I think if someone reaches 10 yellow cards, then they miss 2 games.

  44. I agree with Dogface (on twitter), the look of pure frustration on Dean’s face when he has to book Parker for the second time tells you everything you need to know about which team was favoured.

  45. @Woolwich:

    I agree as well. You could actually see Dean’s frustration with the Spurs players throughout the match, I thought. Or at least, as soon as Arsenal came back on them.

    He was having some sort of discussion with the Tottenham players in the tunnel just before the second half, after Arsenal had already taken the pitch. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall 🙂

  46. Koz is now on 8 yellows and it is a hell of a long time until April! We really cannot afford to be without him for 2 matches as we enter the most crucial part of the season.

  47. @Adam & Shard,
    You’re correct about RVP; no suspension as we’ve reached the amnesty period.
    RVP was booked for kicking the ball away when we were already 5 – 2 up; very petty, although technically correct, from Dean.

    Sure, you handle the fundraising?! 🙂

  48. Woolwich,
    To me, it looks like Dean’s that frustrated because he’s now lost ground to the Webbweaver in their hot pursuit of becoming heir apparent to Mike Riley. I more than half believe this, btw.

  49. @ All, Although RVP kicked the ball away the yellow card is for delaying the restart of the match, and rightly so, A very annoying time wasting tactic.

  50. Utter paranoia. There was no biased refereeing. Yes Bale dived but it was a tough call for the ref and I would say the ref had an excellent game. Stop trying to make excuses, poor refereeing is just part of the game.

  51. Before RVP got booked, Dean had a strong word with Koscielny for flipping the ball away into the boards after he committed a foul.

  52. @bob @Mandy Dodd,

    Not only Parker, but Sandro was equally nasty, immediately making two bad tackles in his first two challenges after coming on as a sub and getting booked for the second one.

  53. Johnny Deigh,
    Yes! I completely overlooked Sandro and who he tackled this way. Was one either RVP or Vermallen?

  54. Thanks for clearing the confusion up and putting my fears to rest! however @basil has brought it to my attention that Koscielny is two yellow cards away from a two match ban! As a defender he has won my heart this season with his mettle and hard tackling! We need him!

  55. Tottenham-Stoke was fixed!!! Tottenham have connections to Croatian Mafia kingpins!

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