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By Tony Attwood

I think I can start in no other way than by quoting just a couple of the comments that appeared before the game on Sunday against, oh, who was it, you know, those guys with the manager with the dog…

Here’s one, which appeared after what I consider the most insightful piece of analysis I have ever seen on Untold – (I refer of course to the monster post by Dogface as a prelude to the game against the Tinies.)

“Pathetic your constant stream of match fixing articles, and whining about referees, you’d think this is a blog written by Arsene. If it goes on well have you considers 19 other clubs have to deal with it too? What you’re doing is taking away attention from the fact that the team isn’t good enough, and the manager is stale. So perhaps some relevant articles then?

Here’s another one…

“Nowadays they [Tottenham] are better, simple as that, we have just been beaten by Milan and Sunderland comfortbaly, we are off form, spurs are on form, how are we suppose to win this game I just cant see it happening”

Or even this one

“Petit. “I even fear that some [players] have lost their trust in Arsene” “

This is the view that everything is awful, we are going to be relegated, this is the worst football I have ever seen (not forgetting that I have been a supporter at Arsenal since 1964) and look here’s a quote (maybe) from a player who hasn’t been at the club for many, many years, and although a brilliant player in his time, really hasn’t got much of a history as an insightful commentator.

One might also call it “No Argument Syndrome” in that there is rarely any attempt to reply to the detail in the pieces on this and other sites, just the few lines of rant, and telling us we are stupid.  (Actually some of the words I am called are a little worse than that, but I excuse the writers since I know their vocabulary is limited).

In the car on the way to the game we were debating exactly what seasons were worse than this one – especially for the History Deniers who claim that this is the worst season since…

We came up with quite a few possible contenders for the worst season we have seen: 1965/6, 14th in the league, knocked out in the 3rd round of the cup, 1974/5, 16th in the first division and knocked out of the cup final by West Ham.  Beaten perhaps by 1975/6 – 17th in the league, and knocked out of both cups in the first round in which we played.   I could go on with such figures, but there’s no much point.  (And I am excusing the season Graham was sacked because some people always say that one doesn’t count).

If you have No Argument Syndrome or are a History Denier, such arguments don’t matter – it is all a case of just shouting louder to drown out the reasoned argument and pouring out more and more abuse.

As it was, those of us who kept the faith knew that in our last two league matches we had knocked in nine, and could do it again – if we could just overcome the ref.  All of Dogface’s predictions about the ref were there to be seen – although watching the re-run on Match of the Day they were not since they carefully edited a lot of them out.  And now in this worst season of all time, with players having lost their faith in the manager, and there being no chance of us winning, we win 5-2 – one of the great Arsenal victories over the Middlesex Boys.

(Incidentally I was rather pleased that the programme editor did marry up the Arsenal Uncovered piece on Tottenham with this game – they too are deniers, denying that their club was promoted to the Football League after coming 8th in the Southern League, and then complaining that Arsenal fixed it by being promoted from the second division to the first after coming 5th, when there was an expansion of the league.  But that’s of interest to me because I wrote the piece.  Sorry, I’ll get back to the plot).

I can’t really describe what it was like to be there – the nervousness amidst all the usual jokes and fun, the talk about past seasons, the discussions about which of the 15 or so loanees will make it into the first team, discussion of the youth team now miles ahead of the rest in their league… all the usual.

And then the gloom on going two down – not just that the first was clearly a fluke and the second quite obviously, from the viewpoint of the North Bank upper, right hand side, where I sit, was a dive not a foul.

But there was also a feeling – Tottenham had got two freaky goals and we were peppering their goal with shots that were getting closer by the second.  And quite simply the feeling that despite the awful scoreline we were dominating play.

And beyond that a real feeling that the players were thinking, we are not going to be beaten by a bunch of cheats aided by a referee who is either serially mistaken, or worse….

So the figures turn out:  We had 57% of the possession.  We had 23 goal attempts – more than twice the Tottenham number.

In short, we ran the game.

Now, Monday morning, my voice has gone, and I had to take throat pastels last night to try and help me get to sleep.  Of course I wake up to the fact that Liverpuddle are the top story of the day, having beaten a second division team on penalties – yes of course a much bigger story, because the only story the press and their blog followers want is Arsenal Lose It, Wenger Loses It, and Untold Writers Are Deluded.  That’s the agenda.  I’m rather glad we couldn’t oblige.

The reality is we present evidence upon evidence about the extremely dubious way refereeing is run in the Premier League, and there are few people able even to put up a decent debate against our arguments.  We are, simply, “deluded”.  Of course we would all love to be top of the league, easily into the next round in Europe, and still in the FA Cup.  Of course we would.

But we are fourth, 14 goals in the last three league games and playing some rather attractive football, having just had one of our best victories over Tottenham.   For something like 14 years we have been higher up the league than they have at the end of the season, and yes, maybe they will for once be higher up than us, as they celebrate 51 years since winning the league.  Of course they would love more than anything to have Arsenal’s record of 14 odd years in the top 4, of having won the league a few times since 1961, of having a nice new stadium rather than having to get money off Boris in order to build one – sometime.

And of course I don’t know where we will end up this season.  If Tottenham play like they did for the rest of the season and we play like we did, we’ll end up above them, without a doubt.  But there could be more injuries, more match fixing, or we could just lose form – it happens.

But unlike so many, my friends and I will be shouting, cheering and supporting the team.  Not sniping at them with non-arguments and mindless abuse.  We support without condition – whatever, whenever.

If you have been supporting Arsenal all the way through – thank you.  My heart is with you.


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67 Replies to ““Nowadays Tottenham are better than us, simple as that” and other fun stories”

  1. Thank you Tony. 🙂
    It was a pleasure to start my day with your writing.
    A High5-2 all the “Spuds in Disguise”.

  2. To be honest after watching Arsenal v Sp*rs for years …. I do not think the result of yesterdays game meant a lot apart from bragging rights. I have seen both teams loose games in bizare circumstances in the past with score lines that were hard to fathom.

    If we beat Liverpool though it will be a different story it will look as if we have turned a corner in the run in of remaining fixtures and may well end up in the top 4.

    However it was great to see Rosiscky playing great again and Song dropping back in to the back 4 allowing Sagna to join the midfield and creat extra width who said AW doesnt do tactics ?

    Those getting carried away on both sides havent watched enough derbys, but hopefuly next weekend we will beat liverpool and watch Sp*rs falter against Man U, Everton and Chelsea in their next 3 games.

    Their could be a St Totterings day yet 🙂

  3. So….how many of you saw the weird “celebration” from Dean when Saha scored the freakgoal?

  4. Nice to wipe their faces on the floor full oftheir crap , Tony. I was pissed off with some clown who had asked AW in a prematch interview on ESPN I think( I did not catch it in full),”…what do say( or think) when even someone like George Graham says…
    Someone like “Stroller George ” ?, who took bungs for buying useless Scandinavian players and did a Judas turn to manage the Spuds .
    I saw red and would have wrapped my hands around said cunt had I been there.

  5. Love you goooooners congratulations guys :D:D it was a great Sunday :D:D.

  6. Makes me laugh…one win and Wenger is god again. Last week the Arse fans wanted his head. The fact that Arse fans are celebrating like they have won the league is a very good indication of the jealousy and secret respect Arse fans have for Spurs.
    The fact is HR got it horribly wrong. The two most successful players in recent games against Arsenal have been VDV and Lennon. Both declared themselves fully fit but HR left them on the bench. HR is an excellent man manager but tactically he is inept. Unfortunately to be a good international manager you need to be both. In truth, Spurs played one of the worst games I have seen this season if not the very worst, whilst Arsenal played theyre best game of the season. So we played well below par and Arsenal played the best they can. Hardly confirmation that things are improving at Arsenal is it? I cannot believe how much you sad Arsenal fans are celebrating…and whats it all for? we are still 3rd and you are still below us and rightly so. You have been crap all season whilst Spurs have been brilliant. Enjoy it while it last losers the table don’t lie.

  7. ‘And of course I don’t know where we will end up this season. If Tottenham play like they did for the rest of the season and we play like we did, we’ll end up above them, without a doubt. But there could be more injuries, more match fixing, or we could just lose form – it happens.’

    There could also be more good Spurs performances, more poor Arsenal performances and more feuds at Chelsea. Because Spurs have good players, Arsenal have some lazy, inconsistent, highly talented players and Chelsea can beat Utd and City if they put their minds to it, but can self-destruct like a bunch of prima donnas too. Liverpool may kick on from winning a trophy or they may get complacent: we’ll see next weekend. They can affect this season too.

    The league is decided by how well or badly Arsenal players play. Trust me if you praise Arsenal players for playing well, and yes indeed they did play well this weekend, you must chide them for being paid £70k a week and turning in a shocker, which they have indeed done on numerous occasions this season.

    The era of uncritical support was when you boys stood on the terraces for £1 a week and the boys playing earned no more than you did. The boys who did worse in the sixties got paid, even by today’s standards, less than 1% of what the current lot get paid. So why should they have performed so much better?

    When they are paid an absolute bloody fortune, they take responsibility for their performances like adults.

    Now grow up and support the team or bring a court case against the FA. You make Arsenal FC out to be the most despicable, self-centred, selfish, self-righteous, superior bunch of conspiracy theorists since I don’t know when.

    Arsenal beat Blackburn 7-1 because they played really, really well against 10 men. Arsenal lost 4-0 in Milan because almost to a man, they played like absolute shit. They beat Sunderland 2-1 because they fought to the end and lost 2-0 to Sunderland playing like a bunch of girls. Yesterday, their defence was all over the place for 20 minutes but they grabbed the moment by the balls, played like Gods for 30 minutes and ran out worthy winners.

    That’s a grown up analysis. Which is what men earning £50k a week should expect to get.

    It’s a shame your site is for children aged 6 and under.

    Tell the Arsenal squad they’re earning children’s wages in future.

    And see who’s left come August 15th in your new era of enlightenment.


  8. @Brady’s right foot

    OMG that clip of Mike Dean doing his jig of delight is unbelievable.

    Good spot.

  9. LOL Tony, I think Rhys has stopped hating me but has turned it on you now…

    Are you Geoff or Pedro in disguise?

    I loved the comment that this is a site for children aged 6 and under. And this from a man who has been here for years…. LOL 😉 🙂

  10. Mike Dean cannot control his emotions, it is truly remarkable.

    I urge people to watch this clip.

  11. You do realise that we are at the end of Feb, we’re out of all competitions and in a battle for fourth place. Although I, like you, am delighted with yesterday’s battering of the Spuds, let’s have a bit of perspective. Thanks for all the memories but time to move on, Arsene.

  12. Tony, I wish (cockily) you’d quoted my comment on another site at 9.11 am yesterday,
    “Arsenal turn up when you least expect it.
    Therefore I predict a home win (after the usual yellow and red cards, handbags flying and appalling referee errors)”.

  13. Davegooner – this is exactly what I am talking about. We are fighting for survival against financial doping, and against the refereeing system which has many issues to answer. These are much bigger problems by far than the management of the club which does wonders despite these two big obstacles. Just to dismiss the huge and detailed arguments revealed by Dogface with “Thanks for all the memories but time to move on, Arsene” is not an argument or debate – but a revelation of a complete lack of understanding that there even is a larger picture, let alone a debate about the larger picture.

  14. The thing is its hard not to be suspicious sometimes, I mean Modric controls the ball with his arm then plays in Bale who surges forward and waits for an arm before falling over. Then more inconsistency as if a foul has been committed (and you assume the ref thinks so as he has just awarded a penalty!) then no card is given. Its all so inconsistent, perhaps it is just human error, perhaps the way we play invites dubious calls who knows. It doesn’t harm to question though. Going back to the worst season though 94-95 has to count, purely for that fact that I saw something like 8 away games that year and didnt see us score a single goal!

  15. rhys are you seriously that bitter after such a magnificent day? …..wow
    yes things havent been anywhere near perfect this season but when circumstances are put into context surely a reasonable mind can understand just how lucky we are.

    sure i have a few negatives knocking about like will we beat pool without robbing, plus injuries but after…

    -not just beating the scum 5-2 but totally out playing them.
    -after fighting from a fluke goal made largely by us switching off again and a cheating one.
    -rosicky scoring after so long. and what a beauty it was too.
    -robbing unleashing that left foot after a two step boogie around the scum defence.
    -ole ole at home against the scum.
    -on greedybayors birthday.

    i could go on but you get the picture. but somehow you as an arsenal supporter have managed to get up this morning glum?

    almost as strange as the scum thinking there better than us.

    grab as much happiness as you can mate, it all we have.

  16. We were awful..truly awful and that is what you Arse fans are celebrating…a win against a side who played well below par. We wouldn’t have beaten a sunday football side they we played yesterday and yet lot are all celebrating like yopuv’e won the world cup!! lol
    Redknap screwed up the selection and left our two most influential derby players on the bench and the rest of the team went to sleep. It was by far our worst performance of the season. So you celebrate away like all your christmas’s have come at once..lol…it really is a sign of the distance now between Spurs and Arse, the fact that you cannot believe your luck. So many Arse fans saying before the game that they will lose the match as Spurs are playing so well and yet you catch Spurs on an bad day and win. I remenber the 5-1 thrashing we gave you not so long ago and I celebrated immediately after and that was it. Just to remind you, we beat you at our place this season and you still havent equalled the 5-1 demolition we did on you lot. LOL…so keep patting yourselves on the back muppets.

  17. great piece tony…yesterday was just amazing and once again i was wishing i was there… Mauling spuds is always nice but doing it in that matter was just amazing

  18. Great blog.

    All will be revealed one day but it won’t be until Fergie is taking part no more.

    The stupid Spuds writing on here are still deluded even after getting a pounding.

    HR should have played VDV and Lennon boo hoo. Like VDV another cheating diver came on against a tired defence and did what?

    I have never seen so many divers in one team, Bile,Modpric,Adebywhore,the Engerland RB who by the way is average at best. And lady Penelope’s fucking chauffeur. All diving at will. Maybe Tom Saley takes training at Shite Hart Lane.

    So they played their worst game of the season and we played our best as one tosser says.

    Really, I know they like poking their noses into Arsenal business but they are not even very good voyeurs either.

    We played ok and they have got hammered by every other team in the top four apart from the lucky game v us at their place when we were denied by the Ref again.

    Another point is we have been playing ALL season without Willshere and most of the season without a RB and LB.

    Things are not all rosy at the Arsenal but even when we have a poor season by our standards we are still better than those over hyped divers from up the road.

  19. re on the quotes i really do wonder where one of them has disappeared you know the one who suggested there was a traitor in our ranks? Must have gone back to his sewer

  20. paul paul paul. your argument conveniently leaves out so much fact trying to explain how silly you are being would be like trying to explain to a dog what a spot light is.

  21. No Walter not that DVD…the 5-1 thrashing we gave you, the 2-1 at the lane this season, the 4-0 Arse loss to Milan, the same Milan we easily beat…oh and yes maybe the 4-4 when we stepped up a gear after coasting for most of the game. lol…theres plenty for me to watch mate…I could infact console myslef by watching all your crap performances this season and the chanting of the Arse fans of “Wenger Out”…you lot will be celebrating all week..LOL..god how sad is that.

  22. @walter agreed..if rhys hates this blog so much them why does he keep posting here? Im starting to think the same as you and that he might be indeed the admin of le groan

  23. Paul Paul Paul…

    Let me give you some context mate.

    The WORST Arsenal side in 15 years THRASHED the best Spurs side in 50 years.

    Surely with those figures for the respective sides you wouldnt have expected to see 5-2?

    Still a bit of season left, but be very careful thinking you lot sit comfortably in third spot.

  24. @paul what does it say about spuds when we have a really awful season but still you’re only a place above us? Your best team in years got HAMMERED by our supposedly worst team ever.. Suck on that

  25. @Steve,
    After going 2 up I don’t think you ever imagined your team would lose the game. What it was then faced with was a never-say-die attitude which began to pay off.
    Your lads did their best but after 2-2 was reached there was only one winner on the cards.

  26. Talking about putting things in perspective. How do people manage to conveniently forget the unreal sequence of injuries we have had. We have virtually 1 (2-3 week) injury every 2 games. And we have had an unbelievable number of long term injuries this season Vermalean (2-3 months), Sagna (3-4 months), Jenkinson (2-3 months), Santos (3+ months), Gibbs (2-3 months), Wilshere (all season thus far). One way or the other, these guys would have either made the first team if fit, or would have reduced the pressure/ exhaustion of current first team players. The other uncanny thing is that we have had to play virtually since December with no real full backs (who supply a key component of our game— or can you imagine how we would have faired without Sagna and Gibbs in yesterday’s game). Put these into perspective, and you can only conclude that 4th place (or possibly 3rd by the end of the season) would not be a bad placement.
    But then again its become clear to me that not everyone here is a Gunner.

  27. Steve you don’t have to remind us of your win at WHL earlier in the season. VDS using his arm to control the ball and a freak shot by a full back who is never likely to score again wasn’t too disimmilar to your 2-0 lead yesterday.
    You were just blitzed by a far superior side.

  28. Bad tactics by Spurs in the midfield set up but I will take 2 wins out of three games from the arse any day.

  29. Spurs Fans need to concentrate on the rest of their season, the next 4 games are tough and vital ones, which could define their season. Finishing above us once in last 16 years, is testament to spurs, but were a much more consistent side than Spurs, pretty much always have been. So for Spurs fans to jump on the high horse is hardly warranted.

    Ont he result, regardless of Harrys tactics I think we won the game in midfield. Even when they were 2-0, we were really all over them. Arterta, Rozza and Song basically controlled everything, and I think it was more a case of Wenger got his tactics right. Benny, Rosicky and Song understood the kind of perfomance needed in a derby, which is why I feel the likes of the Ox, Gerv and Ramsey were all dropped.

    RVP was getting so much service yesterday, and right now he is single handedly crushing the EPL. And not just with goals, when he gets service his hold up play and passing is, simply put, exquisite. Rosicky also deserves a mention, as he was unplayable agains the spuds, when hes in that kinda mood you can see the similarities between him and Cesc. Driving runs, composure and fine control, finely threaded through balls. Also, the guys turning ability is immense and is one part of his game which gets overlooked..

    In a nutshell, the tide cannot turn in a simple season. To say that Spurs are now the bigger club is just ignoring history. On the basis of THIS season, yes Spurs have been miles apart. But this is in one season, which still isnt over? Ive said this before, Spurs can learn alot from us. We are a self-sustained club, new stadium, profitable, great academy and consistent (despite the last 7 years).

  30. Ryhs, I always thought your responses came from someone about 10 years old.. respect to you for being able to write like that at just years six of age!

  31. @Tony, there’s some really good posts on here and they are more aligned to my views than Le Grove or similar blogs. However, I will continue to read both and agree/disagree with both when I see fit.

    Your post today is somewhat self-congratulatory…I could forgive that if it was more about the result but calling out Dogface in the way you have is out of order. I thought you were above that sort of thing. Perhaps I was wrong. Somehow I doubt that Dogface is crying in his beer somewhere.

    With regards to the match fixing…I respect the amount of effort that clearly goes into these post but I don’t agree with them. Every club could argue these points. We are the third most succesful side behind Liverpool and United. That says it all really. If somebody has been fixing matches they haven’t been doing it very well. No it wasn’t a penalty yesterday, it was a dive. It was a poor decision, more by the linesman than the ref, who was behind the play and it would have looked a penalty to him. But the real cause was rank poor defending to put us in that situation in the first place.

    Look, I hold similar views about supporting Arsenal. You’re a little older me, my first game was in 1970. So I can recall some of the dreadful teams of years past. Football is cyclical etc etc but a lot (not all) of the noise is coming from supporters who have only known the good times under Wenger. They don’t have the experience of going season after season with mediocrity and not even being in the position to win the league or be in cup finals. They have no patience for it. When @Rhys quotes paying £1.00 to get into a game he doesn’t realise that proportion of the average weekly wage that was. Going to football has always been expensive (might make a good article that).

    @ Paul…..
    “jealousy and secret respect”. No mate, sorry. I wont even bother with the rest. In terms of goading Arsenal fans that is distinctly league 2 material.

    I respect where you are coming from

  32. Great win lads. This is what I want from Arsenal- ‘the never say die’ attitude. We completely owned them. For once, I am glad Wenger took a bold decision by picking Rosicky and Yossi and dropping Ramsey. I don’t know whether its due to injury but Ramsey’s played a lot this season,hence looks fatigued and this tends to slow our game, he must be rotated. Also Yossi was good and should be given more games. With Gerv and Oxo as impact subs, we can finish any team off. But in defence, Sagna by his high standards was slow off the blocks early on. Plus I hope Verm has no major injury coz I hate the sight of Djourou who is so short of belief and confidence this season. And we absolutely need RVP fit this season. If he’s on a roll like yest, we win, if he’s poor, we lose.
    Also this win will not disguise that we are virtually trophyless again this year and fourth is still a mountain to climb. But if we play like this, we can rescue our season and come summer, I hope Wenger rebuilds the squad and gets RVP to extend the contract so we win some trophies next year. There’s still a lot to play for. Up Arsenal!

  33. Tony, Tony, Tony,
    You see, just like The Dean does his unconscious victory jig as Saha’s freakish goal enters the net, that you’ve unconsciously quoted Arsene Wenger in a tell-tale way!: “…Sorry, I’ll get back to the plot).” Now, I ask you Rhys Jaggar, how did you ever miss this faux pas of Tony Atwood’s – surely the mother of all Gotcha moments! 🙂

    (But, of course, Ryhs will tell us IN CAPS (like yesterday was it) that everything you just read is tongue-in-cheek so that Untold and supporters would have our teachable moment and see how the rest of rational creation really sees what we look/sound like to them. OMG.)

  34. This 5pud2 fans are pathetic,We played better,we bossed the game,we made them look ordinary,their so called best derby day player in recent time came in for the 2nd 45 mins & i’m not sure he even had a feel of the ball except when he was bamboozled alongside mopdrich and Sandro,funny.For the always moaning Arsenal fans,you guys can go hug transformer like we say here in Nigeria,Rhys the 6 year old come to mind,come to think of it,a 6 yr old like you write like that,that’s awesome,you’d make a good english prof when u’re 20,lol

  35. In a way very interesting to see that the AAA and the spurs fans use the same type of language and almost say the same things at times…..

  36. Rhys Jaggar,
    Tell us, doesn’t that Victory Jig of the Dean put you in a WWII state of memory? If not, try looking at The Dean’s visage in the photo in Dogface’s masterpiece of a day or so back. Any semblance there to another manipulator? I’m just talking coincidence now, not channeling the past or anything. And I know it’s borderline psychotic to do this, and ask you to opine on it with your long memory. But if this offends thee, you too might now know, at times (like today’s posting), what you can sound/read like. I am hardly one to lecture anyone on calming down, but, take it from one who should know, sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

  37. (Great name, Cescsational, but really, it feels soooo 2010, and like many a heartbreaker, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.)

  38. (UA Admin: Btw, I prefer my former Avatar to this new one, even if the last few postings might merit it, aesthetically speaking of course.)

  39. Bob – you’ve changed youe email address, hence new avatar. Go to Gravatar if you want to set up an image against the email address you post from.

  40. Maybe Dean will be on daning with the stars with that little celebration.
    I think the Milan result wasnt a bad as you think Rhy’s. Id say the the strips of ground laid each side that were un playable were to stop Arsenals pacy wingers and limit our game throw us of stride. Im not defending the whole performance BUT you will find that Arsenal will probably win the home leg without scoring 4.

    Anyway the past is just that and all that matters is Liverpool now ….BUT somone should ask the PGMOL what the f-ck was Deans celebration all about.

  41. RedGooner, All,
    Why not write a group letter to PGMOL and demand that The Dean’s dance be officially submitted by them posthaste to Dancing with the Stars as a vox popular demand. That will give it the high visibility it so richly deserves and help to publicize The Situation in which our own Fred Astaire lost control and allowed his inner allegiance to break through in a truly masterful display of self-disclosure. The Dean does Le Faux Pas. One for the ages…

  42. On any other site for six year olds, a grown man hanging around to chat could be considered a paedophile…
    Having said that, is there anyone who posts on here who wasn’t alive the last time we won a trophy? It would explain a lot of the posts!

  43. Tasos,

    yes I stumbled on the game against Juve and I even twittered about it saying that the pitch was so much better ..

  44. I seem to recall Dean doing a similar celebratory jump for joy when he blew the whistle for full time at last years Carling Cup final? Maybe someone has the clip.

  45. Never understood how someone can call themself a fan one minute and then make a comment about how their Boos made someone score a goal. Seen it on other blogs, the mind boggles.

  46. Amazing win, supported the team through the whole 90+ minutes and never doubted them. Spud fans think that Arsenal supporters are pathetic, but when they lose they just go on all the existing current threads and moan like unhappy little kids, it’s just sad, sums my entire opinion about the majority of spud fans there are. Btw, true story: people on this site probably do know how thick headed spuds fans really are? I was working on a project in Munich in autumn and one of the senior consultants (20 years older than me) was a proper through and through spud fan, I didn’t care about it, but he obviously did cause once he found out that I support Arsenal he just couldn’t shut up (pretty embarrassing for a man of his age), he was always asking me why I support Arsenal, always telling me how great tottenham are and how **** Arsenal are, he was even so thick to say that Van der Vaarts goal wasn’t a handball but a really well worked shoulder move, I mean what the hell? I was always calm about his idiotic remarks, but one evening when our whole team were having dinner at a restaurant the waitress has accidentally given me the pint of beer he has ordered before me, he just went: “Typical Arsenal fan, always taking things that belong to us”. That’s when my patience finally gave in and I responded with: “Typical tottenham fan, can’t stop complaining about the neighbours”. Well what can I say, my whole team (there were like 10 of us) had a really good laugh at him, the guy has never spoken to me again and guess what, he was good friends with one of the senior managers, so I bet it was a coincidence, but one week later I have lost my job under strange circumstances and all my colleagues knew that it was him who contributed to getting rid of me. My only words are: “What a ****!”. We really should have a spud encounter section, just a thought

  47. Rhys,

    I normally enjoy reading your comments as they are often well thought out and ‘outside the box’ but on this occasion your comment is not as well thought out it seems.

    The bit I don’t like is where you are critcal of a statement saying ‘if this happens then this will be the result’. Of course, if that doesn’t happen, then that wont be the result.

  48. From Jack Wilshere on twitter send yesterday:

    Apart from the day Archie was born….this is the best day of my life!


  49. I just remembered something I saw yesterday. While walking to the stadium I saw a solitary flyer stuck onto a light pole. I didn’t stop to look at it, but in one glance what I saw was that it was titled, J’accuse (Which probably means I accuse or the accusation) and two of the bullet points contained the words ‘Paying the highest prices’ and ‘how much bullshit can you take?’

    The fact that they would put up something like that, with a title in French says all you need to know about whoever put it up there. If they are serious and want to discuss or change things, using French in a cheeky way, and using words like bullshit is not something they’d do. Incitement is the only reason they would do that, in my opinion at least.

  50. Where is the media outrage regarding Bale’s dive, not a mention anywhere. Poor Theo got crucified last season for admitting to and apologising for a dive.
    And of course Eduardo and Pires are the universally used examples whenever the diving debate comes up on talkshite or in the newspapers.

  51. @Mick

    Don’t you know, British players don’t dive. Walcott isn’t really English, because he plays for a French team.

  52. @Mick: Oh, how could you say that? Bale is not that type of player, etc etc (just as Parker is not THAT (other) type of player)

    Oh I remember now, he has only been booked twice this season for diving, heh? See? He is clearly not that type of player.

  53. Hey nice to find a blog which has not be written by a group of school girls. I am lying here after surgery but still have a smile on my face after yesterday’s result. I find it so hard to take all the negative crap I have to read in the media and sites like el grove. I just wish goners could back the team no mater what perhaps if we finished 10 th this season we might loose some of the fair weather supporters that are sapping the morale from our great club. Have a great week everyone let’s enjoy this feeling without personally attacking our great player and great manager. Again thanks for a great blog guys!

  54. Funny reading comments from some very bitter people. This result could hit the spuds badly, as could uncertainty over arry’s future, and they know it, apart from the deluded who really believe jose is on his way to the lane…..I can tell them something for nothing, it will be moyes if redknapp goes…….hooooooooff!

    We still do have a lot to do, as mentioned, injuries and refs may cause problems. Not sure who the Liverpool ref is, but would assume dowd?? Pitches will also play a part, amazing how these days, we are looking so much better on a playable pitch…..amazing.
    Future away fixture include I think Liverpool, wolves, QPR, west brom and stoke. Not a pitch expert but anything we potentially have to worry about those teams pitch wise? Would imagine stoke could come under the plough?

  55. Imagine being a Spurs-fan. Having to live life under the illusion that your rival supposedly stole your spot in the league almost over 100 years ago (even though that rival didn’t, something with telling nonsense for so long that you start to believe it yourself, there is a name for that),seeing that rival grow into massive proportions, revolutionizing football, changing the shape of English football, despite your own club having a sugar daddy.

    Then they even get a stadium so huge and prestigeous that the national football team of Brazil want to play most, if not every European game in that stadium and they still stand on top. Then during the build of that stadium, you spent tons of money, just to keep up, try to copy the ideals of the rival club in the process, you finally get some wins over your rivals and even 1 season in the Champions League (something that your rival has done for the last 14 years, progressing from the group stage every time, a streak not repeated by any other club in Europe) and in your best season yet, which would considered a normal season under your rival’s standards, some say even below, you look like you can finally do the double over your rivals.

    It is time, the passing of the torch is now. They are weak, you are strong. This is the moment where you have been waiting for your whole life. In their stadium. 2-0 up. You can just taste it. You already envision having the most amazing sex with the misses afterwards.

    And then they score 5 goals and you are put back in your place again. Gone is the passing of the torch, gone is the unique double and gone is the prospect that your misses had of some long-awaited satisfaction.

    Yes, oh yes, how wonderful it must feel to be a Spurs-fan.

  56. P.S.

    RVP knew what he was doing when he was sliding on his knees, celebrating the equalizer. He knows what, where and who that reminds people of.

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