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August 2021

Untold Ref Review: Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur

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The day when Fulham tried to take over Arsenal – the full story in “Making the Arsenal”

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Today’s referee is Mike Dean – Much has been said about Dean before the game. Now let us take a look at one of the most weird ref performances from Dean.

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Mike Dean (2012-02-26)
Period 1
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
1 OTHER Arteta Parker C Trip 1
2 OTHER Song Modric C Good advantage given 1
4 GOAL Tottenham C Correct goal 3
8 OTHER Adebayor Koscielny C Push 1
9 PENALTY Gibbs NC Walker didn’t play the ball and caught the leg of Gibbs, should have been a penalty 3
10 OTHER Ekoto Arteta C Trip 1
11 PENALTY Parker C No handball 3
12 OTHER Sagna Bale C Trip 1
14 OTHER Arteta ? C Assumed correct 1
15 OTHER NC Ref only gave a signal after the ball was taken quickly, ball was not taken on the place of the foul 1
18 OTHER Walcott Ekoto C Trip 1
25 OTHER RVP Bale NC Trip 1
29 OTHER Song Parker NC Trip not given 1
27 OTHER Walker Benayoun NC Push not given 1
29 OTHER Song Walker NC Trip not given 1
30 OTHER Parker RVP C Came in frontal, always a foul. 1
30 YELLOW Parker C Dangerous tackle, correct 2
30 YELLOW Modric C I think for dissent but as nothing was shown we have to five the ref the benefit of the doubt. I have heard later on he would have kicked the ball away after the whistle? 2
31 OTHER Adebayor Koscielny NC Push not given 1
31 OTHER Koscielny Krancjar NC Because of the push Koscielny makes contact with Kranjcar, the ref gives a foul now 1
31 YELLOW Koscielny NC To make things worse he gets a booking 2
32 PENALTY Szczesny Bale NC Bale goes past the keeper and then goes to the ground without any contact at all. A nice dive and Dean well…. 3
33 GOAL Tottenham NC Shouldn’t have been a penalty so shouldn’t have been a goal 3
35 OTHER Sagna Bale C Held him 1
37 OTHER Adebayor Sagna C Trip 1
40 GOAL Arsenal C Correct goal 3
41 OTHER Song Adebayor nc Trip not given 1
42 OTHER Arteta Bale C Trip 1
42 YELLOW Arteta C No intention to play the ball 2
43 GOAL Arsenal C Correct goal 3
45 OFFSIDE C Advantage given by the ref 1
46 OTHER Song Adebayor NC Trip not given 1
Period 2
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
46 OTHER Adebayor Song C Trip 1
48 OTHER Benayoun Walker C Trip 1
50 GOAL Arsenal C Correct goal 3
55 OFFSIDE Tottenham C correct 1
58 OTHER NC Friedel touches a low shot from Walcott but no corner given 1
58 OTHER Rosicky ? C Cale in with the arm first 1
60 OTHER Sandro Arteta C Trip 1
61 OTHER Sandro RVP C Came late 1
61 YELLOW Sandro C Wild tackle 2
62 OTHER Modric Arteta C Trip 1
65 GOAL Arsenal C Correct goal 3
66 OTHER Rosicky Modric C Trip 1
68 GOAL Arsenal C Correct goal 3
69 OTHER Adebayor Sagna C push 1
72 OTHER Spurs ? C assumed correct 1
73 OTHER Koscielny Adebayor C Trip 1
76 OTHER Jenkinson C push 1
78 OTHER RVP Modric C Trip 1
78 YELLOW RVP C kicked the ball away 2
85 OTHER Oxlade VDVaart C No foul but a clash of two foot ref stops play 2
86 OFFSIDE Tottenham C assumed correct 0
86 OTHER Song Parker C Trip 1
87 OTHER Parker Vermaelen C Dangerous lounge 1
87 RED Parker C second yellow card and a well deserved for a nasty tackle on the ankle 3
89 OTHER Adebayor OXLADE NC trip not given 1
91 OTHER Jenkinson Krancjar C trip 1

Let us go to the penalty decisions and as usual it was one way traffic from the Dean master. Nothing for Arsenal and all for the Spurs is the way we know Dean. This game it was no different. Walker bringing Gibbs down without touching the ball was not a penalty for Dean. Bale diving and sticking out his leg towards Szczesny and even the missing the keeper but the penalty given. And what was that crap of going to the linesman mr. Dean? If you weren’t sure about the penalty you should not give it. Of course the assistant told Dean to make his own mind up. I would tell it to him. I think Dean knew he had been conned by Bale but he didn’t mind it that much I think.


COMPETENCY SUMMARY – Mike Dean (2012-02-26)
Period 1 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 3 4 75.00
OFFSIDE 1 1 100.00
OTHER 11 20 55.00
PENALTY 1 3 33.33
YELLOW 3 4 75.00
TOTAL 19 32 59.38
WEIGHTED 28 48 58.33
Period 2 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 3 3 100.00
OFFSIDE 2 2 100.00
OTHER 16 18 88.89
RED 1 1 100.00
YELLOW 2 2 100.00
TOTAL 24 26 92.31
WEIGHTED 34 36 94.44
Totals Called Total Correct %
GOAL 6 7 85.71
OFFSIDE 3 3 100.00
OTHER 27 38 71.05
PENALTY 1 3 33.33
RED 1 1 100.00
YELLOW 5 6 83.33
TOTAL 43 58 74.14
WEIGHTED 62 84 73.81

Now this is where things are getting utterly amazing. If you look at the first half score it is really ridiculous low. Well not for Dean maybe but this was utter crap refereeing from the ref.

But then something must have changed at half time. Because in the second half he almost made no more mistakes at all.  He got all the major decisions right, in fact he got almost all the decisions right in the second half and this got him a score of + 90%!!!!

Was he informed about the Bale dive and was angry and wanted to give himself a chance to go to the European finals this summer? Because falling for that fall doesn’t look great on a ref his CV when you want to apply. But I cannot remember Dean being so even in an Arsenal game for …well i cant remember it at all but it must have been from before the Ref reviews era.

So at the end of the day his score was just acceptable. A rubbish first half and an almost perfect second half. And guess what…when Dean was good we finally managed to win a game under him.  It does have an influence how a ref performance you know.

BIAS SUMMARY – Mike Dean (2012-02-26)
Period 1 Arsenal % Tottenham Hotspur % Total
Correct For 9 47.37 10 52.63 19
Correct For Weighted 15 50.00 15 50.00 30
Incorrect Against 8 61.54 5 38.46 13
Incorrect Against Weighted 15 75.00 5 25.00 20
Fouls Commited 12 57.14 9 42.86 21
Fouls Penalised 7 58.33 5 55.56 12
Period 2 Arsenal % Tottenham Hotspur % Total
Correct For 14 58.33 10 41.67 24
Correct For Weighted 23 67.65 11 32.35 34
Incorrect Against 2 100.00 0 0.00 2
Incorrect Against Weighted 2 100.00 0 0.00 2
Fouls Commited 8 44.44 10 55.56 18
Fouls Penalised 8 100.00 9 90.00 17
Totals Arsenal % Tottenham Hotspur % Total
Correct For 23 53.49 20 46.51 43
Correct For Weighted 38 59.38 26 40.63 64
Incorrect Against 10 66.67 5 33.33 15
Incorrect Against Weighted 17 77.27 5 22.73 22
Fouls Commited 20 51.28 19 48.72 39
Fouls Penalised 15 75.00 14 73.68 29

The wrong calls favoured Tottenham. We got the double of the wrong calls. And when you look at the important wrong calls they all went in favour of Tottenham. So don’t think he didn’t try to tilt the pitch. This time the team was stronger than the 12 opponents on the day.

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So a very bizar performance from ref Dean. And I must say that because of so many things happening in the game that not much replays of fouls were given and because of this a lot of things couldn’t be reviewed or we just had to agree with the decision on the field as we couldn’t dig deeper than we did now.

53 comments to Untold Ref Review: Arsenal 5 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur

  • Gf60

    This is lovely and maybe typical of Dean’s 1st half.

    At least I didn’t see him giving the ball a blow job to get it there a fraction faster.
    Whereas Webb, my least favorite policeman would have whacked it wiv ‘is truncheon.

  • Just a slight criticism, a spot of proofreading wouldn’t have gone amiss. Parker’s dangerous lounge must have lots of sharp corners and heavy objects balanced precariously 😉
    One can only assume that Dean was either trying to play advantage-Spurs or inadvertently doing so in the first half; their abject performance in the second half either disgusted him (the reaction to the Parker 2nd yellow) or made him realise he’d have to go too far.
    The shot of him “celebrating” Saha’s goal, for want of a less accusatory term for his bizarre behaviour is inexplicable.

  • Kentetsu

    Somewhere in the first half – I think at a score of 0-2 – Friedel took ages to take a goal kick. They had time to show two or three replays of an Arsenal shot on goal, then still time to track RvP for a good while and still the kick was not taken. Even at this stage of the game Dean should have told Friedel to hurry up.

    Then at the end of the first half three minutes of added time was signaled. Right at the start of added time play was interrupted for about a minute due to an injury of Walker (?). Dean still called it half time after only three added minuted, though.

  • I tagged the video onto your comment Woolwich – hope you don’t mind?

  • Kentetsu

    As for Dean’s changes to go to Euro 2012…

    UEFA named the referees at the end of last year and Webb is representing England. Possibly Dean can still go as an assistant ref? Otherwise he could’ve been invited by the FA, but he screwed up those chances after yesterday’s performance in the second half.

  • Cæz

    I would suggest that you take a new look at that Bale penalty situation. It was not Szczesny’s “foul” that caught Bale, but the defender right behind him.

    I can not speak for Dean, and what he might have seen or not, but a penalty was correct.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Woolwich peripatic,

    what a mistake to make (red face smiley 😉 )

    there is a bit of a problem with the comment us ref reviewers have to write. Like in my case we have a page to fill in that is even wider than the average computer screen. And so the text is really small and we sometimes make mistakes.

  • Mick

    Shouldn’t Arsenal have had a penalty when Freidel twice pushed Walcott at an Arsenal corner?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Maybe Dean is just a Morris dancer? 😉

    Tony, I think you are an expert on both dancing and Morris dancers so you could tell us the difference between just a leap of joy and a surely complicated step from a Morris dance 🙂

  • A first half different from the second half for the ref. Why?

    Of course I don’t know why this ref seems to give so many wrong calls in Arsenal games, and I have no evidence in terms of photos or tapes or anything of anyone bribing the ref, so I make no allegations.

    But talking of a totally hypothetical situation in which a ref is bribed in the Italian style (the “we’ll see you all right if you just edge matters along a little for us” type approach) then we might well see a situation in which the ref gives lots of help and support for a team at the start, including giving them a penalty and the like.

    Then he eases up and makes things proper and correct. If his paymasters said, “why the hell were you not helping us in the second half” he can say, with some legitimacy, “look – there are people out there who already know that I am bent, I have to try and make it look reasonable. I gave you a really good start – it is hardly my fault if your team is so crap you can’t hold onto the sort of advantage I gave you, is it?”

    Of course this is all made up – but if I were writing a novel about a bent ref, or maybe a set of bent refs, that is the sort of scenario I would put in.

    When Juve won the Italian league by buying the refs, they were a good team. The refs gave them that extra edge – but beneath all the match fixing they were still a good team. Just look at who played for them.

  • Please tell me where the rolling blog is?
    Thank YOU.

  • @DogFace,
    No problem, the more you watch that clip the more the mind boggles.

    I found it amusing mainly because I could see one of our players being booked for an unbelievably stupid reason, such as ‘having curly black hair and thick lips’ (like Constable Savage from NTNOCN).

  • i’m willing to bet the FA won’t investigate dean for assent.

  • “A first half different from the second half for the ref. Why?”

    Maybe because he’d been caught on camera doing the fucking riverdance and willing the ball over the line for Tottenham’s first goal?

    Ahh – the power of Twitter.

  • dan

    I missed Dean’s Riverdance but I’m more than happy to offer my services to teach him a move or two in break dancing.

  • Mick

    Henceforth he shall be known as Michael ‘Flatley’ Dean in recognition of his dancing skills.

  • Damien Luu

    Maybe after our third goal Dean knew that there was no chance for the tinies anymore and so he tried his best to cover up his first half.

    Or maybe he accidentally met one of us in the half time? 😉

  • nicky

    Your in-depth post mortems on the performance of referees are so
    microscopic that I’m beginning to wonder whether ANY referee would succeed in obtaining regular approval from your beady eye.
    Have you no thought of these poor individuals who, practising their art of doing down Arsenal at every chance, now have to face a nitpicking probe into their corruption.
    If only you were blessed with psychic powers! 😆

  • bob

    Yes, well spotted! Those two delays are perfect examples of what we now are calling Dean-Time. A new form of time that flies only when his favored side is ahead in the match. (Meanwhile tempers fugit too.)

  • bjtgooner

    An excellent review of Dean’s antics. I suspect that something was said to him at half time, something like “don’t make it too obvious”. He really bought into the Bale dive far too readily – and he knew it. Spurs were being outplayed for most of the first half and for Dean to change the game after half time he needed Spurs to be good enough to help him to help them. Spurs were not good enough and Dean, under the microscope of 60,000 fans, could not risk (or was told not to risk) much more.

    What a great team performance from the Arsenal!

    I normally have sympathy for the other team’s fans – but to some of the sour spuds who have been invited themselves to brag on this site recently – you got what you deserve!

  • walter

    And about Parker. I have reviewed a few Tottenham games this season and he just is a dirty player. In those games he should have gotten more (double) yellows but was left of the hook a few times. This time even Dean could not ignore it.

    By the way the match commentator in MOTD2 was talking utter bulshit about the first tackle. Saying something if you come in like that you cannot avoid contact but he got the ball first. Well my dear match commentator that is just the point why such a tackle is not allowed. Because you will make contact and a painful and possible dangerous contact and that is why it is called a foul.

  • Jerry

    Watching Dean’s celebration of Saha’s goal, makes Arsenal’s comeback and win so much sweeter! Great game from Rosicky showing that magic we missed! By the end of next weekend we could potentially be only 4 points back of the tiny tots! Everyone needs to get behind the club and support them through this tough stretch!

  • dan

    This is no good, its only fair to see Dean’s face after the final whistle.

    Come on people someone must have something.

  • Mandy dodd

    That river dance thing is outrageous, surely that has to find its way to the fa? Not that they will do anything.
    A very interesting review, from this report and what we saw, something clearly spooked dean in the second half. Maybe citeh bought him by outbidding arry! I agree that much as he would have liked, he could not have helped spurs further without seriously compromising himself, even he must have some boundaries.
    Can only agree with some of the earlier comments on this game, Parker should have had a straight red, and bale is a serial cheat, he clearly knew what dean is about, but maybe this helped complacency set in on their part, that with a perfect arsenal performance. Not that you would realise what bale or Parker did from the media though.
    Yes , dean, Parker, bale, a collective disgrace, but for me , the biggest disgrace, some of our home fans, some of them sicken me. I hope they do not succeed in driving theo out, he has things he needs to work on, but believe me, if we lose him, he is the sort of player who could come back to haunt. I know it was all cheers and ovations at the end, but some fans need to look at the impact they have, look at how the team responded to a positive atmosphere, we have fans who are fickleness personified.
    Rant over

  • bjtgooner


    Good rant. You are quite right, some divisive fans are now starting to target Theo – now that the previous target, Arshavin, is out of range. They are probably the AAA/BBB or have had their minds poisoned by the AAA scum.

    Lets hope they get some sense, otherwise another rant will be required!

  • Adam

    Right, I’ve played that video about 20 times and still can’t believe my eyes. You can bet your house that if Arsene Wenger was caught doing a “Riverdance” on the sidelines it would make the news, But a ref celebrating a goal is not called into question. Mental, still can’t believe what I have seen.

  • Mandy dodd

    The aaa seem to spend most of their time on other blogs either boasting about how they have given, or are about to give up season tickets, just hope their words become actions , and don’t come back when we start winning!

  • Adam

    @Walter, I need your wisdom. Is it possible for a team to play so well that it will make a referee redundant for a period during a game?

  • Notoverthehill

    Dogface, can confirm if Phil Dowd was the 4th official? So a television review in the Officials Room at half-time, perhaps made Dean aware that he had been too biased in favour of the away team.

    Tony, in view of Spurs new stadium plans, surely covenants will be put in place by the lenders to ensure Levy produces 3 years of forward planning of positive prudent accounting policies, restrictions on indebtedness and £30 millions ring-fenced for the Bond holders plus the annual interest due thereon, etc.

    With the new Stadium, Levy will find it very hard to fund new transfers, wages etc. In other words Arsenal Holdings are now 6/7 years down the rocky road in paying off the Stadium Bonds.

    We must be very grateful to the Board of Directors and Mr Wenger, for their abilities in ensuring the covenants are honoured.

  • Tasos

    This game proves that with a big team performance it is possible to individually overcome the Refshite, but collectively, over the whole season, the obstacle is too much.

    Off topic but, next weekends match officials are;

    Liverpool v Arsenal 12:45pm
    Referee: M Halsey
    Assistants: S Bennett, R Ganfield
    Fourth Official: L Mason
    Match Delegate: J Bramhall
    PGMO: I Blanchard

    Plus the return of Martin Atkinson to a Man Utd game;

    Tottenham Hotspurs v Man Utd
    Referee: M Atkinson
    Assistants: C Breakspear, M Mullarkey
    Fourth Official: L Probert
    Match Delegate: S Morgan
    PGMO: W J Norbury

  • bjtgooner


    Please have a look at the link below showing some comments from Graham Poll of the Daily Mail. Your comments and those of the other readers would be appreciated.–Graham-Poll.html

  • Shard


    I think the PGMOL is making a lot of effort to make a show of their impartiality. Mike Dean was probably told to not go overboard so that the record of 11 Arsenal matches without a win would finally go away if Arsenal deserved it to. And now Atkinson is being given a ManU match to erase the fact that he didn’t referee them for almost a year. What he does remains to be seen. Maybe Spurs will be allowed to win to a)make up for them not being handed a victory against Arsenal and b) to show that ManU isn’t being guided to their record setting, most glorious 20th title.

    Oooooohh the dramas of the Premier League. Nothing to do with sport at all, but who cares.

  • Gooner Gal

    And in other news Gareth Bale has contacted Stuart Pearce to say that he now needs to consider his options at the 2012 Olympics. As in addition to football, his diving skills are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

  • Gord


    I think Walter does people a favour in being particular about things. I know that football played in different localities has different kinds of endemic fouling and bad sportsmanship.

    One thing that would probably benefit all players from the youngest up to say U-18, is for the referee to decide occasionally to be pedantic. And tell both captains at the beginning of the game, that EVERYTHING will be called. If someone cannot play football in a game where everything is being called, they don’t deserve to be on the pitch.

    I too would like an opinion from any of the reviewers here, on Graham Poll’s review. Because he thinks that Gibbs was going down before he was fouled, and he believes that Szczsney should have seen RED. No, I am not expecting all referees to always produce the same result. Ideally one hopes for small variance.

  • RedGooner

    Walter please take a look and tell us how it compaires with our Ref reviews ? Its hard to fathom……

  • DC

    I have to say, Dean wasn’t as bad as many of us Gooners feared and by allowing the game to flow (unless it was clearly a Parker assault or the obligatory random yellow-card he likes to dish-out to remind us all he’s still around!) he contributed to a wonderful spectacle of a match and a glorious St Totteringham’s day for all Gooners!
    On, the Bale dive and pen, that was honestly a tough call and I could see why he gave it on real-time viewing from where i sat! Of course it’s ok to say that now cos we battered the Spuds but I have to say he did well not to show a red-card, or even a yellow for that matter, when most if the tiny totts were calling for it. Walter, why would Dean have given a penalty but then not at least book anyone in that incident?

    Wrt Dean’s Irish-Jig, playing devil’s advocate, perhaps he was just jumping-up to get a better look at the flight of the ball to make sure it crossed the goal-line beyond Wojciech? After all, he is quite a short fella isn’t he?! LOL! 🙂

  • Al

    Not surprised really by these refs favouring spurs at every opportunity; last time spurs won at the Emirates Dowd gave a free kick after a clean tackle by Song at the edge of the box, which led to a penalty after Fab was deemed to have handled while shielding his face. Next up van Der vaart controlled the ball with his left arm before scoring, and escapes punishment after going into crowd to celebrate when on a yellow, and this bale dive. In that time did Arsenal ever get a questionable decision in their favor against this team? No. It’s robbery. It sickens me to note some gunners fail to see that every season we get robbed of at least 9 points by these bent officials. We would’ve won something by now if these rotten men weren’t so united in wanting to see project Wenger fail.

  • Mahdain

    @tasos and shard martin atkinson selection for that match has blown it wide open… Atkinson may have learned his lesson on not messing with lord fergus and hence do all in his power to ensure united win and hence please lord fergus and master riley OR he may decide to settle the score with both of em and hence screw united again… What are the odds of atkinson putting in a sick note again?

  • Jon

    How can you say Spurs second goal was NC because it “shouldn’t have been a penalty” when on the previous line you’ve already judged that the penalty decision was NC? You’ve counted the same decision twice (with maximum weighting for both).

  • Tram

    About Parker’s second yellow. I thought it was a needless tackle and an avoidable card, leading me to conclude that, already carrying a card, he deliberately got himself suspended, so he gets to go to B&Q next weekend instead of being humiliated in an off-form team against ManU. Totts have previous for end-of-season cowardice.

  • WalterBroeckx

    The Gibbs penalty and Poll his view looked a bit to the old camaraderies thing.
    Walker swung his leg towards Gibbs and the ball. He didn’t make contact with the ball and did end up against the legs of Gibbs. I think Gibbs, with all his injuries from bad kicks in the past seasons, anticipated the leg coming and wanted to prevent a full impact on his leg or ankle. So he jumped up a bit so when Walker made contact he couldn’t get injured.
    But the swinging leg from Walker made impact against the legs of Gibbs.
    For me this was one of those typical situations where this would be given all over the field by the ref in 99% of the cases but they stay away from it in the penalty area.

  • mark

    Walter you are right about Gibbs being fouled by Walker. It should have been a penalty but way to often the refs will not call it. I think Bale most likely dived but from the angle that Dean had it would have looked like the goal keeper tripped him. If Gibbs did touch him it was before he got into the penalty area. So the only way Dean could have judged it was that it was a trip by the goalkeeper.
    Thanks for video of Dean’s dance!
    It was a great performance from Rosicky, Arteta and Song in the midfield!
    I agree with another comment, that a good team performance can overcome bad and bias officiating in one game but it is very hard to do over a season.
    I hear that Parker put Vermaelen out for a few games. The second yellow could have been and should have been a straight red!

  • WalterBroeckx

    REd Gooner, thanks for the link and my view will come online today.

  • bob

    Parker also went for RvP’s ankle in the first half’s malfeasance. Then he extends the hand of peace and friendship to desperately make up for it. That would be one against our best offense and the other against our best defense. He’s got good taste if not prior instruction?

  • bob

    p.s. Parker’s handshake that sought “forgiveness” was for TV who initially, at least (twice), refuses to shake it.

  • Gord

    @Walter and Mark

    Thanks for the update on the foul on Gibbs.

  • Gord

    Seeing as this review is already finished, it might be a moot point. But, is releasing a FREE version of the game.

  • Stevie E

    Seems the infamous Dean Jig has hit the mainstream press –
    Be interesting to see how they brush this one under the carpet

  • WalterBroeckx

    From now on we will call him Dancing Dean. Maybe we could make his own song from now on on the tune of Dancing queen from ABBA?

    He can miss, he can cheat, having the time of his life
    see that ref, watch that scene, dancing the Dancing Dean

  • El Gringo

    I love it, Walter. And for certain other villains of the match:

    He can fall, he can dive, having the time of his life,
    see that cheat, watch that scene, Gareth the Diving Queen

  • WalterBroeckx

    this is a great song to make such things…

  • Mandy dodd

    Dancing dean, superb. Best one I have heard since fulham fans singing you won nothing in the air tonite, your touch was shite fernando!

  • zdzis

    Well, I watched the game over and over again recently (I constantly forget to take anything else with me, and it’s a fine sight, so it goes good with an out-of-home breakfast), and I must say I’ve grown tired of it a bit. I still believe you can’t pin Arsenal’s losses down on referees alone, sometimes these decisions are wildly big, sometimes they are just a part of the story. But still, Dean did a poor job of it, for sure.
    While I don’t think Gibbs’ penalty call was 100% foolproof (it was an accidental kick), I just can’t bear Gary Neville yapping on about how there was no contact and Gibbs fell down before there was any contact. It’s seriously grounds for taking a visit at the optometrist. Then, when Arsenal were completely in control of the game, in defense as well, he went on to say how they looked shaky at the back and went forward too much. A pundit, dear me, of the same quality as Dean as a referee.
    The penalty was, of course, a complete fabrication, but this time Neville got it right: if there was any contact at all between Gibbs and Bale – or Szczesny and Bale – how come was there no card? Even when there was no intention, he was almost past Gibbs already, so he was about to score apparently. It’s customary to give out yellows, and even reds in situations like these. This made me think that there might actually be something in this story about referees being bent against Arsenal. But there’s another possibility: a home game for Arsenal, a contentious decision that Dean had to consult before going through, and perhaps had doubts even after the fact – maybe he was simply unsure he was doing the right thing but decided to go along with it simply because he couldn’t deny a foul being committed? In any case, whether it’s being bent or being unsure, it’s unprofessional.
    Another very weird decision was that yellow against Koscielny. A complete accident, and he was tripped. It’s like giving a handball when there was no movement towards the ball – “what should I do, cut off my hand?” A completely wrong call, much more ludicrous than the penalty even.
    There were other doubts as well, such as how did Adebayor not get a yellow? In the 1st half alone, he made 3 or 4 pushes, most of which were called. He should have been booked early on in the 2nd half. A similar story about Song – he made several tackles that weren’t too clear.
    All in all, I like to watch it, but I just can’t bear that Neville guy. What’s he doing out there?