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July 2021

We haven’t stopped yet… there’s still time to have more thoughts on the Tottenham game.


By Walter Broeckx

Well, well well. It looks as if we are developing a few lucky charms these days.

Let us start with our regular reader Shard. Boy oh boy what a time to come to London. I don’t know when you are going back home again but please reconsider your plans. I do insist. You must and if you are not willing to stay out of your own free will I think someone should kidnap you and hold you here. And just take you to the Emirates whenever we play. Do you have tickets for the Milan game? If not I expect one of our readers who has tickets to give it to you so you can be in the stadium to see us go further in the Champions League.

All jokes aside I think Shard will be the most privileged Gooner on earth these days. 7 against Blackburn, 5 against the Totts… I’m sure he will have enjoyed every minute of it (apart from the first half hour yesterday maybe….)

Another lucky charm is me having a cold. Okay against Blackburn the cold was a bit more than just a cold but it started with the just average cold we get now and then. And just recovered from being sick I got another cold this week. Not as bad as the first one but still I felt sick the whole week and again we trashed the opponents in the Emirates.

So if anyone has a cold during the next weeks, just come over to see me and pass it on and I will take it from you. Because after games like this you don’t feel sick anymore.

Let us move on to a bit more serious things. Not that I really feel in the mood to be serious about anything at all for the moment. Sunday was the first time in ….well I can’t remember how many years that I was not able to see a game live. I had my own game that started half an hour after the Arsenal game. I was a bid sad about it but as it was an important game for myself so I had to go. I asked Tony to give me the final score if he would be so kind. He would do it he told me.

So when at half time of my own game I came in my phone was buzzing for what happened to be the 5th time in one hour. The last message said : Rosicky 3-2 up. I then looked at the other messages and found out that we had been 0-2 down at one stage. And now 3-2 up. I just knew we would go further at that moment. And beat the hell out of them. After my own game coming in the dressing room seeing 2 more message. So that could be 2 more goals. But for whom? I opened the last message and it said : 5-2, Parker off, 3 mins to go.

This was beyond my wildest dreams. Trashing the best Tottenham team in 50 years in our worst season in a very long time. From that moment on the day was one long celebration and feeling good. The only bad thing was the fact that the after game reception and meal took too long for my liking before I could go home and watch the game.

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But I did watch the game. I saw the 12 Tottenham players celebrating the first goal and watch the Tottenham player dressed in black to the right of the picture.  I then saw the dive (you were right in your message Tony it was a dive) from Bale and of course Dean would give them the penalty to win them the game, they thought.

And then I saw some kind of anger in the players. Some kind of rage. It was as if they were furious about that injustice done to them once again by Dean. It was as if all the players said : enough is enough. Like Sagna said after the game: “In our own stadium, against the ENEMY, we could NOT LOSE!” Bacary, a true Gunner and  boy it is great to have him back at his best

And so the Gunners rose above the Spurs. They rose above the ref (the assistants did a rather good job in my humble opinion). And they went from strength to strength. We just scored 5 goals in half an hour. Just like against Aston Villa in the FA cup we just played them from the pitch until we got the game in the bag.

I think it is terrible to pick a player out to name him man of the match. All the players on the pitch played with a passion and with a big heart. On Rosicky is getting most of the votes and I think this is  great for him. After that long time out with injury, and working so hard to get back to his level and finally he seems to be getting there. After all the abuse received by many fans about getting rid of him and declarations of dead wood that had to be chopped. Great to see him perform like he did at his arrival and great to see glimpses back of the Rosicky from old days.

Looking on the internet I took the way to the sewers of the Arsenal blogosphere. I just had to see what they were saying. And can you imagine that some “fans” sorry you can’t call them fans. Let alone call them supporters. That some of them were angry when we scored 3-2. They said: “oh damn now we won’t get rid of Wenger.” Can you f*cking believe this????

We just came back from 0-2 down and get 3-2 up and they say: shit, we will not get rid of Wenger.

This site has always been very supportive for Wenger. It is on the top of the site. And when we lose we get some people coming over saying that we support FC Arsene and not FC Arsenal. But my boy there are people out there who want us to lose even against the Spurs because it could be good for  Arsène Wenger if we win.

Coming back from 0-2 down and go 3-2 up is not just good for Wenger my dear sewer rats from down below.  It is most and for all good for Arsenal. It is good for the football club and good for the supporters. And if you cannot celebrate that fact then it is time to leave this club as a supporter. Or maybe it is time to show your true colours and admit that you are a supporter from another team.

Any supporter who has even the slightest doubt when we came back, because it might be good for Wenger, is more obsessed about Wenger than we maybe are at Untold. Of course it was a great day for Wenger. And I admit that I really liked this for him personally. But this was more than about Wenger.

This was about restoring the pride. This was about all players on the pitch wanting to win this game. For themselves, for the fans. Who knows even for the manager. This was all about players wanting to let the ref see that even his cheating wouldn’t be enough to make them lose.

Last year almost on the day we got the biggest blow of the last years when we lost the Carling cup final under Dean. Maybe this game today will be the start of a new Arsenal. An Arsenal that can fight back against all the odds and against the combined forces of the FA and the PGMOL. The message has been sent : we will not surrender even being 0-2 down against the best team in the world and the best manager in the world according to some who pretend to know and against one of the most biased refs in the EPL.

3 wins in a row in the EPL in the last 3 games.  Scored 14 conceded 4.  4 goals conceded from a great free kick, a Mertesacker injury slip, a deviated shot and a wrong given penalty. But we fought back with heart and passion. And boy that is all I can ask from my Gunners on the field.


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36 comments to We haven’t stopped yet… there’s still time to have more thoughts on the Tottenham game.

  • Paul

    All, can you not see beyond the euphoria of winning one game? This does not change your season and the clamor for good news by your fan base merely highlights the desperate plight you are in as a club? You are not going to surge up the league. Theo is not going to be consistent good and RVP will walk at the end of the season in order to win things. Tottenham were shocking last week. The thumping was deserved. Bale through the middle gave them no width and this was further compounded by the omission of Lennon. Bale’s wondering exposed an already shaky left back Ekotto. To quote a once very good manager “judge our performance at the end of the season”. All the best in the Europa and guess what, you still will not win it!

  • Pierre

    Nice article. I think i have something to do with this myself. the 7-1, 5-3 and 5-3 all came after my team were tonked 5-0! 🙂

  • Pierre

    oops, i meant 7-1, 5-3 and 5-2

  • Dale

    I can’t wait for Spurs next game to come around because i’m getting fed up both all this. Yes you beat us and I expect as a spurs fan some banter but the way you lot have gone on, it’s like you’ve won the league or something. This has possibly been your worst season under wenger and its another year without a trophy but if beating spurs for the first time in a couple of seasons is all that matters to you then fair enough but at the end of the season we’ll look at the bigger picture and then we’ll see whos happier

  • Redfacesefes

    This will be a harsh lesson don’t judge this game has a marker for your form trust me it wont last next week you play a team who also swallow tempo . The reason i knew you would come back was a player who came from the next team you play was the opta states outstanding robot. He was in the squad along with burnt out torres when they finished second and got reported for efe so brag because i no why you upped your tempo after 15 mins. Dr Wenger and American energy shite Liverpool American shite lets see who wins i will be back when the gaps 10

  • Cyburton Gooner

    Fans? Supporters? Well I certainly regard these peoples as fans, in the literal sense, as after all fan is simply short for fanatic and these people are fundamental fanatics in their hatred of Wenger. This is in spite of the fact many of them wouldn’t even be following Arsenal if it wasn’t for Wenger in the first place. Supporters they are most definitely not, as to be a supporter requires the act of supporting which they clearly don’t do.

    Also like other types of fundamentalists, they see everything in black and white. If you’re not with them, then you must be an “AKB”, which they’ve somehow turned into an insult, regardless of your actual views. To them there’s no middle ground.

  • Alan

    Yes, yes we get it, you won your cup final. Well done. Shows how Arsenal have dropped their standards when their fans are rejoicing at beating spurs.

  • Pat

    True words, Walter.

    Alan, was it a great game of football or not? Did Arsenal play with unbelievable skill, determination and team spirit? Did we come from 2 – 0 down to win 5 – 2? Did we score five great goals? So what’s not to celebrate?

  • Shard

    Haha. Yes Walter. It has been an amazing couple of games. Combined with the ManCity match 5 years ago where Cesc scored the winner after RVP missed a penalty (and not counting the Emirates Cup match against Inter Milan), I am maintaining my 100% victory record. As I pointed out somewhere else, even when I go back, Arsenal will still win. My TV may not be as efficient as me being in the stadium, but when you consider that since I started watching 15 years ago, Arsenal have had one of their most successful periods, I think we’ll be alright. Arsene Wenger’s contribution is secondary to me watching of course 🙂

    Alan, what we are celebrating are beating a bunch of classless twits who have been screaming for years about how they are NOW ahead of Arsenal. Oh ok.. not now..but next year.. Ok next year for sure.. And the one time they are ahead (with 12 games to go) they have been firmly reminded that class is permanent, and something which you can’t buy from Boris, or find in Stratford. North London is ours. Get it? I doubt you do but then you do support Spurs. Can’t blame you there.

  • Indyfan

    I’m puzzled, Shard. My recollection is that Spurs won at WHL and now Arsenal just evened the score at the Emirates. That leaves us with the current points count to compare perfomances, and, again as i recollect, Spurs are seven points ahead of you. Time to boast if and when Arsenal finish ahead of Spurs at season end.

  • Dave

    ha ha ha priceless, still going on about it just proves that we are your biggest game of the season where as you my irrelevant little man are no longer ours, DVD anyone, our worst game of season your best blah blah blah mind the gap please.

  • Ken Hay

    Three points each this season. Better for both clubs than two draws. Spurs and Arsenal are the two best run clubs in the premiership. The derbies are nearly always more entertaining than the dross produced in Manchester and Liverpool. Both clubs have had some superb wins and embarrassing defeats this season. Neither side will ever have permanent bragging rights in North London. Remember- the fans are loyal to the clubs- the players are loyal to their wages. Shame there’s no silverware at stake in the North London derby!

  • tom elwood

    well well well just listen at you lot , one minute your slagging off your manager and theo walcot and the next minute hailing them as heros . just shows how fickle you really are and obviously not true supporters of your team .when all the dust settles from your deserved victory and the reality kicks back in , out of fa cup , out of europe , again and out of the race for 4th spot you will all be back to your old slagging off selves . enjoy 5th or 6th place , spurs have got bigger fish that they are starting to fry .

  • WalterBroeckx

    off topic but this was great read from the Per Mertesacker website where he wrote about his progress after the surgery on his ankle and that all is going to plan for now.

    But then came this part:

    What is really, really tough is something else – watching the team. As you can imagine, the Champions League game was torture. And on Sunday it didn’t look good for half an hour or so. But then I thought: wow, that’s some cool club – they are turning it around! I almost felt like in the old days, when I followed Arsenal from a distance and felt like a fan: “This is a great club!” I am really proud of being part of a team that is capable of putting in a performance like that. I’m already looking forward to being back in London next week, because it is annoying – especially in your first season – to be away from the team on account of an injury. You want to spend as much time as possible with your new team-mates.

  • Mandy dodd

    Think stan k is also a lucky charm, from what I have read he was at the game, as he was at Stamford bridge. Guess that will upset the aaa , if they think he is getting his impression of the general health,of the club from such games.
    I am still so pleased with that result for so many reasons, but at the end of the day, maybe it is no big deal, they are only the spuds, and we know something that the media do not seem to, they are actually not that great! It seems to me that their league position is actually false, maybe beating them is really only the equivalent of England beating holland………at rugby! (notice I did not mention cricket)
    Funny to hear spuds fans calling for arry to leave as he is tactically not up to it according to some……..and be replaced by Jose ………all over a certain radio station this week, seems to have hit em hard!

  • Irish Yid

    I see you spouting on about beating Blackburn 7-1,I remember watching MOTD that nightand seeing, your half empty staduim,with your Tesco bags on your seats,and the moans of disconntent “WENGER OUT”…..YOU’S HAVE SHORT MEMORIES GOONERS….enjoy the win untill the weekend when Liverfool beat yous…..and then shit yourselfs watching us MAKE UP for what can only be said as our worst performance in 11 years…….and the players will MAKE UP for it because the owe us that and we will remind them on sunday that the most earn their wages by putting in a huge effort everytime they put on that famous WHITE SHIRT!……2-1 spurs and were back to 10 points ahead and still the best team in LONDON THIS SEASON and KINGS OF NORTH LONDON……Always have been, always will be!!!

  • Damien Luu

    “Coming back from 0-2 down and go 3-2 up is not just good for Wenger my dear sewer rats from down below. It is most and for all good for Arsenal. It is good for the football club and good for the supporters. And if you cannot celebrate that fact then it is time to leave this club as a supporter. Or maybe it is time to show your true colours and admit that you are a supporter from another team.”

    I just love this part. Maybe those twats are not supporters of no team at all. They just “support” their own f*cking stupid ideas and their own f*cking selves. Those worms.

    @Alan: We always “rejoice” when we beat your club (assuming you are Tinies fan), but we haven’t sold special DVD of the game, even though it was so great, have we? And to tell you the truth, we feel happy when we beat anybody, not just you, and no you certainly can’t spoil the good time. Just f*ck off and crunch your bitter disappointment, we shall not disturb I promise.

  • elkieno

    Alan – you poor excuse for a Human being I feel sorry for you and would like to buy you a meal, won’t give u money cos u might spend it on drugs or booze…. We all know that you have been living inside a giant, great, big, enormous shadow that is Arsenal FC! You last won the league in black and white and your best team in fifty years just got tonked by our injury hit ‘worst team’ (media, not me) since EPL began….
    Now Alan sounds like a numb skulled spud and so expect it from him, bu he could also be an AAA in disguise, which says a lot about those sewer rats!

  • WalterBroeckx

    If some of you might be surprised by a lot of Tottenham supporters turning up…well I am also very surprised by this.
    One wonders what Tottenham supporters are doing on an Arsenal blog?
    I decided to let them on the site because in a way they are a bit funny at times but also raise a few questions.

    If you read between the lines you can see that our win hurt them a lot. Why otherwise ask us, an Arsenal blog, to stop talking about it?

    But why on earth would a spurs fan be interested in what we write. Now it could be the fact that we at Untold are a very different blog compared to others but when you read what they write they surely don’t know us very well. But I wouldn’t go to a tottenham blog (maybe the lack of their own blogs is the reason why they have to come to places like Untold??) not after we win and not after we lose. They can live with feeling sorry in the way they want and I will not tell them how to do it. And they can enjoy their win how they want it and I will not tell them that they should stop talking about it.

    Another interesting point is the fact that someone (Irish Yid I think) was talking about the “black bin bag protest” and how the Emirates was half empty shown on MOTD. So for a “very successful team” as they claim to be they surely are very well up to date about the protest action of a handful of “Arsenal” fans. Could make you wonder who really was behind that protest?

    This also raises the question if they can read. Because coming over here on Untold Arsenal of all places and telling us over here at Untold Arsenal that only one month(or a minute) ago we were writing “wenger out” …. that is so outrageous that it made me laughing out loud.

    But a very interesting part is that and I quote from Tom Elwood (spurs fan): “well well well just listen at you lot , one minute your slagging off your manager and theo walcot and the next minute hailing them as heros . just shows how fickle you really are and obviously not true supporters of your team”

    And in this case I want to thank Tom for his remarks about being true supporters or not.

    Because dear Tom on this site, Untold Arsenal, we have supported our manager and our players even in the darkest moments of this season. We have supported them after the Utd disaster. We have been sticking with them after every defeat how painful it was at times. So I would like to thank you for the compliment you have given us writers on this blog but also our readers and the overwhelming majority of the people who comment on this blog. Because from your words we got confirmation that we at Untold are true Arsenal supporters.

  • Gooneraside

    It’s much easier just to let the supporters of our neighbours have their say – time spent in another’s shadow means that their eyes cannot see properly during the brief spell that they creep into the sun.

    Here is a verbatim “discussion” I had with a friend (yes, I can call him a friend) who supports that lot.
    He: You lot haven’t won anything for the last 8 years.
    Me: It’s not been quite that long – and, anyway, isn’t it 50 years since you last won the league?
    He: That’s living in the past – I’m only interested in now.
    Me: But didn’t you just… oh well, forget it.

    This discussion, incidentally, took place before Sunday. He now accuses me of gloating (correctly, I must admit).

    And I am expecting the gap to narrow again this weekend.

    Arsene Knows Better Than I Do.

  • WalterBroeckx

    And for those spurs fans worried about our “half empty stadium” against Blackburn you can check how “half empty it was” in this video.

    I think you will like it. Stay till the end will you…

  • WalterBroeckx

    Well I did enjoyed that link. And come to see it again if you look at Walcott when he scored his first goal and the distance he had to run to get there and how he left Ekoto behind as if he was a turtle on a football field…. amazing run and speed

  • ak47

    i feel sorry for them. i get misty eyed just trying to imagine supporting the scum. must be hell. sad story.

  • Dear Tottenham Supporters,

    We are celebrating a return to normality, just as we got our Arsenal back – you got your Tottenham back

    You got your Tottenham back!

  • WalterBroeckx

    It didn’t look as if Dean was dancing with this goal 😉

  • LOL – yes, look at his shoulders slump as he turns and trudges sadly back to the centre circle.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Dead man walking… or should I say Dean man walking..

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think Frimpong would say : Deeench man walking

  • Stevie E

    Thanks for the link, just made my lunch break so much more enjoyable 🙂 ‘Arry’s little face is a picture when Theo’s goal goes in

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    I’ve got to admit, I dislike gloating about beating Spurs, it’s the sort of things Spurs fans did last year when they squeaked a win at the Emirates. However the irony of Spurs fans coming onto an Arsenal blog to tell us what a small club we are for celebrating like we’d won the league just because we beat them at home…

  • Mahdain

    oh dear can someone tell me what are the spuds doing here?and who are they us when to celebrate or not? Im going to throw that to your faces untill i decide not to..a spuds mate of mine really get it whenever its 5 to # where # is a number.. You want to know why it was special? because we brought u down to the ground and showed you were you belong.. Forever in our shadows… 61 never again.. Eboue has more cl appearances than your team and tony adams has won more pl trophys than your pathetic club.. 11 more domestic tittles than yours, 14 consecutive seasons in the cl compared to 1 and hey we even have a gold trophy specially made for the invincibles.. I know which fans need to mind the gap

  • steve

    Tom Elwood @ 10;52

    “Spure got bigger fish to fry”

    Got to get past Stevenage first

  • Ugandan Goon

    @spuds on tour,
    suck it lads, you copped a haymaker from an arsenal side finally getting back to what it should be, had we wilshere and andre santos fit perhaps you might have gone into that match with so much enthusiasm, hey ho, your beloved harry sold you down the river setting up the way he did, his half time substitutions were unbalanced and the team, like him on the bench run out of ideas and got the spanking they deserved, so perhaps the problem is more obvious than luck or what the matter is with our team but more the fact that you support Tottenham (should go without saying) and harry might not have a lot more to offer as manager, England actually be doing you lot a favour.

  • critic

    @ sp*** fans

    Celebrating the win against the bitterest* rivals doesn’t mean lowering ambition.


    look at the moment both friedel and ledley shrug their shoulders, great synchronization there.

    @dog face

    LOL. mike dean looking depressed.

  • critic

    *sp*** are bitterest rivals of arsenal not biggest. I reserve that category to barca,utd and chelsea.

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Dogface, very good tumblr shot.

    @ Ugandan Goon – agreed.

    @ Walter, I miss Per as we could of used him in Milan. I hope he comes back stronger. He is a proper Gooner and I am going to have a look at his website now I know about it.