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August 2021

How are the referees doing? Untold is the only place to find out


Untold Referees


Untold regularly publishes reviews of the effectiveness and accuracy of referees in the Premier League, giving each referee a percentage mark for his performance.

In addition we also publish regular articles on refereeing in the Premier League which have led us to the view that there is something not quite right in the way the League is refereed.

This view is shared with many commentators – you only have to listen to Alan Green on BBC Radio 5 to hear criticism of refs.  However the BBC tends not to give any explanation for repeated refereeing mistakes.  We try to go a little further.

We have just published three new referee reviews…

Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1

Everton 2 Chelsea 0

Liverpool 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

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We have also recently published the following articles on refereeing….

The best football fairy tale ever – an analysis of the referees by the referees

We predicted that the ref would make “mistakes” and he certainly did.  To see how just how he fared, take a look at the Arsenal/Tottenham ref review.

Arsenal v M Dean

Referees – is there something to hide?

Why we really do have to blame the refs

Referees mistakes all even out in the end don’t they?   Well actually, no they don’t

There is a complete index of our past articles and reviews here

You might also be interested in our series on football corruption here


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