Exclusive: Interview with Arry’s dog Rosie on the Arsenal/Tott match

Untold Arsenal has been very fortunate to get an interview with Rosie, Arry Redknapp’s constant companion and translator of matters mathematical.

UNTOLD: Rosie, we know that Arry treats you as a very special friend – as witness the fact that he gave you £200000 in your own bank account.  How are things?

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD: We learned in the court case that Arry is dyscalculic, so he must have struggled a bit on the score during the Arsenal/Tots game.  I mean, there were quite a few goals, with the tinies taking up a neat lead courtesy of the ref, and then Arsenal working hard to come back with a series of quite glorious goals.

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD: Indeed.  So at half time he actually thought the Totts were in front even though that was far from the case.

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD: I imagine you were able to set him right and tell him that despite the referee Arsenal actually fought back. After all the ref was totally twisted, bizarre, disgraceful, misleading, unknowing, eccentric, weird, unhinged and unfocussed.

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD: Must have been difficult in the second half – what with the numbers going up and up

ROSIE: Woof! Woof!

UNTOLD: And what did Arry think the final score was?

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD:  So he thinks the totts won eh?   Well fancy that.  He’s going to be confused when he sees the scores in the paper.

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD – Oh of course, he won’t actually be able to read the scores in the paper because he’s dyslexic as well as dyscalculic.  Amazing.  Does he have any idea which games the tinies have won this year?

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD: So that explains a lot.  And what about all the tiny fans leaving the ground before the end.  I suppose he’s used to that though at the Lane, given the appalling transport system there.

ROSIE: Woof!

UNTOLD: So another fine Tottenham victory for Arry and his dear wife – and indeed you yourself Rosie – to celebrate.  Well, well done The Tiny Totts.  A great victory over Arsenal at the Emirates.  A triumph.  Well done.  You came and took the Emirates with your referee, and all your media friends.

ROSIE: Woof!

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  1. Woof

    thanks to Tony for keeping me updated about the game.
    At half time of my own game I found us 3-2 in front. And when I saw that we came back from 2-0 down I just knew we would win it.

    Still have to see the game but cant wait to start watching it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Woof to that 🙂

  2. Some sensationalist blogs are reporting injuries to TV5 & Rosicky, any real news on their status?!

  3. @Sammy the snake.

    It’s at arsenal.com as well. No chance for them to play Wednesday, unsure about next weekend.

  4. No need to slag off dyslexia for cheap giggles. Do what you do best. Even some of us Gooners have family with difficulties. Very un untold like.
    Great afternoon though.

  5. I particularly liked the chant Alan Davies sang on the tuesday club podcast (can’t remember if it was last weeks or the week before) Harry redknapps lost his dog,lost his dog lost his dog,Harry Redknapps lost his dog,now hes bankrupt!Sounds much better when sung,check it out if you haven’t already its free on i.tunes,very funny,especially the one recorded during the trial,Rosie jokes galore.Sammy,Wenger said in the post match press conference that Rosicky has a back injury and Thomas an ankle knock and are both doubtful for next weekend.I hope that it is a sneaky way of pulling them out of the mid week friendlies ;we were told on monday that Adi,Modric,VDV and Assou Ekotto were all doubtful for the NLD and lo and behold they were all magically fit (never believed them anyway!)I hope this is similar and we will see them trotting out at Anfield because Djourou v Suarez fills me with dread!!I am hoping Bellamy plays in Gary Speeds memorial match on wednesday then he might not make the weekend as he has trouble playing two times in a week.He is a player i really like and he worries me!!

  6. Dec, I think the defence presented by arry in this court case and presenting him as a dyslexic is the real bad thing. That was more taking the piss of persons with such a handicap. And my daughter is dyscalculic so I am more angered with someone who pretends to have it like arry did. I think this was laughing with arry and his pretending.

  7. Accepted Walter. Don’t know what the real truth is re Arry, shame on him if he’s pretending, on the other hand, if he does have challenges in that area, full credit to him for getting by. There are millions of things to laugh about today without even raising the topic.
    Allez Les Gunners

  8. Great result fantastic articals on UNTOLD. that result will keep Woof,woof in his kennal for a while, want about that cheating Arse hole Dean when are we going to see some fair referees for Arsenal teams, anyhow well done to all at untold

  9. I wanted this to be written in the article that dealt with his bank account. I could not.

    I write it here, someone who says he opened a bank account with hundreds of thousands of pounds in an offshore bank and says he forgot about it completely is simply LYING.

  10. ‘Arf ! ‘Arf ! And much ‘tail-wagging’ from us over here !Never had a ‘sniff ‘ that things would go so well our way .Almost wet myself seeing them being ‘ hounded ‘ and ‘ pounded ‘ to “tails-between-legs ‘ submission .They had to run and fetch without any reward.
    Let them be the ‘butt’ of the jokes for a change.’Arry was a sorry sight and had to ‘sit’and take it all in and looking like a ‘heel’ in the ‘dog-house’.It might have been better if had just ‘play(ed)dead’and’roll(ed) over ‘.
    Doggone it !Have run out doggy themes and terms !

  11. Dec – I am dyslexic, and like one of my daughters have been tested by an ed psych. Although I keep work and Untold separate, in the 1990s I co-wrote the Multi-Sensory Learning programme which is widely used in schools in the UK with dyslexics. One of the things we learn to do early on is laugh at ourselves and the world that did this to us. It is the best way.

    My annoyance at Arry was that in the evidence he was making claims that he was dyscalculic and dyslexic, without any evidence being presented that any of this was true. That did annoy me, and wanted showing up, in my opinion.

  12. The following conversation was heard this morning at the Emirates:
    Minnie (cleaner) “I’m glad the boys didn’t score 6 against Spurs”.
    Ada (another cleaner) “Why do you say that?”
    Minnie “It sounds funnier to say 5 past Spurs rather than 6 past, when I’m asked the time”.

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